China, Six Months Later is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is played during the third chapter of Jake Story.


Six months later after Jake and Sherry has been abducted by Neo Umbrella, Jake rest in the bed of his prison cell. Three J'avo wearing suits and masks enter his cell, armed with submachine guns. They have orders to escort him to another destination. Jake gets up and follows. As two J'avo stand at the exit, Jake stops, to the annoyance of the J'avo stood behind him. He confuses the man by speaking Chinese, then grabs his submachine gun, breaks his neck and uncuffs himself. The other two J'avo keep a wide berth, but must inevitably fight him.


6 Months Later
June 30, 2013

Chinese J'avo (subtitled): "Keep moving."

Jake (subtitled): "Sorry guys, time to move on."


Chinese J'avo: ”さっさと歩け”

Jake: ”そろそろ行けか”
”オマエらのことも大体 わかったし”



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