For the 2019 remake version, see Chief's Office.

The Chief's room is an area of the Raccoon Police Station. When playing as Claire Redfield in Resident Evil 2, she encountered an unexpected scream (before discovering that she has to place the 2 "Red Jewels" evidently both equal to the size of a fists inside the 2 Female statues to reveal a secret) leading her to believe she must find C4 and a Detonator (somewhere around the precinct) to clear and destroy that same path in which, the helicopter crashed from outside in, and as a result destroyed the entire door from the inside forcing Claire to blow it up. This door was originally supposed to allow easy access to Chief Brian Irons Office, former leader of the Raccoon Police Department.


Upon walking into the room the player will notice a large amount of stuffed animals, in which Brian Irons will reveal that he was once a Taxidermist. When first encountering Irons, the chief will suddenly turn around in his chair and aim a gun at Claire, before promptly apologizing, claiming he mistook her for a zombie. He then confirms that he is indeed Chief Irons, and considers asking her identity before deciding against it, thinking it won't matter as she will end up just like "all the others." Claire also notices the deceased female on the desk (presumably the source of the scream heard earlier), with Irons then identifying her as the daughter of the Mayor, and that he was supposed to protect her, but had miserably failed in his duty. He then goes into rather graphic detail about her beauty (thus letting some of his true nature slip out), before implying that within the hour she will become a zombie. Claire then asks the chief whether there was a way to stop the infection. The Chief then informs her there is a way to stop it in a sort: put a bullet in her brain before she reanimates, or otherwise cremate her remains. He then turns towards his stuff trophies and ruefully thinks back to his once doing taxidermy as a hobby, before dismissing it and telling Claire to leave as he wanted to be alone.

Some time after meeting Sherry Birkin, Claire returns to the office, but then noticed that Chief Irons had mysteriously disappeared. She then discovered his discarded memoir, which revealed he had in fact planned a lot of the disaster that befell the police station, as well as his actually being the reason why the mayor's daughter was dead and having planned it for quite some time, with a disturbing mention that he intended to stuff her into a pose of his choosing afterwards, as well as the painting behind his desk hiding a panel with three slots behind it.

After finding the appropriate stones, a secret passage opened up, with Claire discovering a secret elevator and evidence implicating Irons of being affiliated with Umbrella. After witnessing Irons' grisly demise and taking care of the creature responsible for it, Claire then returned to the passageway and encountered Sherry and decided to take her along (although not before silently expressing shock that the girl was related to one of Umbrella's researchers and the creator of the G-Virus).


Resident Evil 2

Once discussing on how Irons admired the mayor's daughter's dead body, the player will make their way to the only other door in the room. Upon walking down a hallway, you will come across a large stuffed tiger (another stuffed animal from Irons' Taxidermy days). You will then find Sherry Birkin for the first time in the other section of this office. The player will return to the office only to find Irons missing as well as the body of the mayor's daughter. You then can retrieve the Chief's Diary note as well as open a picture to reveal a secret box puzzle.

Upon completing this puzzle a cutscene will appear, and you will find Sherry in this room and descend the elevator to either fight a G offspring or William Birkin (depending on what scenario you currently are playing).

Darkside Chronicles

The The Umbrella Corporation file is in this room on the main desk to the right of the room, shoot the phone on it and the file will appear.

There is also a "hidden" First-aid spray in here, it's in the small vase to the far left of the room. There are 6 zombies in total, Leon / Claire will come to this room after fleeing the T-00 and they end up finding Sherry here.

On the small corridor that leads to Irons' Secret Passage, there is Sub Machinegun ammo on the left and Gold on the right, as well as a zombie in front of Sherry.

The door that leads to the Stuffed Tiger Corridor can be seen in this room, though it's never entered in the game.


Location Localization Original Script
Observing the trophies Various trophies. There's nothing strange about them.
The picture behind Chief Irons' seat There's a button below the picture. Will you push it? Yes/No
The three slots "The sacrifice dies by the claw of the jaguar."

"Its blood forms a serpent that poison the earth."
"An eagle glistens, bathed in blood."
"And the gateway of doom will open."

Examine the elevator for the first time (Only once) An elevator. It appears to go down...


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