Further notes
  • The concept of maggots growing on the Chimera was the brainchild of Planning Director Hideki Kamiya.
  • The Chimeras were originally in Resident Evil 2 but instead of being human-fly they were combinations of humans and spiders. However, they were deleted when Capcom decided to scrap the game and re-do it from scratch.[1]
  • The Chimera was originally planned in the remake to grab players from above and pull their heads off. While they still perform the hanging attack, decapitation no longer takes place.[2][3]
  • In Jill's best ending in the original game, it was implied that a Chimera managed to kill Albert Wesker in the Power room shortly after he activated the self-destruct button, as there was a single Chimera in the room when the player went back to the room after the activation sequnce standing over the headless corpse of Wesker.


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