Chris Chapter 5 is the final chapter of Chris Story in Resident Evil 6. Chris and Piers rush into Neo Umbrella's Underwater Facility in order to save Jake and Sherry, only to discover Carla Radames still has cards up her sleeve: her ultimate creation, Haos, is near ready to awaken and infect the entire planet.


Following the information received by Leon S. Kennedy, Chris and Piers fly out to the coast intent on rescuing Agent Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller; the latter of whom has revealed to be the son of the late Albert Wesker. Arriving at an oil rig, the pair head into an elevator, where they discover that the structure was a facade to hide a vast underwater facility. Eventually, the two find an already-escaped Sherry and Jake; it is at this point that Chris reveals his knowledge of Jake's heritage and that he was responsible for Albert's death. This leads to a tense standoff between Piers and Jake, with the latter aiming his gun right at Chris' head. Accepting the thoughts running through Jake - Chris killed the father he never met, equating to murder no matter the reason - Chris allows Jake the opportunity to kill him, so long as he promises to survive and provide his antibodies to devise a cure.

The group leave the standoff, with neither wanting to speak to the other (though for different reasons). Discovering a towering chrysalid, the four find it to contain "Haos", an experimental B.O.W. with research data expecting it to succeed in total world-destruction. Heading up elevators to escape the facility, the cocoon breaks open. With Sherry and Jake running away to guarantee the antibodies' recovery per Chris' wishes, Chris and Piers are left to fight the beast. Being simply too big and strong for the two, they are forced to run away from it to avoid it destroying the platforms they stand on.

They soon after escape into a set of tunnels to another chamber as the facility begins to fall apart from the battle. It is here that the Haos breaks out and is following them in the ocean, trying to cut off their escape. Thanks to the facility's safety-systems, compromised areas are locked-down to prevent the water spreading further into the base. The two make it into another, flooded chamber not too far from the escape pods. It is here that Haos attacks, tossing Piers aside to concentrate its interest in killing Chris. Suffering wounds from the collision and subsequently losing his right arm to falling debris, Piers infects himself with the modified C-Virus sample he obtained from Carla's briefcase in China. Mutating into a creature with intense bio-electrical abilities, Piers for now is nonetheless still rational and seeks to protect his commanding officer. Helping Chris defeat Haos in the fight, Chris helps him to the escape pod chamber. Looking at his horribly-mutated right arm, and the BSAA patch on his left, Piers is disgusted at himself. Knowing that he will mutate into a B.O.W., Piers makes the conscious decision to reject Chris' rescue attempt, instead throwing him into the pod on his own and sending him off. Floating up to the surface, Chris is horrified to find that Haos has survived the previous battle and is swimming right towards him, intend on killing its prey once and for all. Just then, Piers forces all of his remaining energy into a powerful blast of electricity, heavily damaging (if not killing the Haos). Its body sinks back to the facility as it is finally destroyed. Reaching the safety of the surface, Chris is picked up by a BSAA helicopter.

In the epilogue, Chris is found sitting at a table wearing civilian clothes, eating a steak just as Piers did just before bringing him back to the BSAA. A BSAA SOU operative walks up to Chris and salutes him, referring him by his rank of Captain. Chris then gets up from his meal and heads out with the man, walking away into the blinding-light outside to continue his duty of fighting bioterrorism.


Chapter 5-1: Underwater Facility

Chapter 5-2: Underwater Facility - Lower Levels

Chapter 5-3: Underwater Facility - Upper Levels

Chapter 5-4: Emergency Escape Route

Further notes

  • The dialogue that plays during the incubator chamber evacuation would differ if the player's partner is changed. If Chris/Sherry and Jake/Piers are paired, Sherry will ask how Chris knows Jake's father is Albert Wesker, while Jake and Piers bicker. If Chris/Piers and Jake/Sherry are paired, Piers tries to get Chris to see that putting his life on the line for a petty grudge is wrong, while Sherry asures Jake Chris is a good guy. If Chris/Jake and Sherry/Piers are paired, Chris will promise to tell Jake all about his father.


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