Chris Chapter 3 is a chapter of Chris Story in Resident Evil 6. Having remembered the Edonian Civil War, Chris decides to risk everything to catch the leader of Neo Umbrella, Carla Radames — whom he still believes to be Ada Wong — unknowingly leading his unit into her trap.


Chris began to remember. Six months earlier, Ada Wong had been responsible for the murders of his team in Edonia. She was leading the terrorist group Neo-Umbrella and was the one responsible for the tragedy unfolding in China. Deaf to Piers' advice, Chris loses all sense of composure, and grows reckless in his thirst for revenge against Ada.

While hunting down Ada, Chris comes to the aid of a young man and woman being pursued by Neo-Umbrella. The young pair turn out to be Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller, who had fought together with Chris in Edonia and went missing six months after. Chris leaves the pair to continue his relentless pursuit of Ada; despite losing more comrades to Ada's giant snake called Iluzija which had been devouring his men one by one. After a tense battle with the snake, he finally reaches the research facility.

What Chris finds when confronting Ada, however, is his ally against bioterrorism, Leon. The two proceed to have a heated argument, with Chris insisting that Ada is the culprit and Leon placing the blame on Derek C. Simmons instead. Pushed to the breaking point, the two turn their guns on each other. While the two men stare each other down, Ada seizes the opportunity to make a quick escape. Though he has let his target slip through his fingers, Chris' rage is quelled by the equally strong conviction of Leon, and he slowly regains his senses. Leon leaves the pursuit of Ada to Chris, who along with Piers picks up the trail again, following her to a Neo-Umbrella aircraft carrier.


Chapter 3-1: Tenement - Poisawan Entrance

Chapter 3-2: Poisawan Courtyard

Chapter 3-3: Poisawan Inner Area

Chapter 3-4: Stilt Housing Area

Chapter 3-5: Medical Research Center

Chapter 3-6: Main Thoroughfare



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