Chris Chapter 2 is a chapter of Chris Story in Resident Evil 6. It follows the Captain's flashback of the Edonian Civil War, including the BSAA's encounters with Jake, Sherry and the villainous Carla Radames, as well as the traumatic events that led to Chris's amnesia and disappearance.


Six months before he was found holed-up in a bar, Chris had been leading Alpha Team in containing B.O.W.s in Edonia, an eastern European state torn by civil war. Here too, the J'avo were being used as weapons. It turned out the rebel forces were using all manner of B.O.W.s on the front line, taking any means necessary to put up resistance. At the end of the long fight, Chris and Alpha Team managed to secure the enemy's base. Inside they found a prisoner of the resistance: Ada Wong.

Unknown to the BSAA operatives, it was Ada who had been supplying the rebel forces with B.O.W.s via an organization known as Neo-Umbrella, and also supplying them with a new type of viral weapon known as the C-Virus.

Chris and his company proceeded to escort the prisoner out. However, it was all merely a trap. Just as the unit headed out from the base, Ada cruelly infected the team with the C-Virus, mutating them into cocoons. The creatures that emerged from these cocoons proved to be overwhelming; they dealt a critical blow to Chris' head, causing him to lose his memory. The escape with Piers was nothing but a faint blur in his mind, as he gradually lost consciousness.


  • Piers: Nobody's expendable.
  • Chris: Sherry Birkin? You were in Raccoon City.
  • Piers: Chris, that man is a wanted insurgent.
  • Finn: To fight bioterrorism, sir.


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Ranking criteriaEdit

Rank Accuracy Deaths Clear time Enemies killed
A >70% 2 <90 mins 70
B 60%-69% 5 90-110 mins 60
C 50%-59% 7 110-120 mins 40
D <50% >7 >120 mins <40


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