The Handgun (ハンドガン handogan?) is Chris Redfield's starting weapon in his stage of Resident Evil CODE:Veronica. The gun is identified as a Glock 17.


The Handgun's performance is similar to Claire's handgun, while having a higher capacity of 18 Handgun Bullets. As with most handguns in the series, Chris' gun is effective for fighting zombies and other normal enemies.

Later on, Claire can also use the Handgun if it is put inside the Item Box while playing as Chris beforehand.

The Enhanced Handgun is created by examining the Handgun Parts found in a room where the Acid Rounds were locked up in a cabinet with the Handgun in the player's inventory.

The Handgun receives an upgrade in power, effective range, can now pierce through enemies, but does not increase the amount of ammunition it can carry. It also does not have any change in its appearance.

  • Examine: Handgun
"Glock 17. A large size handgun that uses 9mm x 19 rounds."
  • Examine: Enhanced Handgun
"Modified Glock 17. It's a modified Glock 17."


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