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Chris, I have to find you (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays during the Claire B scenario.


After Claire defeating William, Leon restarts the train and they make it out before the facility explodes. Claire, Leon, and Sherry are happy to be alive. However, Claire tell them to let's go. She tells her brother, Chris that she have to find him.


Computer: "Warning! Warning! The self-destruct system has been activated! Each train compartment will detonate sequentially. Repeat: each train compartment will detonate sequentially."

Leon Scott Kennedy: "What?!"

Claire Redfield: "Leon, stop the train!"

Leon: "I can't! The door to the control room is locked!"

Claire: "What?"

Sherry Birkin: "What is it?"

Leon: "Sherry?! Get back!"
"That's what I call ugly. Claire! Where are you?"

Claire: "You don't give up, do you?!"

Leon: "Sherry! What are you doing?!"

Sherry: "We have to stop the train, right? I can do it!"

Leon: "Sherry!"
"Persistent, aren't you? Well, come and get it!"

Sherry: "Hmm, which one's the right switch? Maybe this one?"

Claire: "Sherry!"

Sherry: "Claire!"

Leon: "I can't hold on much longer!"

Claire: "Push the switch over there!"

Sherry: "Got it!"

Leon: "Finally!"

Claire: "Are you okay, Sherry?"

Sherry: "I'm okay."

Leon: "Where is Leon? Leon?! Leon!"

Leon: "Right here!"

Sherry: "Leon!"

Leon: "You're both safe!"
"Why can't just you die?! We've gotta get out of here! Move it! Go!"
"That was a close one! That was pretty impressive back there, Sherry."

Sherry: "It was nothing. I saw someone do that on TV once!"

Claire: "Come on, we've gotta move out."

Leon: "Now what's the problem? Is something following us?"

Claire: "Hey, we still have a job to do! Let's go!"

Leon: "Go? You can't mean..."

Claire: "Chris, I have to find you."

Computer:「警告 爆破システム起動 各車両は順次 爆破されます」

Leon Scott Kennedy:「何だって?」

Claire Redfield:「レオン 電車を止めて!」

Leon:「ダメだ 運転室もロックされてる」

Sherry Birkin:「どうしてなの?」

Leon:「シェリー 下がってろ!」
「化け物め クレア どこだ!」


Leon:「シェリー 何を?」


Leon:「さあ二人だけだ こっちへ来な!」

Sherry:「たくさんスイッチがあるわ どれかしら?」


Leon:「畜生 ヤバいぜ!」



Claire:「ケガ ないわね?」

「しつこい奴だぜ! 時間がない 走れ!」
「危なかった なかなかやるな シェリー」

Sherry:「簡単よ テレビで見た事あるもの」

Claire:「さあ 行くわよ」

Leon:「どうしたんだ まだ何か?」

Claire:「行く所があるでしょ 一緒にね」

Leon:「おい 一緒ってまさか・・・」

Claire:「クリス 待ってなさいよ」


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