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Chickens (Gallus domesticus) are a type of domesticated poultry often kept as sources of food by agriculturally-focused societies. Their eggs, in-game, are a source of health replenishment for the player.

In Resident Evil 5, some chickens will chase the player upon being aggravated or attacked, dealing minimal damage. They count as "enemies" in both Story Mode and The Mercenaries mini-game. In the latter, they give 2,000 points when killed by the player.

These animals also appear in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, where they drop a green herb upon death.

In Resident Evil 6, chickens briefly appear in an outdoor market in Lanshiang. Some of the birds are kept in crates, while others are roaming free. Unlike their other appearances in the franchise, killing these iterations of the poultry will not yield any reward or item for the player in-game, however, killing a total of 20 chickens will reward the player with an icon on RESIDENT EVIL.NET.

They appear again in Resident Evil Village for hunting.

In Resident Evil 4 (2023), chicken are present in several locations such as the Village Square, Farm and Throne Room, usually dropping Brown and Gold chicken eggs.


Types of Eggs[]

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The chickens found in Resident Evil lay four different types of eggs. These are shown below:

  • Gold egg - These restore health to 100%.
  • Brown egg - These restore 50% of health.
  • White egg - These restore 25% of health.
  • Rotten egg - Only found in Resident Evil 5, these decrease health by 50%, only dropped by snakes and random enemies. They can kill regular Majini in a single hit.