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* "I'm psychic."
* "I'm psychic."
* "I know the big guy. He's with Arias."
* "I know the big guy. He's with Arias."
* "Any ideas?"
* "D****t. Any ideas?"
* "Where's the vaccine? Tell me!"
* "Where's the vaccine? Tell me!"
* "No. We'll find the vaccine. Just hang on a little longer."
* "No. We'll find the vaccine. Just hang on a little longer."
* "One more thing left to do."
* "One more thing left to do."
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[[Category:Quote listings]]

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Further notes

This is a page for notable quotes of Chris Redfield.

Resident Evil

  • "No! Don't go!"
  • "Jill! Run for that house!"
  • "I'll go and check!"
  • "What happened to Jill and Wesker?"
  • "See, just relax and play."
  • "Wesker, you're pitiful. This is your savior? You say this failure is your savior?"
  • "You can't kill me!"
  • "He's sleeping with the ultimate failure."
  • "Ladies first. Go first, Jill. Give me a chance to play nice guy."
  • "Yeah, so much for him, we got to the ROOT of the problem."

Resident Evil (Remake)

  • "Hey! Brad! Where the hell he's going?"
  • "Make for that mansion!"
  • "There are only three S.T.A.R.S. members left now: Captain Wesker, Jill, and myself. We don't know where Barry is."
  • "Barry, where's Barry?"
  • "You got it, Wesker."
  • "Wesker? Jill? Where did they go?"
  • "Chris Redfield, Alpha Team. We're here to rescue you."
  • "Rebecca, you okay with a gun?"
  • "Be strong, Rebecca."
  • "No more following, just... stay with me, kid."
  • "Course I'm alive. Jill, there's something big going down, and I don't think we're part of the equation."
  • "We can make it! Jill... Ladies first!"
  • "Since when, Wesker?"
  • "You killed them with your own dirty hands... You son of a bitch!"
  • "Wesker... you've become senile!"
  • "Come on you test tube freak!"
  • "Shit! It's those nasties again!"

Resident Evil CODE: Veronica

  • "Following up on a lead given to me by Leon has brought me here."
  • "Hang in there, Claire. I'm coming for you."
  • "Wesker! You're still alive? What are you doing here?"
  • "I'll keep her busy, just go for the emergency elevator."
  • "I can take care of this! Just go!"
  • "Let her go, Wesker. You don't want her."
  • "Sorry to disappoint you...but Alexia is gone!"
  • "As a surviving member of S.T.A.R.S. I have to do this."
  • "I'll finish this once and for all. Say hello to my comrades you've killed."
  • "Next time!"
  • "Hey, you know I always keep my promises."
  • "Yeah, it's pay back time, we gotta destroy Umbrella, now let's finish this once and for all!"

Resident Evil: Revelations

  • "You should've worn your thermal underwear."
  • "Trust is built through actions, not words."
  • "O'Brian, we'll go after Jill and Parker. I hope that's not a problem."
  • "We'll find you, Jill. I promise..."
  • "Stay sharp. There's something out there!"
  • "Jessica, we have a promise to keep. Let's go."
  • "Clear as day. Now we finally have a target. Start counting, Morgan."
  • "Come clean with us, O'Brian. Don't leave anything out."
  • "That's the Queen Dido, the third queen."
  • "Norman, stop! Morgan isn't here!"
  • "This is how Morgan treats his friends."
  • "We can finally reveal what happened at Terragrigia. The BSAA will have to be overhauled."

Resident Evil 5

  • "What is it with this guy and cranks?"
  • "I have a job to do, and I'm gonna see it through."
  • "I'm just a realist, It's a capitalist society. Not everyone's cut out for that kind of constant pressure. Sure, there are opportunities to be had, but at what price? You gain, someone else loses."
  • "That's the great thing about us Americans, we're all different."
  • "They didn't move like any zombies I've ever seen."
  • "A B.O.W. that scum bag Irving left behind to set us up. Considering what it did to Alpha Team...I think we're lucky to still be breathing."
  • "This whole town's gone to hell. The people here... they're acting like those Ganados detailed in the Kennedy Report."
  • "Wait, we're the only two left, you want us to go in there alone?!"
  • "Man am I glad to see you guys!"
  • "I'm not here just for the mission."
  • "There are no more orders from here on in, It's just us..."
  • "I'm no superhero. But together, we can end this."
  • "I hate that guy."
  • "What's so funny?! How do you know about me?!"
  • "We're wasting time here!"
  • "Poor bastard..."
  • "Damn it, where's Jill?"
  • "Wesker, you ARE alive!"
  • "Us...?"
  • "Jill... Jill! It's me, Chris!"
  • "Jill, come on! It's me, Chris! Snap out of it!"
  • "Come on, Jill! Get yourself together! Wake Up! Jill Valentine!"
  • "Just tell us what we want to know and you won't get hurt. Where's Wesker?"
  • "Wesker doesn't give a damn about anybody but himself."
  • "Persistent son of a bitch!"
  • "A Satellite laser? We just might have a chance. The targeting device is on the roof. Come on, there is no time to lose!"
  • "Why does it always feel like I'm trapped inside a horror movie?"
  • "Either way, I'm not gonna stop until I'm dead."
  • "Shooting wildly ain't gonna get us anywhere. Stick to the shadows."
  • "And let me guess, you're the one that's gonna rule this 'new age' right?"
  • "Oh great, I feel more crazy talk coming on."
  • "He never had it to begin with. We have to stop him."
  • "Do it now, give him the shot!"
  • "Sheva, he's getting away! Hurry!"
  • "Sheva, come on! Come on, grab on!"
  • "Save it, Wesker. There's no one left to help you now."
  • "I've had enough of your BULLSHIT!"
  • "You're just another one of Umbrella's leftovers..."
  • "Alright, I'm going for the override lever. Cover me."
  • "Your mistake. It's over, Wesker!"
  • "And you're going to judge us? Do you get all your ideas from comic book villains?"
  • "Now, Sheva, shoot him!" (After exposing Wesker's chest.)
  • "Then shoot through me!" (After Sheva says she'll hit him.)
  • "Are you ready, partner?"
  • "Suck on this, Wesker!"
  • "More and more I find myself wondering if it's all worth fighting for. For a future without fear... Yeah, it's worth it."


  • "Go!"
  • "C'mon!"
  • "Wait."
  • "You grab it"
  • "Take it"


  • "Thanks."
  • "Much appreciated."
  • "Thanks for the help."


  • "Good job!"
  • "Nice!"
  • "That'll work."

Asking Help

  • "Help!"
  • "Help me out here!"


  • "I'm not gonna make it!"
  • "Help me!"


  • "Stay with me!"
  • "Hold on!"
  • "I'm coming!"

Resident Evil 6

  • "Another round!"
  • "Listen, sweetheart. You're here to pour drinks and look pretty. So how bout you shut your mouth?"
  • "Nowhere to go."
  • "Who the hell are you?"
  • "Who are you? What is this?!"
  • "BSAA..." (when he noticed the logo on Piers' jacket)
  • "I can't keep running away, I have to face the truth - accept responsibility. That's the only way I'll ever remember. The only way I'll get my life back."
  • "Look at this." (regarding the Lanshiang incident)
  • "Come in, HQ! Route 4 is a mix of civvies and hostiles! Got anything else?"
  • "If they're killing unarmed civilians, they're gonna really love us."
  • "Son of a-!"
  • "It's healing itself!"
  • "Oh, shit!"
  • "We've gotta put an end to this mess!"
  • "Can the chatter. You ready?"
  • "I guess the muscle memory saved me there."
  • "Hey Piers, I'm taking a little fire here! I saved your ass, you wanna return the favor?"
  • "Wings. Great." (encountering a winged J'avo species)
  • "I'm gonna need a hand here. Make your way back to me ASAP."
  • "Where the hell's that back-up?"
  • "In the BSAA, our job is to rid the world of Bioterrorism, and the only way we're gonna do that is by sticking together."
  • "Each and every one of you may be ready to die for our cause, but It's my job to make sure we all get through this alive."
  • "No one gets left behind, not on my watch."
  • "What's the status? Any casualties?"
  • "Nice shooting, Piers."
  • "Have we met?"
  • "No, god dammit!"
  • "C-Virus, that must be what's creating those J'avo." (to Piers after listening Carla's explanation)
  • "Take everyone of those damn things down."
  • "These are my men."
  • "You follow my lead, or I'll find someone who will."
  • "Fall in line soldier."
  • "About time you showed your ugly face." (to the Iluzija B.O.W., when it confronted Chris and Piers face-to-face)
  • "After what she's done to us! How many of our men are dead because of that bitch!?" (lashing out at Piers)
  • "Shut up." (to Piers after not admitting his mistake)
  • "SHUT UP!"
  • "...I'm going after Ada."
  • "HQ. This is Alpha Leader. I need a location on Ada Wong." (to HQ)
  • "You wanna follow me around, fine! Just make sure you stay out of my way! (to Piers)
  • " I'm not stupid enough to fall for her bullshit! You should have a little more faith in your captain." (to Piers when he mentioned that Carla was only messing him)
  • "Ada!" (after Chris and Piers break the door and spot Carla)
  • "Damn it!" (after being ambushed by the enemy chopper)
  • "Keep running!) (when running to the boat)
  • "We're gotta make it to that building!" (to Piers)
  • "Alpha to HQ! We've got a visual on Ada Wong. We're in pursuit! (to HQ)
  • "Alright! Now we can bring that chopper down!" (to Piers)
  • "Let's go!" (to Piers after destroying the chopper)
  • "That's that! Now we get Ada."
  • "Ada...!" (after spotting Ada in the research centre though the door)
  • "You can't run forever..."
  • "No use hiding, Ada!" (while making their way to the door)
  • "Make a run for the elevator. Go!" (when the camera zooms in to the camera)
  • "Maybe a few of her pets. Ignore them! She's the target."(only in Leon campaign when Leon or Helena is heading for the elevator)
  • "Laugh while you can, Ada. 'Cause you're going down!"
  • "Fine! We'll take the stairs." (If failed to get the elevator first)
  • "Keep your eyes peeled! Who knows what this bitch has in store." (talking to Piers while heading to the room's door)
  • "We're locked in." (if Chris interact the door)
  • "Her little bag of tricks isn't going to stop us!" (when the lock phase has started)
  • "Keep those damn things back! I'll get the lock."
  • "Let's move! There's no time to waste." (If Chris and Piers cleared the lock phase first)
  • "Give it up, Ada! It's over!" (If Chris was the first to chase Ada)
  • "Stand down. Piers!" (If Piers shoots at Ada)
  • "Ada!" (when Ada shoots her harpoon gun to the other side)
  • " Don't lose her!" (to Piers)
  • "Leon?.... What are you doing here?" (when Leon held gunpoint at Chris)
  • "A witness?! She's the one who did all this!" (to Leon when he replied that Ada was the key witness)
  • "I lost all of my men because of her!" (to Leon)
  • "She's working for Neo-Umbrella. You know what that means?" (to Leon)
  • "And you still going to protect this woman?!" (to Leon when asking her whether he is protecting her)
  • "Alright! The BSAA will handle Ada. You take care of Simmons." (talking to Leon after finally snapping out of his revenge)
  • "Hey. Piers! What you said about me, hiding my past. You were right."
  • "Can you catch up to her?"
  • "Don't bother! We can handle this." (talking on the radio)
  • "I had enough of these stupid games."
  • "Now we got you."
  • "Hey, grab your gun. I'm taking the wheel."
  • "She's not getting away again!"
  • " You're not going to lose us, Ada!"
  • " Hold on! I'm going to jump it! " (to Piers when trying to jump straight to the base)
  • " Piers!" (while Chris was unconscious on the ground) Chapter 4
  • " Keep your heads down! They got their sights locked on us!"
  • "Careful! These enemies are different!"
  • "I'm going for it."
  • "We'll figure something out. That's our job. And you and I have a mission to complete. Got it?"
  • "Hey, Piers! I found something to take care of that bulkhead! (when the camera zooms in to the warhead)
  • "I think we overstayed our welcome."
  • "Ada, stop!"
  • "Upstairs! Move!" (when the camera zooms in on Ada walking up the stairs)
  • "Ada!"
  • "Ever since Edonia, all I wanted is to see you dead. But this is not about vengeance, it's about justice. It's over, Ada."
  • "Launch?"
  • "Just take what's left. We'll bring it back to HQ for analysis."
  • "This is Alpha Leader! I need a report on the missing vessels, ASAP!" (to HQ with radio)
  • "We don't have it! The terroist attack was just a diversion! The real attack will spread the virus globally! (to HQ when HQ requesting time due to the compromised city and lost contact)
  • "Let's check the rear hanger. There's got to be some planes back there. (to Piers when asked about their next action)
  • "Copy that, HQ." (to HQ)
  • "Leon! Leon, where are you?!" (to Leon on radio)
  • "Get the hell outta there!"
  • "It's been three years since I killed Wesker. I can't let this war follow me forever. After we rescue Jake I'm turning in my gun." (When moving to rescue Jake and Sherry.)
  • "It's time someone took my place, and I'd be honored if it was you." (To Piers, when he tries to protest Chris's decision.)
  • "I can see your father in you." (to Jake.)
  • "Yeah, I knew him. And I'm the one that killed him." (To Jake, about Wesker.)
  • "Both." (When asked by Jake if he was following orders or if it was personal.)
  • "I know. You did a real good thing." (After Piers apologizes for injecting himself with the C-Virus.)
  • "Piers! No, don't do this! Open the door! Goddamn it, listen to me! We can still both get outta here! There's still time! What are you doing? No, Piers, don't! You can still make it out! Goddammit, Piers!" (After Piers pushes Chris into the escape pod and shuts the door.)
  • "NO! Piers, open the goddamn door - that's an order! No..."
  • "PIERS!" (As the escape pod launches.)
  • "All right. Better get to it, then."


  • "This way."
  • "Fall back."
  • "Wait."


  • "There ya go!"
  • "Hell yeah!"
  • "Good stuff."
  • "Good thing I can count on you!"


  • "Thanks."
  • "Way to get my back."


  • "Over here!"

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

  • "I'm Redfield. I'm glad we found you."
  • "This oughta do it."
  • "It's alright."
  • "If you're gonna kill me, just kill me, but for the love of God, shut the fuck up!"
  • "Oh well, that's different. Like I haven't been since we got here."
  • "You must be Zoe Baker."
  • "Chris Redfield. We've been looking all over for you."
  • "We're here to help."

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles/The Darkside Chronicles

  • "Everybody prepare for landing. Stay on guard! We can't afford for any mistakes!"
  • "The nightmare ends, here and now."
  • "Another Umbrella psycho!"
  • "He's still out there..."
  • "You kidding me? I thought tough girls like you didn't get worried."
  • "Leon contacted me. He tracked me down right after you went missing."
  • "These guys gotta hire a new decorator!"

(Ultimate) Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds


  • "I found Wesker. I'm bringing him in." (Before battle with Wesker)
  • "Something's come up. Gotta go." (Before battle with Jill)
  • "There's a, um... heavily-armed woodland creature." (Before battle with Rocket Raccoon)
  • "Found a new B.O.W. I'll take care of it." (before battle with Shumu-Gorath)
  • "Let's get this mission started."
  • "No one's dying on my watch."
  • "Gimme a Sitrep."


  • "Suck it!"
  • "Open fire!"
  • "Loading grenade!"
  • "It's all or nothing!"
  • "Did that work?"
  • "Eat lead!"
  • "Fire in the hole!"
  • "Link established." (When Level 3 Hyper is activated)
  • "Bring the pain!"


  • "I'll be damned before I lose another partner."
  • "Mission accomplished. Alright, let's roll out."
  • "It's finally over." (Win against Wesker)
  • "Target acquired. Returning to HQ." (Win against Jill)
  • "No matter who the enemy is I won't back down!" (Win against Rocket Raccoon)
  • The B.O.W. has been neutralized." (Win against Shumu-Gorath)
  • "What's the point in all this fighting?"

Win Quote

  • "Compared to fighting zombies and B.O.W.s, this was like a vacation."
  • "Good work, team. Let's head on home."
  • "I'll root out bio-terrorists wherever they may hide!"
  • "I'm not going to lose anymore teammates. I will protect them."
  • "The B.S.A.A. was formed so that scum like you never threaten the innocent!"
  • "You know why you guys lost? It's because you lack the teamwork we have."
  • "Don't let the loss get to you. I've taken down bigger things than you in my time." (After battle with Hulk)
  • "I've seen some God forsaken monsters in my time, but you are by far the ugliest." (After battle with M.O.D.O.K.)
  • "I've fought all kinds of creatures before, but you take the cake for originality. And annoyance." (After battle with Rocket Raccoon)
  • "Sorry, but you just don't scare me. I've seen circus clowns scarier than you." (After battle with Firebrand)
  • "You're finished, Wesker! You're not a God. You're a joke." (After battle with Wesker)
  • "Jill! Are you alright?! What has Wesker done to you?!" (After battle with Jill)

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

  • "We can't let them sound the alarm. Take them down!"
  • "Time for Overkill!"
  • "Quiet. I hear voices."
  • "Nemesis."

Resident Evil: Vendetta

  • "You have friends?"
  • "Arias."
  • "Rebecca."
  • "I got a job. We need your help."
  • "Cancel that."
  • "Enough! Alright?!" 
  • "What do you want, Leon?"
  • "What?"
  • "He said his products have targeting capabilities. From what I've seen, I believe him."
  • "Arias. And it's our mission to bring his a** down."
  • "G*******t, Leon!"
  • "I don't follow."
  • "Leon, come on!"
  • "The name Glenn Arias ring a bell?"
  • "I'm psychic."
  • "I know the big guy. He's with Arias."
  • "D****t. Any ideas?"
  • "Where's the vaccine? Tell me!"
  • "No. We'll find the vaccine. Just hang on a little longer."
  • "One more thing left to do."
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