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The original cast of Resident Evil.

Chris Redfield was among the original cast intended for Resident Evil, of which only he and Jill Valentine made it to release. To make the cast of the game stand out, it was decided not to keep to a military-esque realism and have the cast appear unique. Chris' wardrobe was decided to consist of green colors to compliment the red; white; blue and black of the others. To keep to a "tough guy" image, Chris was made the more muscular of the cast and be armed with a combat knife.[1]

Over the years Chris' basic design has changed noticeably, with Resident Evil 5 significantly increasing his arm muscles, which were lessened afterward. His hair has also changed between brown and black. In Resident Evil 7: biohazard, Chris design changed to a less muscular body, a more pale skin, and a light brown hair. According to the game's director Koshi Nakanishi, the characters models from previous installments felt unnaturally disproportional, because they were made entirely by hand, as opposed to the photo-scan technology used in Resident Evil 7. Since it was hard to find an actor that looked like Chris from Resident Evil 5/6, they decided to redesign the character based on how Chris would look like if he existed in real life.[2] However, in Resident Evil Village, Chris' visual appearance has returned to features closer to his character design in Resident Evil 6.