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"I can't keep running away. I have to face the truth, accept responsibility. That's the only way I'll ever remember. The only way I'll get my life back."
— Redfield, after returning to the BSAA.

Captain Chris Redfield (クリス・レッドフィールド Kurisu Reddofīrudo?) is an American operator in the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, which he has served since its foundation in 2003. Redfield has built up and dedicated his career in destroying Bio Organic Weapons and fighting against producers and sellers of bioweapons after his experiencies with bioterrorism in 1998. He is the older brother of TerraSave member Claire Redfield.


Early life & Air Force career

Not much is known about Redfield's early life, though he and Claire had lost their parents at some point before 1998, having only each other as family. As an adult, Redfield joined the United States Air Force, where he received training in both planes and helicopters.[7][excerpt 1][8][9] During this career he served in a unit alongside Barry Burton, who he became good friends with.[10] Redfield held strong convictions which put him at odds with his senior officers, and he either resigned in protest[8] or was discharged for insubordination.[9] During this period Redfield also trained to use a variety of weapons including knives and was known for his hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship of which he won a contest for.[11][12][excerpt 2]

Law enforcement career

Following his Air Force retirement, Redfield was scouted in 1996 by the Special Tactics and Rescue Service, a special law enforcement organisation in Raccoon City. He accepted the invitation and was given the position of point man for Alpha Team.[8] Seeking recognition and security of his position, thanks to his flexible talent for in handling multiple firearm types precisely as needed, he quickly distinguished himself as the unit's top marksman. His shooting skills also made Redfield participated in the Raccoon Police Department's intramural shooting competitions for which he won at least one trophy.

Together with Burton, Redfield solved a number of several difficult cases and although he often acted on his own authority, his methods were often successful in resolving cases, and his degree of punishment was limited to rebukes from Captain Albert Wesker, who recognized his abilities. He also made friends with several S.T.A.R.S. member during his time with the unit, having became close friends with Joseph Frost and Forest Speyer, being on holidays they often went into the city suburbs and caused disturbances. Their most significant and special friendship, however, was Jill Valentine with whom he developed a close partnership. 

Redfield also trained his younger sister when she visited him and gave her a golden lighter and his S.T.A.R.S. knife as gifts, favouring a large combat knife instead.

The Mansion Incident

Redfield investigating Bravo team's helicopter

"We continued our search for the other members... and it turned into... a nightmare..."

In the Spring of 1998 Raccoon City was haunted by a series of cannibalistic murders and animal attacks on hikers and residents living near Raccoon Forest. The R.P.D. suspected the attacks were perpetrated by a satanic cult who would consume massive quantities of narcotics in order to carry out the gruesome attacks on men, women, and children as a sacrifice, which included violent facial mutilations and torsos ripped open, excavated of contents. Police progress went as far as establishing the Arklay Mountains to the northwest of the city as a likely base of the cult's operations, but could not identify any suspects. After two months of little progress and a death list increasing, the RPD gave in to public pressure and put S.T.A.R.S. on the case.[13] On 23 July, the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team traveled into the mountains to verify the existence of the suspected hideout, but was downed during a storm and radio contact was lost.[14] The following night, the Alpha Team was sent out into the same area to investigate the loss of contact. There they discovered the corpse of its pilot, Kevin Dooley, and were soon after attacked by a pack of dogs who managed to kill Frost. Taken entirely by surprise, Alpha Team were unable to put up a fight and were forced to run into a mansion when their pilot, Brad Vickers, took off without them.[15]

Redfield investigating the Spencer Mansion.

During the S.T.A.R.S. investigation of the mansion, Redfield, Burton, Wesker, and Valentine went their separate ways. Redfield found a Bravo Team member, Rebecca Chambers, whose team had also sought shelter in the mansion and split up. It became clear by the early hours of the morning that, thanks to evidence left behind, the mansion had links to Umbrella U.S.A. and was constructed by Umbrella Pharmaceuticals co-founder, Oswell E. Spencer. A laboratory was also found on the grounds, which was used for illegal bio-weapons research on behalf of the American military. It was discovered that a strain of the t-Virus escaped containment and infected the staff, turning them into Zombies which were responsible for the bizarre murders in Raccoon Forest. Captain Wesker was discovered to have been an agent for the corporation's intelligence department and had received orders by the company to destroy the facility to cover-up their connection to the killings and silence any witnesses. When Wesker released the Tyrant (T-002 Model) from containment, it seriously injured him before being killed at the laboratory's helipad as the self-destruct closed to zero. Redfield, Valentine, Burton, and Chambers escaped on Brad's' helicopter, while Wesker, recovered thanks to a Prototype virus he had infected himself with, escaped on foot.

Redfield arguing with Chief Irons along with Valentine, Burton, and Brad - August 1998

After his ordeal, Redfield was treated at the Raccoon General Hospital[16] where the doctors confirmed that he sustained no permanent injuries.[17] Redfield, Valentine, Burton, and Chambers made a number of attempts following their recovery to report Umbrella to the authorities. Taking bribes from the company, Chief of Police Brian Irons resorted to shutting S.T.A.R.S. down entirely while Redfield was himself being spied on by the company.[18] Redfield nonetheless obtained information on the G-Virus and suspecting Irons to be corrupt asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to handle an internal investigation of Irons and further investigate the G-Virus.[19] Deciding to investigate the Umbrella Corporation's headquarters in Europe with Burton, Redfield began an aggressive streak which included the assault of another officer, Elran. For these actions, he was suspended, giving him an excuse to go to Europe as a vacation while Valentine remained in Raccoon City to oversee the police investigation.[20]

Investigation of Umbrella (1998)

Redfield arrives at Rockfort Island in search of Claire.

"Yeah! It's payback time. We've gotta destroy Umbrella. Now, let's finish this once and for all!"

Redfield's search for the Umbrella headquarters ended quickly in late December. His sister, Claire was captured by Umbrella's security division in France and transported to a prison camp on Rockfort Island in the Southern Ocean. A strain of the t-Virus engulfed the island as its security forces defended an invasion from HCF, a paramilitary unit under the command of Albert Wesker. Redfield himself was made aware of this when he was contacted by Leon S. Kennedy, a former rookie RPD officer turned US-STRATCOM agent that Claire met in Raccoon City. Redfield immediately traveled to the island to her rescue. Immediately, he met Rodrigo Juan Raval, a security guard who freed Claire from her cell earlier during the chaos.

Redfield reunited with his sister, Claire, in Antarctica.

Redfield continued to explore the remains of the island's facilities after he became aware that Claire left the island altogether and was confronted by Wesker who revealed to him that he gained superhuman abilities following his near-death experience. From him, Redfield discovered that Claire was at an Umbrella facility in Antarctica and piloted one of the facility's Harrier jets to the Ross Ice Shelf. Upon reaching the Antarctic base, he found her unconscious in a replica of Spencer's Mansion. Wesker himself traveled to the base in pursuit of Alexia Ashford who possessed the last remaining sample of the t-Veronica Virus. Redfield and Claire's reunion was brief as they are separated when Claire departed to find a fellow prisoner named Steve Burnside whom she was cooperating.

Redfield watched Wesker and a mutated Alexia fight after he demanded that she should hand the Veronica Virus over, but was forced to deal with her himself when Wesker fled the scene. Redfield brought her down temporarily.

After Steve's death, Redfield activated the base's self-destruct system and reunited with his sister. They attempted to escape, but Alexia reappeared and tried to stop them. Redfield and Claire activated a special weapon, known as the Linear Launcher, but the weapon needed time to charge. Redfield told Claire to wait for him at the Harrier jet while he dealt with Alexia. Claire reluctantly agreed, but as she tried to leave, Alexia blocked her path and tried to attack her. Redfield shot Alexia whose body responded by mutating into an arthropod-like monster. Claire ran away and Redfield battled Alexia alone. During the fight, Alexia left her cocoon body and transformed into a dragonfly. The Linear Launcher finally charged and, with only one shot, Redfield was able to finish her off.

When the base began to crumble, Redfield chased after Wesker who had taken Claire hostage. Redfield convinced Wesker to release Claire, claiming that it was him that he really wanted with Wesker responding that killing him was better than completing his mission of acquiring the t-Veronica Virus. Redfield also learned that Wesker planned to extract the t-Veronica Virus from Burnside's corpse and was appalled by Wesker's implication that he planned to resurrect Steve from the dead. Telling Claire to wait at the jet, Redfield engaged Wesker in hand-to-hand combat but was brutally beaten by Wesker's new superhuman abilities.

Redfield and Wesker after fighting during the destruction of Antarctica base.

As Wesker gloated that his new powers are well worth the price of his humanity, a desperate Redfield caused several hanging girders to topple onto Wesker's head. Even this was not enough to kill Wesker, but the two dazed men are in no condition to continue fighting due to the imminent destruction of the facility. Wesker promised that the next time that they met, it would be the last. With the base exploding around him, Redfield emerged from the elevator and was blown across the room, landing on the nose of the jet. Scrambling into the cockpit with his sister, Redfield piloted the jet away from the facility which promptly exploded. Claire asked him to promise that he would not go off and leave her alone again, but Redfield said that he had to put a stop to Umbrella for good.

After this incident, Redfield was reunited with Valentine who previously escaped Raccoon City destruction with Burton. She previously arrived at Redfield's ransacked apartment but found only his knife on the floor. Valentine set off to find Redfield who was already searching for her. After reuniting, the two joined as partners for an anti-Umbrella and bio-weapon task-force. Working only with each other for the next five years, they did everything that they could to try and expose Umbrella but always wounded up at a dead end.

Private anti-B.O.W. agency (2003)

"The nightmare ends, here and now!"

Redfield and Valentine investigating the Umbrella Russian facility in 2003.

Following Raccoon City, Redfield and Valentine founded an anti-B.O.W. agency to investigate Umbrella and destroy bio-weapons. In early 2003 they heard reports of mutant wolves attacking in the Caucasus region. Upon arrival to the nearby village, they were attacked by zombies. After clearing them out, they investigated the town, eventually finding a little girl named Anna hiding inside her house. She described to them the wolves attacking and spreading the infection, her mother turning, and her father hiding her in a closet. She also told them how the adults often gathered at the silo. Redfield and Valentine figured that if there were any other survivors, they would have hidden in the silo.

Entering the silo, they found it deserted, except for the corpse of the village chief, seemingly frozen to death in the refrigerator. They discovered that he froze to death to escape the zombies, which quickly set down upon them. The three tried to run outside but found the door blocked from the outside. Before they were overwhelmed, Redfield shot at the flour packages lining the walls and created a distraction. After narrowly escaping by hiding in the fridge, Redfield and Valentine exited the silo to find Wesker outside, who congratulated Redfield on his "dumb luck".

Redfield accused Wesker of being behind the events of the village, but Wesker insisted that it was nothing more than an accident, claiming that the village was "cursed". At that moment, the ground collapsed near the entrance of the silo, releasing two Hunter δ. Redfield demanded that Wesker tell them what they were doing under the village, but Wesker ignored him and left, leaving Redfield and Valentine to fend off against the Hunters. They managed to get to the car and use a grenade launcher there to destroy the Hunters. Then they went off in pursuit of Wesker, who, they noted, headed for the village. Arriving at Anna's house, they found Wesker attempting to access a safe. Wesker explained that Umbrella had set up multiple hangars all over the world and that most of this village were actually Umbrella employees. Furthermore, their leader had collected data in this very house. At this point, Anna revealed that her father had given her a pendant, which Wesker took and used the pendant as a key to the safe. However, the safe contained an explosive, meant for Anna's protection, forcing Redfield, Valentine, and Anna to escape. Redfield and Valentine discovered from Anna that her father worked at a factory at a nearby chemical factory belonging to Umbrella.

Joining a regional biohazard containment unit, Redfield and Valentine carried out a full-scale assault on the Caucasus facility, which was believed to be housing a new type of B.O.W. After being dropped off, they proceeded to storm the facility, destroying any of Umbrella's old Bio-Weapons they encountered, and skilfully avoiding traps.

Redfield and Valentine, after the end of Umbrella.

Eventually, they were confronted with a new experimental Bio-Weapon, codenamed t-A.L.O.S. Sergei Vladimir revealed himself to be the creator and sealed Redfield and Valentine inside the t-A.L.O.S. containment room and activated the monster. Sergei taunted them, announcing that as fellow soldiers, Redfield and Valentine know the feeling of being alive in battle, before revealing T-A.L.O.S. as if to say no amount of battle experience is enough to defeat this new B.O.W. Having no choice but to fight, Redfield and Valentine were successfully able to defeat t-A.L.O.S., finally ending Umbrella once and for all. After escaping the facility, Redfield and Valentine still lamented that Wesker was still out there. Though their troubles with Umbrella were over, it would only be a matter of time before they would be dealing with Wesker again. Unbeknownst to them, Wesker had actually infiltrated the same facility in order to assassinate Vladimir.

Il Veltro and the BSAA (2003-2005)

Redfield with Jessica Sherawat during the start of their investigation of Il Veltro.

"We'll find you, Jill... I promise..."

After Umbrella's collapse in 2003, it became clear that the rogue researchers succeeded in selling the company's assets off to the black market with the terrorist organisations and rival firms acquiring them. In response to this new threat, Redfield and Valentine helped create the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), dedicated to stopping the creation and usage of the bio-weapons. In 2005, a year after the infamous bioterrorist attack known as the Terragrigia Panic, the BSAA was informed about the resurrection of "Il Veltro", the bioterrorist organisation that destroyed the aquapolis. In order to investigate this rumor, BSAA director Clive R. O'Brian sent Redfield and his new partner, Jessica Sherawat, to a mountain range in Valkoinen Mökki, Finland, where Veltro's hideout was rumored to be located. Once in the area, however, Jessica and Redfield lost contact with the BSAA headquarters, forcing the two to finish the mission without radio support.

In the meantime, Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani launched a rescue mission to the Mediterranean Sea to locate them. According to the last known coordinates issued by terminals, Valentine and Parker learned that Redfield and Jessica were somewhere in the ocean, possibly aboard a ship. This leads Parker and Valentine to an investigation on the Queen Zenobia.

Arriving at the peak of the mountain, Redfield and Jessica witnessed a terrible crash of a cargo plane nearby. Searching the crash site, they find traces of a virus along with the mauled corpse of the pilot, who was suspected to be a Veltro operative. Following a path, Redfield and Jessica rushed through a mining area, a shortcut to the hideout. While in the caves, they were attacked by several mutant wolves infected with the t-Abyss virus, then still unknown. During combat, Redfield's leg was injured, but he was still able to defeat the Fenrir pack with Jessica's help as she made her way to his location. At the end of the caves, Redfield and Jessica discovered an airbase used by Il Veltro as a hideout. Soon after this, O'Brian re-established contact with his agents and learned of their findings. Redfield and Jessica are also notified of Valentine and Parker's disappearance and possible captivity by the Il Veltro. Redfield and Jessica immediately returned to headquarters, taking a chopper and setting off on another mission to find the Veltro's ghost ship. However, there was no further information about the cruise ship's current location.

Redfield arrives at Queen Zenobia.

Under Redfield's suggestion, O'Brian sent operatives Keith Lumley and Quint Cetcham back to Valkoinen Mökki airport in order to recover data that could give the BSAA the exact coordinates of Queen Zenobia. This mission was accomplished, allowing Redfield and Jessica to locate the cruise liner. Landing on the ship's deck, Redfield and Jessica began the search for their lost comrades, fighting off hordes of mutants. However, they soon realized that this ship was actually the Queen Semiramis, a carbon-copy of the Zenobia. Revealing this mistake to O'Brian, Redfield acquired the actual location of Queen Zenobia. While approaching the Zenobia in a boat, Redfield and Jessica were attacked by an unknown sea monster, but they managed to frighten it off and ensure their entrance to the ship. They finally found Parker and Valentine in the ship's Casino, where Jessica shot an unarmed Veltro agent, much to Redfield's surprise. Unmasking the dead agent, they discovered that he was, in fact, Raymond Vester, an FBC operative. After this, Redfield partnered up with Valentine once more, heading to the ship's lab in order to stop the t-Abyss virus before it contaminated the sea, while Parker and Jessica searched for a way to delay the Queen Zenobia's sinking.

Once in the labs, Redfield and Valentine managed to neutralize the t-Abyss virus permanently, not knowing their actions were being monitored by Morgan Lansdale, the mastermind behind the Terragrigia Panic. While escaping the sinking ship, Valentine and Redfield found a wounded Parker (shot in the leg by Jessica, Morgan's mole). However, they were unable to save him from seemingly falling to his death, though he managed to survive. Outside of the Queen Zenobia, the two were attacked by the same giant B.O.W. that Redfield and Jessica fought, but they manage to destroy it with the help of Kirk Mathison.

Redfield and Valentine confront Norman before his mutation.

However, the mission was not over yet: Director O'Brian came clean with Valentine and Redfield, revealing that he orchestrated the Veltro conspiracy. He also confirmed the existence of a third ship: Queen Dido. In order to retrieve a video containing the proof of Morgan's schemes, Redfield and Valentine headed for the Dido's remains beneath Terragrigia ruins, discovering that Jack Norman, leader of Il Veltro, was still alive inside the wreckage. Filled with a vengeance against Morgan, Norman injected himself with the t-Abyss virus, becoming the powerful "Ultimate Abyss". After a grueling fight, Redfield and Valentine were able to destroy the creature, retrieving Norman's PDA and revealing the truth about Terragrigia, causing Morgan's arrest and the decline of FBC.

Posteriorly, after the BSAA's reformation as a global United Nations special operations unit, Redfield became an Special Operations Agent (SOA). Partnering with Valentine, the two became engaged in various operations, including bioweapon terrorism interdictions in Asia, destroying bioweapon laboratories in South America and arresting traffickers in Europe. Redfield then received held Level 10 action authority in the BSAA and the number of operations he actively participated in elevated him to the top among all BSAA members.[8][21][22]

Spencer Estate investigation (2006)

Redfield and Valentine raiding the Spencer Estate.

"A few years ago, the BSAA received intel to the whereabouts of Umbrella's founder, Oswell E. Spencer. Jill and I were ordered by the BSAA's European Headquarters to apprehend him. We accepted that mission in hopes of uncovering some info that would lead us to Wesker."

In 2006, Redfield and Valentine received a tip-off from a reliable source detailing the former Umbrella founder, Oswell E. Spencer's location and the pair intended to raid his hideout and arrest him for questioning.

Entering the estate, it was not long before they discovered the bodies of Spencer's bodyguards who are already brutally killed through "unconventional means". Both of them had to survive and endure numerous puzzles and traps built on the estate while fighting the multiple Guardians of Insanity off which relentlessly pursued them throughout their mission. Proceeding through the estate's gardens, they fell through an old bridge and landed in the sewers below, losing most of their equipment in the process. Defenseless, the agents outsmarted and eliminated the remaining Guardians of Insanity before making their escape from the sewers. When they arrived at the last hallway in the estate, they discovered more of his bodyguards horrifically murdered outside the entrance. When they opened the last door where Spencer could be hiding, they are greeted by Wesker who just killed Spencer a few minutes before their arrival. A brief battle soon followed. Despite their best efforts, both Redfield and Valentine are easily beaten by Wesker's superhuman powers. Just as Wesker was about to deal the blow that would end Redfield's life, Valentine tackled Wesker out of a nearby window and fell into a chasm. Redfield could do nothing as he watched his partner fall to her death.

The BSAA conducted a three-month search for Valentine's body, but with no success. As a result, Jill Valentine was officially declared dead in the line of duty. For the next three years, Redfield refused to believe that Valentine died and put himself into every mission available with the hopes of finding some kind of lead to Valentine's whereabouts. Redfield eventually got wind of some rumors saying that Valentine was still alive, although he was never able to confirm the rumors until 2009.

Kijuju Incident (2009)

Redfield with Sheva Alomar in Kijuju.

"More and more I find myself wondering if't is all worth fighting for. For a future without fear? Yeah, it's worth it."

In 2009, Chris Redfield became possibly the most active and respected member of the BSAA across all branches, participating in more missions than anyone else and was largely responsible for their success. In March, during one of his investigations, Redfield discovers an upcoming plan of a bioweapons deal due to occur in the Kijuju Autonomous Zone of Africa. Redfield was sent to Kijuju alongside his new partner, Sheva Alomar, as well as BSAA Alpha Team, to arrest bioweapons dealer Ricardo Irving, who had connections to the rumored Uroboros virus.

After Redfield and Sheva met their contact, Reynard Fisher, who provided them with equipment and the mission details, they proceeded to their rendezvous with Alpha Team at the deal co-ordinates, encountering and fighting the locals who had been infected with Las Plagas and turned into Majini. The mission went awry when Redfield and Sheva witness Reynard being executed by an angry mob, as well as discovering that Alpha Team had been almost completely massacred - apart from Captain DeChant who was mortally wounded. Before passing away, DeChant revealed that the deal was a set-up and handed Redfield a hard drive containing data he retrieved from Irving.

The pair received orders to relay the data through a computer at the nearby storage facility - however, on the route they encountered a new type of B.O.W. infected with Uroboros which was the same one responsible for the deaths of Alpha Team - but they were able to defeat it. Arriving at the computer, Redfield uploaded the data to HQ, who reiterated that capturing Irving was their top priority and instructed the duo to head to the mines past the train station, despite Redfield's apprehension.

On the way to the next objective, Redfield witnessed his air support Kirk Mathison's helicopter attacked by Kipepeo and crash land further into the town, switching his priority to the crash site in hopes of rescuing him. Arriving at the crash site, he found Kirk's body charred on top of a pile of burning tires, leaving Sheva and himself vulnerable to an ambush from a Majini motorcycle gang - however, they are saved by sniper fire from Delta Team, meeting Captain Josh Stone who passed on the analysis of HQ's data to Redfield and confirmed that Irving moved into the mines. When Redfield looked at the data, he noticed a picture of a woman bearing a strong resemblance to Jill Valentine, causing him to have brief flashbacks of the Spencer Estate Investigation, but ultimately he shrugged them off and continued with the mission.

Making their way through the train station and mines, Redfield and Sheva managed to corner Irving in a building by the mine's cliffside, but a diversion allowed a mysterious cloaked woman to save Irving from capture. Having lost the target, Redfield checked the files that Irving left behind, which hinted at an oil refinery in the marshlands being Irving's next destination, but he focused on a rendezvous with Delta Team first, with member Dave Johnson transporting Sheva and himself to the meeting point. When he arrived at the rendezvous, it appeared that Delta Team had also been mysteriously wiped out. However, upon further investigation, he soon met the culprit of the massacre, Ndesu, who crushes Dave underfoot. Redfield and Sheva managed put down the monster by using mounted machine guns. Upon Sheva's disheartenment at the demise of her comrades and her suggestion to back out, Redfield told her that he had a personal stake on the mission, citing that he had received intel that Jill Valentine was still alive and that the data they recovered from HQ confirmed his suspicions, leading Redfield to open up to Sheva about the Spencer Estate Investigation.

Redfield and Sheva interrogating Irving after defeating him about Valentine's whereabouts.

Redfield and Sheva made their way through the land of the Ndipaya tribe, oddly coming across tents bearing the logo of TRICELL, a prominent pharmaceutical company. Upon arriving at the refinery, they surprisingly met Josh Stone who survived the Ndesu massacre - he stated that Irving would blow up the facility in his escape, suggesting they try to catch Irving at the docks, but failed in their attempt and only just managed to escape on their own boat before the refinery exploded. Fighting through the oil fields, Redfield caught up with Irving's boat and boarded it, confronting the arms dealer who out of desperation injected himself with the Dominant Species Plaga and mutated into a giant sea monster. Redfield and Sheva managed to defeat Irving in this form, separating him from his massive husk and flinging him back onto the boat. Before Irving perished, Redfield accosted him with questions about Valentine and Uroboros but got angry when he recognized his name, leading Irving to direct them to a nearby cave.

Upon arriving in the cave, Josh bid farewell to Redfield and Sheva as he attempted to get backup for them. They proceeded through a large set of underground ruins and eventually came across an old Umbrella laboratory where the Progenitor Virus originated from, alongside more links to TRICELL. Redfield eventually discovered a large containment room full of capsules used to store test subjects, where he used the control system to see if Valentine was among them. But as the platform lowered down, he and Sheva were attacked by a large creature known as U-8, promptly stopping the platform and forcing them to wrestle back control - however, in the end, Redfield was greeted to an empty capsule. Excella Gionne, the co-founder of TRICELL, finally appeared to Redfield, gloating and refusing to tell him of Valentine's whereabouts.  As he proceeded further into the lab, Redfield overheard a conversation on his comms between Excella and Albert Wesker, alerting to him that Wesker also survived the Spencer Estate.

Redfield and Sheva release Valentine from Wesker control.

After meeting Excella in person, they followed her to the Monarch Room, being ambushed by the cloaked woman before Wesker made his appearance. Redfield demanded to know from Wesker the whereabouts of Valentine - and was stunned when Wesker revealed that the cloaked woman was none other than Valentine herself, brainwashed by Wesker. Redfield and Sheva were overwhelmed by Valentine and Wesker's combined force. However, as Wesker prepared to leave, Redfield broke through to Valentine and caused her to struggle against her programming, making Wesker increase Valentine's pain and turn primal, inadvertently revealing the device on her chest controlling her actions which Redfield managed to forcefully remove. While Valentine became dizzy and faint, Redfield was relieved that she was alive and back to her senses. Valentine urged Redfield to stop Wesker before he could finish his preparations, and despite his initial refusal due to concern for her safety, he reluctantly left her to give chase.

Redfield and Sheva pursued Wesker and Excella aboard a large tanker, fighting their way across the deck of the ship and reaching the inside where they encountered Excella once again. Demanding answers from her, she instead ran off in a panic, escaping the room and dropping a briefcase containing several injectors carrying the serum PG67A/W. While not knowing its use, Redfield deduced its importance and kept the serum. He eventually caught up with Excella, now limping and writhing in agony after Wesker revealed that she was infected with Uroboros, and upon her mutation into Uroboros Aheri, Redfield and Sheva retreated to the bridge where they were eventually able to defeat her with a Satellite Laser Device and turn their sights to Wesker.

Redfield and Sheva try to surrender Wesker.

Shortly before the encounter, Redfield received a call from Valentine, who explained that Wesker needed to inject himself with a serum - the same one he recovered from Excella - to keep the virus inside of him stable and that overdosing it would poison him. After finally encountering Wesker and having a tough brawl with him, Redfield and Sheva managed to outsmart him and inject the serum into his chest, causing him great pain and forcing a retreat to a stealth bomber with Redfield and Sheva only barely boarding it in time. The fight continued in the cargo bay before Redfield managed another injection in Wesker's neck, labeling him as "just another one of Umbrella's leftovers." Taking advantage of Wesker's weakness, Redfield opened the cargo door and sent him flying across the room, only for Wesker to desperately cling to Sheva's leg, and as Redfield watched, images of Valentine rushed through his mind as he remembered how he thought he had lost her trying to kill Wesker. Before Sheva could sacrifice herself by letting go, Redfield managed to grab her, allowing her to shoot Wesker and send him shooting out of the plane.

Redfield and Sheva's last confrontation against mutant Wesker.

Crashing into a volcano, Redfield and Sheva emerge from the wreckage and witness an enraged Wesker puncturing a container of Uroboros to mutate himself. Forced to retreat, the pair became separated when the ground gave way under Redfield. Redfield did his best to fight Wesker on his own, but soon Wesker diverted his attention to a stranded Sheva, forcing Redfield to use a huge boulder to bridge the gap between them and regroup. The pair then made their final stand against Wesker and stun him long enough to have the ground beneath him give way, causing him to fall straight into the lava as Valentine and Josh arrived overhead in a helicopter. While the pair board the chopper, Wesker goes for one last ditch effort and stretches his arm to grab the helicopter, but Redfield and Sheva use the onboard RPGs to obliterate Wesker permanently.[23]

Redfield with Valentine and Sheva at rescue helicopter after Wesker's death.

In the aftermath, Redfield finally realized what he had been fighting for, and although he felt he had accomplished all that he had set out to do, he knew that it was only a matter of time before someone like Wesker showed up again. For this reason, Redfield decided to go back to working in a team, passing on his knowledge and skills to a new generation for when that day finally came along.[24] In sequence after the events in Kijuju, Redfield took Valentine back to the United States for her rehab due to the consequences of Wesker's experiments. Shortly after, he received an e-mail from Burton, informing him of his happiness in knowing that they had returned and that after both recovering from the ordeal in Africa, they should meet to catch up.[25] Posteriorly, Redfield and Valentine asked Burton to join BSAA, eventually leading him to accept the request.[26]

Philosophy University Outbreak (2010)

Redfield and Nivans during Philosophy University Outbreak.

"I know it is not any of my business, but I want you to think of us as a family... no matter how this all ends."
— Redfield to Tyler Howard

Some time after his deployment in Kijuju, Redfield ceased to be an SOA agent to being Special Operations Unit captain, beginning to train the new generation of BSAA operatives. Among these was sniper Piers Nivans, whose skills particularly stood out to Redfield as he took him under his wing.

Around August 12, 2010, Redfield was contacted by Rebecca Chambers, now an advisor to the BSAA, to meet with her at Philosophy University in Australia. Heading to the scene with Nivans, the two found that the school had been contaminated with a new strain of the t-Virus. Redfield, Chambers, and Nivans were joined by Sophie Home of the BSAA Oceania Branch and detective Barrington Mayer. His initial plan to split into two groups and sweep the zombies in the area eventually led them into the heart of the university, where Professor Ryan Howard's lab was hidden away. There he discovered Prof. Howard's connections to Umbrella and became caught up in a fight with his son, Tyler. The two agreed to work together in order to bring an end to the incident before engaging with Prof. Howard himself.

After dispatching a Tyrant infused with the new 't' strain, Redfield, Nivans, Chambers, Sophie, and Tyler were forced to fight the true culprit of the outbreak: Mary Grey, a student at Philosophy who had gained unparalleled intelligence by adapting to the t-Virus over many years. Mary proclaimed her plans to "reset" the world, driven insane by the virus, only to soon mutate into a hideous form.

Redfield delivered the killing blow to Mary, firing a rocket at her as he and the remaining survivors evacuated the campus by helicopter.

Bioterrorism in the United States (2010)

Redfield during an outbreak in United States.

"My colleagues and I have been fighting bioterrorism for years, I am used to it."
— Redfield to Doug Wright.

Although the American government rarely asked the BSAA for help against bioterrorist actions, still in 2010, there was an incident at a mall that the BSAA had to interfere with. Sending Redfield's Alpha team to suppress the attack along with Lieutenant Nivans, they managed to clear the area in minutes. When they were finished, they were able to complete the mission without any civilian victims or infected persons. It was at the mall where he met who would be the future BSAA adviser in the Far East branch, Doug Wright, a professor at Bennett University in Singapore.[27][28]

Subsequently, at one of the TerraSave reunions, Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy met for the first time, thanks to Claire's presentation, and created a friendship that would help break the barrier between the BSAA and the United States government.[27]

Bioterrorism in the Far East (2011-2012)

Redfield and Nivans meet Merah Biji.

"Piers, the extent of BOWs has increased and are now totally unpredictable."

Some time later, the bioterrorism took Redfield to the far East. At BSAA headquarters in that region, Professor Wright told him and Nivans about agent Merah Biji, as they watched her train. Both Redfield and Nivans then were impressed by the agent's promising talent. Once Biji recognized them and introduced themselves, Redfield watched the training fight between her and Nivans, getting impressed once again that Biji had lasted so long against Nivans, despite her being defeated in the end.[29][30] In a short time, the three would come to create a friendship and work together.

Redfield during a Far East outbreak.

In 2012, Redfield, Nivans and Biji were in an anti-bioterrorist operation in a region of the Far East that was in chaos. On his own, Redfield was responsible for eliminating most of the B.O.W.s that were infesting the place. After the operation was over, he met with Nivans and they both decided to accompany Biji to hand over a report about the incident to Wright in order to visit him.[31]

Marhawa School Outbreak (2012)

"Most of the victims were just innocent kids...including her!"
— Redfield on the Marhawa Desire, and Nanan Yoshihara.

After the mission within Asia, Biji's inability to contact Wright led Redfield to head an investigation into the Professor's whereabouts. A visit to Bennett University revealed to Redfield that Prof. Wright had traveled with his nephew Ricky Tozawa to the prestigious Marhawa School deep in Asia. Things only grew more suspicious when the group received a request from the father of Nanan Yoshihara, a Marhawa student since she had not contacted their family in nine months.[32]

Redfield saving Rick Tozawa during Marhawa School outbreak.

Unwilling to wait any longer, Redfield and his partners decided to visit the academy, whether Gracia like it or not. But it was too late; the entire school has fallen into chaos, with zombies rampant throughout the academy. As Nivans and Biji went to annihilate the zombies, Redfield found the only survivor; Ricky Tozawa. The two went to rescue Wright from the medication room, but when found the Professor, he had already turned into a zombie, forcing both to kill him. They then found a letter from Gracia that an evacuation helicopter can be reached through the underground maintenance tunnels. Redfield brought Ricky to the aforementioned location with Nivans, but Biji chose not to come with them, due to her current objective to apprehend the mutated Bindi Bergara, who was suspected as the attack's perpetrator. Redfield advised her that they won't be able to bring down Bindi for now and she must retreat, but Biji disobeyed Redfield's order by disabling her radio and fought Bindi.[33]

Redfield coordinating the escape from Marhawa Academy.

Redfield and Ricky headed to the underground tunnel, where they fought the mutated Nanan (now a Lepotica). Redfield struggled to defeat her due to the C-Virus gas being triggered whenever he opened fire. It wasn't until Ricky activated the facilities ventilation system that he was able to slice Nanan to pieces with his knife. Reuniting then with Biji and Nivans, Redfield led the survivors to the helicopter before being attacked once more by Bindi. Forced into a brutal fight with Bindi, Redfield and the others finally obliterated the mutated student before he started up the helicopter. Unfortunately, Redfield was only able to watch in horror as Biji sacrificed herself to protect Nivans from what remained of Nanan, dying in Nivans' arms as they flew out from the academy just before the BSAA reinforcements reached them.[34]

Weeks later, Redfield reflected on Ricky's sudden departure with Nivans in a bar, unaware of the horrors to come.[35]

Global Bioterror Attacks

Edonian Civil War (2012)

Redfield coordinating his BSAA squad during the Edonia Civil War.

"Finn... Hang in there. No, goddamn it!"

On December 24, 2012, Redfield, Nivans and a group consisting of Ben Airhart, Carl Alfonso, Finn Macauley and Andy Walker are dispatched into the Eastern European state of Edonia where the new B.O.W. species known as the J'avo are granted to the rebels in the midst of a civil war. After discussing their plan of attack, Redfield provided words of encouragement to Finn, the rookie of the group before moving out. However, as they approached the waypoint Two of Hearts, Redfield and his team are ambushed by a troop of heavily armed J'avo, having their Armored Personnel Carriers destroyed in the process. The situation worsened when a massive Ogroman was suddenly released in the battlefield. As Redfield and Nivans faced the infected creatures, Finn managed to use the remaining APC firepower to injure the giant creature, forcing it to flee.

After the conflict, Redfield led his team to the Edonia City Hall. Alpha Team was forced to do another battle as an injured BSAA member was found in the middle of the bridge that connected the Two of Hearts section to the City Hall. Redfield proceeded to rescue his fellow soldier as Nivans provided cover fire. With Finn's help, Redfield managed to rescue the injured soldier. Having crossed the bridge with the Alphas, Redfield ordered Finn to blow the bridge up in order to stop the incoming group of J'avo. Eventually, Redfield and his squad came across D.S.O. operative Sherry Birkin whom Redfield recognized from Claire's stories and mercenary, Jake Muller who Sherry was tasked with protecting. The introductions, however, are cut short when the group was attacked by a duo of Ogroman. Redfield and his squad teamed up with Jake and Sherry to defeat the creatures and brought a helicopter in to take Jake and Sherry to their destination. Before they departed, Redfield, believing that Jake looked familiar, asked if they met, but Jake responded in the negative.

Redfield and Nivans are unable to help their squad as they succumb to the C-Virus.

Making it to the City Hall, the group encountered numerous Chrysalids and eventually a woman in a blue dress claiming to be Ada Wong who told them that the B.O.W.s including the J'avo are created by the C-Virus and an organisation calling themselves Neo Umbrella are the ones that supplied the virus to the rebels. Though suspicious about her, Redfield agreed to escort her out of the building, only to fall into a trap. "Ada" cut Redfield and Nivans off from the rest of the group and trapped the other four in a cage before launching a Needle Bomb that infected Andy, Carl, Ben, and Finn with the C-Virus. Redfield and Nivans could only look on helplessly as their squad mates mutated into Chrysalids and hatched into Napads which proceeded to attack. Redfield was beaten senseless by the mutated Finn and had to be dragged to safety by Nivans. The duo was saved by the BSAA support troops who killed their mutated comrades[36] and an unconscious Redfield was taken to a nearby hospital.


Upon regaining consciousness in the hospital, Redfield suffered from post-traumatic amnesia and he was unable to remember who he was or what occurred. However, wracked by an overwhelming amount of guilt, Redfield ran away from the hospital before anyone could check on him.[37] For the next six months, hoping to dull the pain, Redfield became a moody and violent drunk, staying in a hotel and frequenting a bar in Eastern Europe where the female bartender and the patrons called him "the stray dog" and gained a reputation as the bar's worst customer. Redfield also made some money to fund his rent and bar tab by doing bodyguard work. Meanwhile, Nivans and the BSAA worked to track him down.[37]

Redfield - amnesic - is confronted by Nivans and BSAA agents.

By June 2013, Redfield, now a mere shadow of his former self, was finally tracked down by Nivans at the bar that he frequented. When he was asked to leave by the bartender, he refused, claiming to have "nowhere to go". Another patron stepped in to help her, only for Redfield to snap and physically attack the man, nearly hitting him with a bottle before Nivans stepped in. After expressing his disgust about how far that Redfield fell, Nivans forced Redfield to confront his past by showing him the images of their deceased comrades and the tragedy in Edonia to little avail. However, when Redfield recognized the BSAA logo on Nivans' jacket, all of the bar's patrons revealed themselves to be undercover BSAA operatives while Nivans told Redfield that he belonged with him and they are taking him back to duty by any means necessary.[38]

Lanshiang Incident (2013)

Redfield arriving in China during the bioterrorist attack in Lanshiang.

"A witness?! She's the one who did all this!"

Though still unable to recall the incident, Redfield agreed to return and was quickly dispatched to Waiyip in the Chinese province of Lanshiang which was in the midst of another Neo Umbrella bioterror attack. The mission was to raid a building call-signed Ace of Spades where a few captured UN members are held hostage by the bioterrorists. Crossing the streets, Alpha Team immediately came into contact with the J'avo which was the same type of B.O.W. fought in Edonia. Approaching the Ace of Spades through the roofs, Redfield and his squad managed to neutralize the incoming infected.

Once inside the building, the hostages are released. However, BSAA's HQ ordered an air strike to the area as Redfield and Nivans barely escaped. Upon seeing a cluster of Chrysalids, Redfield finally recalled the Edonia incident and vowed to get revenge on "Ada" for the deaths of his men. On their way, a BSAA soldier was attacked by an invisible monster. Redfield decided to chase the creature and put it down.

They soon encountered Jake and Sherry who went missing since Edonia and protected them from the swarms of J'avo. However, when Nivans suggested that they should escort the two, Redfield coldly reminded him about their mission and departed. Making their way through the slums of Waiyip's Poisawan district, they are attacked by the Iluzija, a massive snake B.O.W. with camouflage capabilities. The abomination brutally killed all of them, one by one until only Nivans, Marco Rose and Redfield himself was left. With the assistance of his fellow soldiers, Redfield fried the monster using the building's electrical system. Unfortunately, "Ada" reappeared and shot Marco with a C-Virus-equipped dart before escaping. Marco rapidly mutated into a Gnezdo, forcing Redfield and Nivans to kill him.

Redfield clashes with Leon Kennedy in Lanshiang.

Some time after a brief fight with each other, Redfield and Nivans were later ambushed by a helicopter in the Waiyip river, though they managed to destroy the armored vehicle. Seeing "Ada" enter a warehouse, Redfield and Nivans entered in pursuit of her, unaware that Leon S. Kennedy and Helena Harper were doing the same. Though they managed to corner her, Kennedy arrived just in time and prevented Redfield from shooting her, resulting in a brief fight between the two before they drew their guns on each other. Kennedy told Redfield that "Ada" was a key witness and that they needed her alive, while Redfield shouted that "Ada" was the actual mastermind behind everything, only to be told by Kennedy that the real culprit was none other than national security adviser Derek C. Simmons. Though Redfield told Kennedy that he lost all of his men because of "Ada," Kennedy replied that he lost over 70,000 people, including President Adam Benford, because of Simmons, and made it clear that he planned on defending "Ada" despite full knowledge of her allegiance to Neo-Umbrella.

In the midst of the confrontation, "Ada" used a Flash Grenade to escape from the four. Redfield and Nivans began to pursue her, but Kennedy stopped Redfield and told him that they both wanted the same thing. Finally snapping out of his revenge-fuelled rampage, Redfield resolved to stop "Ada" in the name of justice rather than vengeance, leaving it up to Kennedy and Helena to take care of Simmons.

Redfield and Nivans surrender "Ada Wong".

Redfield and Nivans pursued "Ada" to the docks in a turret-equipped Jeep, managing to get on her freighter and corner her on the bridge, where "Ada" revealed her master plan: to spread the C-Virus all over the world and recreate the Raccoon City Incident on a global scale. However, just as she told them this, one of Simmons' henchmen arrived in a helicopter and promptly shot her in the chest, causing her to fall to her death. However, she left behind her suitcase, which contained a syringe full of an enhanced strain of the C-Virus.

Redfield and Nivans subsequently learned that a nearby ship was equipped with air-burst missiles filled with the C-Virus in gas form, aimed right at the mainland. Hijacking a harrier jet, they attacked the freighter but were ultimately unable to stop the missile launch, which quickly turned most of the city of Tatchi's population into zombies. Afterward, Redfield was contacted by Kennedy, who requested that he save Jake and Sherry from their imprisonment in Neo Umbrella's underwater facility. During this conversation, Redfield was shocked to discover that not only did Jake possess antibodies to the C-Virus, but he was also Albert Wesker's son.

Making their way to the facility, Redfield decided to retire from active duty after they rescued Jake and Sherry and pass his position on to Nivans. When they met up with them, Redfield revealed that he was the one who killed Jake's father, leading to a tense moment in which Jake held him at gunpoint. Redfield admitted that he had every right to shoot him, but Jake managed to stop himself, telling Redfield that there were more important things at stake than the two of them.

Redfield in battle against B.O.W. Haos.

On their way out, however, the ultimate B.O.W. HAOS which was meant to spread the C-Virus all over the world as Carla intended, hatched from its cocoon and attacked. As Jake and Sherry made their escape, Redfield and Nivans remained behind to destroy HAOS. During the fight, HAOS severely damaged the facility and managed to grab a hold of Redfield, while Nivans suffered a severe injury that crippled his right arm. With no other way to save Redfield, Nivans deliberately injected himself with the C-Virus strain they had previously procured, gaining the ability to shoot electrical blasts. Now fully regenerated, HAOS broke out of its chrysalid and attacked the two agents. However, its decreased size and vulnerability allowed Nivans to shoot electrical attacks that enabled Redfield to equip his combat knife and attack its vulnerable organs which badly damaged the creature. It made a final attempt to kill Nivans but Redfield was able to rescue him and the two of them destroyed the B.O.W.s remaining organ, supposedly killing it.

Though Redfield repeatedly reassured Nivans that he would be all right and they would get out of there as they made their way to the escape pods, Nivans, realizing that he would eventually lose control and mutate completely, deliberately shut Redfield into an escape pod alone and launched him out, remaining behind to die with the facility. However, HAOS had recovered and attacked Redfield's escape pod in the water, only to be electrocuted and finally destroyed by an electrical blast from Nivans' transformed arm just before the facility exploded. The following morning, Redfield was rescued by the BSAA.

Redfield heading to his next mission.

After the Lanshiang Incident, Redfield continued to serve in the BSAA as a field Captain, deciding to honor Nivans' memory by turning his retirement down. At one point, he went back to the same bar that he routinely visited in June, though now able to remember his identity and overcame his drinking problem. A BSAA soldier under his command interrupted his meal, informing him that HQ had new orders for them. He then left the bar and went on his next mission against bioterrorism.[39]

The Mojave Desert and Sonido de Tortuga Incident (2014)

In 2014, a year after the events of Lanshiang, Redfield returned to active duty. He received a phone call from Claire asking for backup but was unable to assist due to being on a mission with the BSAA in the Mojave Desert. He instead sent a team led by Parker Luciani to Sonido de Tortuga Island to help his sister.

Glenn Arias and the New York Outbreak (2014-2015)

"I got a job. We need your help."
— To Kennedy, ask for help on his mission.

Redfield ordering his men to enter Glenn's mansion.

Following the events of Lanshiang, Redfield was brought in to supervise a sting by the Mexican government against wanted weapons dealer Glenn Arias, rumored to be in possession of B.O.W.s and to rescue missing BSAA operative Kathy White and her son, Zack, who had both vanished in the midst of pursuing Arias.

Upon arriving at a seemingly abandoned mansion in Querétaro, Redfield and the team were ambushed by hordes of zombies, including Zack, before Redfield witnessed a strange new mutation from a bitten soldier. Forced to retreat, Redfield jumped out of a window on the second floor of the mansion, only to come face to face with Arias. As Redfield was badly injured due to the fall, Arias quickly disarmed Redfield and was able to overpower him in hand-to-hand combat before introducing the now-zombified Kathy, who seemed to only attack Redfield, while avoiding Glenn and his allies. While Redfield was soon rescued by a BSAA unit, he swore revenge against Arias, devastated by the loss of the unit. His mission to stop Arias soon brought him and his team to New York City, where he rescued Rebecca Chambers from an outbreak of the same virus from Mexico. Chambers explained that the mysterious virus contained traits similar to the Plaga parasite used by Los Iluminados, leading Redfield to take her in order to meet Kennedy in Colorado.

Redfield argued with a drunk and defeated Kennedy to ask for his help, as Chambers managed to convince Kennedy to provide some intel about Los Iluminados. Patricio, the man who sold out Kennedy's unit, arrived just in time and is interrogated by Redfield and Kennedy. Suddenly, Maria Gomez and Diego Gomez attacked them. Chambers is kidnapped in the process, and a mortally wounded Patricio dies after telling Kennedy to protect his family. As the new threat outcomes, threatening the lives of New York populace and Chambers himself, Kennedy agrees to join Redfield in his mission to bring down Arias.

Redfield leads his platoon to New York City, briefing his mission objectives to his unit: stop the virus spread in the city, rescue Chambers and eliminate Arias. As they departed in the city, Redfield and Kennedy took an armored Humvee and a Ducati, respectively, both vehicles provided by the BSAA. The two battle their way to Arias, blowing the trucks with has the virus inside. During the attack, Damien is killed by a pair of Cerberus-A. Kennedy leads the dogs away in his motorcycle as Redfield rushes to Arias' base. Entering the hideout, Redfield is contacted by Arias who tells him about the improved A-Virus strain Chambers was recently infected with and even asks Redfield if he has the courage to put her down if it ever comes to it.

Redfield and Kennedy fighting during New York outbreak.

After that, Arias unleashes a horde of zombies to deal with Redfield but it ended up being a failed attempt. During this battle, Redfield proficiently made use of his marksman and hand-to-hand combat skills, completely annihilating the first horde of the infected before the arrival of Kennedy. Redfield then made his way to the laboratory where Chambers was being held, killing two mercenaries and confronting Diego in the process. Redfield sustained two heavy blows from Diego but managed to come out on top thanks to a flame grenade he used as a last resort. He then proceeded to threaten the doctor with his Beretta 93R who quickly spilled the beans about the location of the vaccine.

After learning what he needed to know, Redfield grabbed Chambers and carried her up to the rooftop, only to be surprised by Arias who was monitoring Redfield's progress through his cameras. Both men fired on each other but failed to land a clean hit due to both of them being in a cover position. Redfield then rushed Arias, resorting to close-range combat, using both hand-to-hand and his firearms.

Redfield fights hand-to-hand against Glenn Arias.

The battle ground to a stalemate, with the stakes rising when the pair ended up fighting on a glass roof. Redfield managed to defeat Arias by applying a Sumi Gaeshi Judo throw, causing Arias to go through the glass and falling to his inevitable death. After winning the fight against Arias, Redfield reunited with Chambers and started his search for her vaccine.

Redfield is immobilized by mutant Glenn Arias.

However, Diego approached Arias in his dying state and triggered his final stage and both of them became one, resulting in a Tyrant-like mutation. The creature ambushed Redfield while he was carrying Chambers but the captain was unable to avoid its grasp due to his previous battles. Lucky for him, Kennedy intervened and attracted the creature's attention. Kennedy was unable to be a match for the creature despite successfully dodging its attacks at the beginning of the encounter. However, the creature grabbed a hold of Kennedy just like it did with Redfield but the agent was saved by BSAA operative Nadia who shot the mutant with a railgun. The creature then turned its attention to the aircraft and attacked it. As a last resort, Kennedy used the Ducati in an attempt to finish off Ariego but that merely slowed it down and the creature still lived but, lucky for everyone, Redfield appeared at the nick of time and shot a grenade at the creature's heart, obliterating it completely.

Redfield with Chambers and Kennedy after the end of the New York outbreak.

After yet another successful mission, Redfield, Kennedy, Chambers, Nadia, and DC proceeded to spread the vaccine around New York, curing the recently infected citizens who then turned back to normal. In the end, they all smiled back at each other and the New York City bioterrorist attack was over with the majority of the city's population being saved.

Dulvey Incident (2017)

Chris Redfield contacting Veronica before heading to the salt mines.

"I'm Redfield. I'm glad we found you."
— To Ethan, introducing himself.

Shortly before July 2017, Blue Umbrella asked the BSAA to send Redfield for assistance for upcoming missions in Dulvey, Louisiana, which he begrudgingly accepts as he didn't fully trust them.[40] The goal of the mission was to apprehend Lucas Baker, a suspected associate of the criminal organisation The Connections, who was in possession of the Mold bioweapon.

Just as his unit arrived at the Baker residence, they witnessed the B.O.W. known as Eveline in her mutated form erupt from the house and attack civilian Ethan Winters. Redfield's team assisted Ethan by dropping him an Albert-01 handgun loaded with Ramrods to finish the monster off. After the battle, Redfield had Ethan and his wife Mia evacuated via helicopter.

Redfield continued his operation, looking for a missing unit of three soldiers in the salt mine while pursuing Lucas. Although Redfield soon found the first missing soldier, he was attacked by Lucas, who attached a plastic explosive to Redfield's arm shortly before detonating another explosive which killed the hostage. Instead of turning back to remove the bomb, Redfield instead decided to move forward, as he refused to let Lucas escape.[41] After HQ confirmed Lucas' relationship with The Connections, he boldly proceeded through the mines in search of the other two operatives, Throughout Redfield’ exploration, he encountered the WM series of Molded and located the other two missing operatives - however, Lucas soon killed them both through his traps and then set off the timer on Redfield’ bomb. With the help of HQ, Redfield found liquid nitrogen to freeze the bomb and dispose of it.

Redfield eliminates mutant Lucas Baker.

HQ suggested to Redfield to check beyond a shield door, where once inside, Lucas locked Redfield in and set it on fire. Unbeknownst to Lucas, Redfield was able to survive the trap, and Umbrella intercepted his email to an unidentified buyer which informed them he was about to send the data, which Redfield ultimately had to prevent from happening altogether. Now with the element of surprise, Redfield caught up to Lucas but was jumped by him and attacked with a knife which forced Redfield to shoot him, inadvertently triggering Lucas' mutation into a large monster. This meant Redfield had no choice but to kill him, and after a short battle Redfield was able to eliminate Lucas, shooting up Lucas' hard drives to prevent the data transfer and being called back to Umbrella's

Redfield meeting with Joe and Zoe Baker after they killed the Swamp Man.

At an undisclosed time, Ethan requested that Redfield search for Zoe Baker in hopes of saving her. Weeks later, Redfield responded to Umbrella forces calling for backup at a base they set up in front of the mansion. His team arrived to find that the unit was unfortunately wiped out, but that Zoe was safe with her uncle, Joe Baker. After moving everyone to a lab tent, Redfield called Ethan to inform him of Zoe's successful rescue and handed over the phone to her so the two could finally reconnect.

Miranda and the Village Incident (2018-2021)

Chris infiltrating The Winter's Home

Becoming distrusting and, more critical of the B.S.A.A after the Dulvey incident most likely for the organization coverup of the incident to save face for not eliminating Eveline in Munich. Chris spent three years chasing down the insane bioweapon named Miranda, whom planned to use the Mold for her own plans. This put the Winters family in danger, as Miranda was targeting Rosemary Winters, whom is believed to be an improved version of Eveline. Discovering that Miranda had swapped places with Mia Winters, Chris believed Ethan may be comprised and that keeping Rose safe was paramount. Chris broke in with BSAA elite Hound Wolf Squad and shot the imposter Mia in the head five times; he refused to answer Ethan's questions and knocked him out for transfer.

Chris in a research post near Moreau's Reservoir

However, Chris learned things went pear-shaped as Miranda turned out to still be alive and had overturned the convoy and kills the men escorting, taking Rosemary Winters into the Village. Infiltrating, Chris made it top priority to get Rose back and ran into Ethan several times, whom was fighting all the families lords and ladies obeying Miranda. Ethan first ran into Chris while they were setting up a research post near Moreau's Reservoir, he is surprised how far he has made it. Ethan then angrily exclaims that he had killed Mia and he should just killed him to finish his job. A member comes out, informing Chris that they have been getting serious motion readings and suggests that they should move on, fearing that Miranda knows them here. When Ethan hears her name, he demands Chris to tell him how they were involved but he rejects saying that he should leave it alone and it was way out of his depth. They then noticed the mutated fish was heading their way, Chris demands Ethan to stay out of their business but before he can answer, the creature attacks and Chris pushes Ethan to safety before it separates the two.

Chris smiling at Ethan's determination

After Ethan is dropped to the bottom level by Heisenberg, he is alerted by noises and is subdued and disarmed by Chris, who has infiltrated in the factory and is in a middle of planting explosives beneath it. Chris told him to stay away but Ethan angrily exclaims that he killed Mia but Chris starts to explain that the Mia he shot back there was never been the real Mia but in fact Miranda. Chris explained the situation to Ethan, whom he fixed and upgrades Heisenberg's self propelled artillery to take out Heisenberg; in the meantime, he set up explosives to take out the factory along with the creatures inside. After explaining, Chris tosses him his phone, asking him to look in the pictures. In one of the pictures was Miranda having the possession of all the 4 flasks and Chris's men are still monitoring the situation. Chris promises Ethan that they will together get his daughter back. Chris then lastly asks him to stay under the radar.

Ethan is then called by Chris, who heard an intensive explosion from above resulted from Ethan's battle with Heisenberg, he informs him that he has killed Karl and that he is going take Rose back from Miranda, Chris tells him not to go without him and tells him to wait but fails as Ethan is killed at the hands of Miranda.

A member of the Houndwolf squad confirms Ethan's death to Chris, he then tells the others that he and his team were careless in disposing the fake Mia and that they didn't actually kill her as Miranda plays dead as a corpse, he also orders the men to take Ethan and Rose in fear that Miranda could have infected him with mold. The vehicle they were transported on was attacked and when he got there both of the Winters were gone. When he last contacted Ethan, he had heard Miranda's voice and Chris is determined to avenge Ethan. He reminiscent of the mission and it's three years attempt trying to put it to the ground, he then notices that the BSAA have already got here and orders the men to terminate Miranda and save Rose except with Canine who was ordered to investigate what the BSAA were doing here.

Chris preparing to destroy the Mold Root's core

Mia confronting Chris

Chris then heads off to destroy the Mold Root and orders everyone to eliminate hostile bioweapons, he manages to reach the target with the use of support fire from Lobo, he attaches an N2 bomb with a knife, throws it up to the Mold Root. Chris then orders his men to have eyes on Miranda but keep their distances as he heads to Miranda's lab, Chris is told that they should have informed Ethan of their plan sooner but he responds that there wasn't any time and that he didn't expect Miranda to act so soon. Inside her lab, he learns all of the information regarding to her involvement in making Eveline and Spencer's connection with her.

Chris also found Mia, fearing that she is in fact Miranda, asks Umber Eyes to confirm Miranda's location she is still at the ceremony site, Chris is relived that the real Mia is still alive. But Mia demanded to know the whereabouts of Ethan and Rose, he informs her of Ethan's death but promises that he can still save Rose, Mia then tells Chris that Ethan isn't gone yet and that she had been trying to keep it a secret as he doesn't know how special Ethan truly is.

Chris saving Ethan and Rose

Seeing as their surroundings aren't safe, he places her in his escape chopper. Learning that Miranda was about to conduct a ceremony with the Mold on Rose, Chris tried to keep Ethan away from the child's sake; but an already fatally wounded Ethan ignored him and fought Miranda. After Miranda was killed, Chris tried to help Ethan leave; however, Ethan knew it was too late for him and instead had Chris promise to help raise Rose to be strong. Returning to his escape vehicle, Chris gave Rose to Mia and watched the explosion a safe distance away; grieving Ethan's sacrifice.

Chris grieving at Ethan's sacrifice

While in their helicopter ride back, Chris painfully revealed to Mia that Ethan had sacrificed himself for them. Shortly after, one of the Hound Wolf Squad discovered that the body of the BSAA soldier in their aircraft was a BOW, a mutant sent by the very organization founded to fight biological weapons of mass destruction. Because of the disturbing implications of this, Chris decided for their helicopter to change course straight for the BSAA's headquarters in Europe to get to the bottom of things.


Chris kept his promise to Ethan, giving Rose her father's yellow jacket and wedding ring band and helping raise her to be strong of heart and train her in using her powers; though Rose kept some abilities secretly from him.


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