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*It is possible that Chris' surname was chosen on purpose as an allusion to his skills as a marksman, because "Redfield" is also the name of a North American concern that produces rifle scopes.
*It is possible that Chris' surname was chosen on purpose as an allusion to his skills as a marksman, because "Redfield" is also the name of a North American concern that produces rifle scopes.
*Chris alongside his partner Jill appear in Project X Zone as playable characters.
*Chris alongside his partner Jill appear in Project X Zone as playable characters.
*If the player is idling in Code Veronica he will cross his arms.

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I can't keep running away. I have to face the truth - accept responsibility.

Chris Redfield is an American Special Operations Agent (SOA), as well as a Special Operations Unit (SOU) Captain of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A), of which he is a founding member, along with his long-time partner; Jill Valentine.


Early life

Chris is the older brother of TerraSave member, Claire Redfield. At the age of around 17, Chris joined the United States Air Force, serving as a pilot and marksman. In addition to flying fighter planes, he demonstrated outstanding firearms handling and was trained rigorously in hand-to-hand and knife combat, and took part in missions overseas. He has been described by his commanding officers as "uncompromising", "possessing unwavering dedication" and having a "high level of adaptability". However, Chris was constantly coming into direct conflict with his superiors. Unable to settle these disputes, he was eventually discharged without honors, though his file states that he retired (possibly a cover story), at around 23–24 years of age.

After leaving the Air Force, Chris started drifting across the US and eventually got to Raccoon City; where his old comrade, Barry Burton, suggested he try out for the new S.T.A.R.S. police force - an elite unit mostly comprised of ex-military personnel, and created to quell the increase in the number of cases involving terrorism. RE5 states S.T.A.R.S. contacted him, probably after a recommendation from Barry. Thinking he may as well try out, Chris applied for S.T.A.R.S. where he was immediately accepted. Along with Barry, Chris was recruited into the lead Alpha team with Albert Wesker as captain.

He served as both a point man, (PM) as well as Alpha team's co-pilot, and was known for his marksmanship ability (for which he had a friendly rivalry with Bravo team member Forest Speyer and received numerous commendations for). It was here that he also met his future partner and closest friend, Jill Valentine, and the two bonded with each other.

The mansion incident

Chris Redfield

Chris in Resident Evil.

We continued our search for the other members... and it turned into...a nightmare..."

In July 1998, Alpha team were sent to the Arklay Mountains on the outskirts of Raccoon City to investigate the sudden disappearance of their compatriots, Bravo team.[3] While walking through the forest, they discovered the remains of Bravo team's helicopter, along with the mutilated corpse of their pilot: Kevin Dooley.[3] Suddenly, while investigating the quiet woods, Alpha team member Joseph Frost was attacked by a wild dog, with the rest of the pack following, eating him alive. Jill witnessed this and began firing, but was so shocked at the sight she failed to realize her gun had run out of ammo, and she continued to pull the trigger. One of the dogs noticed her watching and ran toward her. Chris gunned down the dog and took a hold of Jill telling her to run.

With Alpha team on high alert, they ran through the forest to the landing zone, only to find their pilot, Brad Vickers, flying away in terror. To buy the others time, Chris turned and braced himself as a dog leaped at him. However, Wesker shot it out of the air and ordered Chris and Jill to follow him. Spotting a mansion in the distance, the four remaining officers ran towards it, shooting at the wild dogs. Finally, they entered the seemingly deserted mansion for cover.

Throughout the night, Chris worked through the Mansion in search of life, combating numerous creatures, and ran into two surviving members of Bravo team, Rebecca Chambers and Richard Aiken. Chris then ran into Wesker while investigating the mansion residence who told Chris that he and Jill were separated earlier.

Making his way to the caves beneath the Mansion, Chris finds a wounded Enrico Marini, Bravo team's captain, who informed Chris that there was a traitor among the group, before being shot dead by an unknown assailant. Chris then discovers an underground laboratory used for making B.O.W.s, and also finds out that Wesker was one of the leading researchers. He finds Wesker, who confirms that he lured S.T.A.R.S. to the mansion to use their combat with the B.O.W.'s as data for further research. Wesker shoots Rebecca and unleashes a monster called Tyrant. It impales Wesker, and apparently kills him, but Chris manages to take it down. Rebecca survived the gunshot due to her bulletproof vest and ran ahead to activate the self-destruct sequence she had found. With it activated, Chris focused his attention on finding Jill. Running through the lab, he found that Wesker had locked her in a cell. After rescuing her, both ran to the roof to await Brad's rescue (Brad had earlier made contact with the team and had decided to return for them). Rebecca joined them on the roof but before Brad could land, the Tyrant emerged from the floor and began to attack. After a shoot and dodge game, Brad threw down a rocket launcher, and Chris destroyed the Tyrant.

Chris, Jill and Rebecca boarded the chopper and escaped the Mansion. Barry also managed to escape, either being already in the chopper or escaping via other means. The mansion then exploded, taking any remaining monsters and evidence with it.

After their ordeal, Chris, along with Jill and Rebecca were treated at the Raccoon General Hospital,[4] where doctors confirmed him to have sustained no permanent injuries.[5]


After recovering from their wounds, the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members made a number of attempts to report Umbrella to the authorities, but all attempts failed due to the corporation's bribing of the Raccoon City Police Department's chief Brian Irons. While the public were disturbed by the events, they continued to purchase Umbrella's products. Eventually, due to the threat of exposure, Irons had the S.T.A.R.S. team disbanded before they discovered too much, and replaced with a more standard S.W.A.T.

Chris decided to dig up some information on Irons secretly, and requested that the Federal Police Headquarters carry out an investigation into the Raccoon City Police Department and Irons himself. To cover his tracks and keep Irons from suspecting anything, Chris displayed extensive aggressiveness, once punching fellow officer Elrand in the face for spilling coffee on him by accident. Jill, unaware of Chris's intentions, tried to stop him but he simply winked at her then walked away. He was later suspended for "vacation".

Chris began investigating Umbrella alone, telling nobody, not even Jill. When he finally did tell her after inviting her to his apartment and showed her reports on the G-virus, she was determined not to let Chris fight Umbrella on his own, and called Barry for extra backup. The three of them set out to uncover as much info on Umbrella as they could, but Chris knew that their best bet was to travel to Umbrella's main headquarters, in Europe. Jill agreed that she will continue trying to find more information in Raccoon City before joining Chris, and Barry promised to follow after getting his family to safety. Chris opted against telling his sister anything to avoid putting her in harms way, but this decision had the opposite effect.

Claire, during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident would find the fax reply to Chris's requested investigation of Irons. She had come looking for her brother whose last known whereabouts were in Raccoon City. The fax would reveal that, although they tried to find incriminating evidence regarding the G-virus, no evidence confirmed its existence. However, they did find that chief Irons was hiding a dark past and may or may not be taking bribes. Claire determined that Umbrella had a facility in Paris, and believed Chris may have gone there. Claire indeed traveled to the Paris facility, but found that it was not Chris' destination. She was discovered snooping around, and after almost destroying their own base trying to catch her, Umbrella caught and sent her to Rockfort Island, an isolated prison run by Umbrella.

Rockfort Island and Antarctica

Yeah! It's payback time. We've gotta destroy Umbrella. Now, let's finish this once and for all!

While in Europe investigating Umbrella's activities, Chris' own activities made him a wanted target for Umbrella.

This is what helped Leon S. Kennedy in tracking him down. Leon, a friend of Claire's after they cooperated to escape Raccoon City, was e-mailed by Claire asking him to find Chris. He passed on Claire's message for help, prompting Chris to abandon his mission and head to Rockfort Island.

Arriving at Rockfort Island, Chris infiltrated undetected by climbing the outer walls. He met Rodrigo Juan Raval, who told Chris about Claire's presence on the island. Rodrigo was soon attacked and swallowed by the Gulp Worm, a large worm creature. Chris fought and killed the monster, which spat Rodrigo back out. Before he died, Rodrigo gave Chris a lighter, which Claire had given him in gratitude for releasing her and told Chris that Claire may already have left Rockfort Island.

While searching the island, Chris found the answers that he had originally been looking for when he had come to Europe. What he hadn't anticipated however was the return of his former captain. Albert Wesker had mysteriously survived their encounter in the Arklay mountains during the Mansion Incident several months ago and now carried a strong vendetta against Chris.

They had a brief scuffle, in which Wesker easily overpowered Chris using his inhuman strength, Wesker revealed to Chris that Claire was in Antarctica, at another secret Umbrella research base.

After following Claire to the Antarctic base, he found her unconscious in a replica of Spencer's Mansion. Wesker himself traveled to the base in pursuit of Alexia Ashford, who possessed the last remaining sample of the t-Veronica virus. Chris and Claire's reunion was brief, as they were separated when Claire departed to find fellow prisoner, Steve Burnside, who she had been cooperating with.

Chris watched Wesker and a mutated Alexia fight after he demanded she hand over the Veronica virus, but was forced to deal with her himself when Wesker fled the scene. Chris brought her down temporarily.

After Steve's death, Chris activated the self-destruct system of the base and met his sister once again. They attempted to escape, but Alexia reappeared and tries to stop them. Chris and Claire activated a special weapon, known as the Linear Launcher, but the weapon needed time to charge. Chris told Claire to wait for him at the Harrier jet while he dealt with Alexia. Claire reluctantly agreed, but Alexia tried to attack her. Chris shot Alexia. Then, her body reacted with a gruesome mutation. Claire ran away, and Chris battled Alexia. During the fight, Alexia left her cocoon body and began to fly. The Linear Launcher finally recharged and, with only one shot, Chris was able to finish her off.

When the base began to crumble, Chris chased after Wesker, who had taken Claire hostage. After some talk, Wesker released Claire, claiming that it was Chris he wanted, and that killing him was better than completing his mission of acquiring the t-Veronica virus. Chris ordered Claire to wait at the jet. Chris and Wesker then engaged in combat, and Chris was beaten up by Wesker, who proclaimed that his new superhuman abilities were well worth not being human any more.

Chris utilized some hanging girders which fell on Wesker. The fight was eventually interrupted by the imminent destruction of the facility. Wesker promised that the next time they met, it would be the last. Chris left for the jet. With the base literally exploding behind him, he emerged from the elevator and was blown across the room, landing on the nose of the jet. Chris piloted the jet and escaped the facility as it self-destructed. Claire asked him to promise he won't go off and leave her alone again, but Chris said that he had to put a stop to Umbrella for good.

After this incident, Chris is reunited with Jill, who had previously escaped Raccoon City with Barry Burton. She had arrived at Chris' ransacked apartment and found only his knife on the floor. Jill set off to find Chris, who also took action to find her. Together they joined an anti-Umbrella and bio-weapon task-force. They designated themselves partners, working only with each other, and for the next five years, they did everything they could to try and expose Umbrella, but always wound up at a dead end.

The end of Umbrella

REUC Chris Redfield.jpg

Chris in Umbrella Chronicles

The nightmare ends, here and now!

Five years later, in 2003, Chris, and Jill had by now focused their lives on exposing and destroying Umbrella. He and Jill were dropped off at a Russian Umbrella Facility, believed to be housing a new B.O.W.. They carried out a full-scale assault on the facility, destroying any of Umbrella's old Bio-Weapons encountered, and skillfully avoiding traps.

Eventually, they were confronted with a new experimental Bio-Weapon, codenamed t-A.L.O.S. Sergei Vladimir revealed himself to be the creator, and sealed Chris and Jill inside the t-A.L.O.S. containment room and activated the monster. Sergei taunted them, announcing that as fellow soldiers, Chris and Jill know the feeling of being alive in battle, before revealing t-A.L.O.S. as if to say no amount of battle experience is enough to defeat this new B.O.W..

Having no choice but to fight, Chris and Jill were successfully able to defeat t-A.L.O.S., finally ending Umbrella once and for all. After escaping the facility, Chris and Jill still lamented that Wesker was still out there. Though their troubles with Umbrella were over, it would only be a matter of time before they would be dealing with Wesker again. Unknown to them, Wesker had actually infiltrated the same facility in order to take out Sergei Vladimir.

After the collapse of Umbrella, rivals and terrorist groups managed to get their hands on Umbrella's projects. Chris and Jill both helped co-found the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A.), dedicating to stopping the creation and usage of bio-weapons. There, they appointed themselves partners, and aside from locating Wesker, Chris and Jill traveled the world together on missions to reduce the growing number of bio-weapons, ranging from stopping bio-weapons in Asia to destroying bio-weapon labs in South America to arresting smugglers in Europe.

Il Veltro Conspiracy


Redfield in 2005

We'll find you, Jill... I promise...

In 2005, a year after the infamous bioterrorist attack known as the "Terragrigia Panic", the B.S.A.A. was informed about the resurrection of "Il Veltro", the bioterrorist organization that destroyed the aquapolis. In order to investigate this rumor, B.S.A.A. director Clive R. O'Brian sent Chris and his new partner, Jessica Sherawat, to a mountain range in Valkoinen Mökki, Finland, where Veltro's hideout was rumoured to be located. Once in the area, however, Jessica and Chris suddenly lost contact with the B.S.A.A. HQ, forcing the two to proceed with the mission without radio support.

In the meantime, Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani launched a rescue mission to the Mediterranean Sea to locate them. According with the last know coordinates issued by terminals, Jill and Parker learned that Chris and Jessica were somewhere in the ocean, possibly aboard on a ship. This leads Parker and Jill to a investigation on Queen Zenobia.

Arriving in the peak of the mountain, Chris and Jessica witnessed a terrible accident involving a cargo plane that crashed nearby. Searching the crash site, they found traces of a virus along with the mauled corpse of the pilot, who was suspected to be a Veltro operative. Following a path, Chris and Jessica rushed through an mining area, a shortcut to the hideout. While in the caves, they were attacked by several mutant wolves infected with the t-Abyss virus, then still unknown. During the combat, Chris was injured in the leg, but was able to defeat the wolf pack of Fenrir with assistance from Jessica who helped him up. By the end of the caves, Chris and Jessica finally discover an air base used by Il Veltro as a hideout. Soon after this, O'Brian finally managed to contact his agents after the communication problem, being informed that the Il Veltro's is active once again. Chris and Jessica also receives bad news: Jill and Parker has gone missing during the last operation to find them. Based on the Veltro's resurrection, it was possible that Parker and Jill were captured by these terrorists. Immediately, Chris and Jessica returned to HQ, taking a chopper and setting another mission to find the Veltro's ghost ship. However, there was no further information about the cruise current location.

Under Chris' suggestion, O'Brian sends operatives Keith Lumley and Quint Cetcham back to Valkoinen Mökki airport in order to find any data that should give the B.S.A.A. the exact coordinates of Queen Zenobia. This mission was accomplished, allowing Chris and Jessica to locate the cruise. Landing on the ship's deck, Chris and Jessica begins the search for their lost comrades, encountering hordes of mutants. However, they soon realize that this ship is actually the Queen Semiramis, a carbon-copy of Queen Zenobia. Revealing this mistake to O'Brian, Chris get the actual location of Queen Zenobia. While approaching the Queen Zenobia in a boat, Chris and Jessica are attacked by an unknown sea monster, but they manage to frighten him off and ensure their entrance on the ship. Parker and Jill are finally encountered in the ship's Casino, where Jessica shoot a unarmed Veltro agent, much to Chris' surprise. The terrorist is killed, being revealed that he was in fact Raymond Vester, an F.B.C. operative. After this, Chris partnered up with Jill again, heading to the ship's lab in order to stop the t-Abyss virus before this contaminate the sea, while Parker and Jessica searches for a way to delay the Queen Zenobia sinking.

Once in the labs, Chris and Jill managed to neutralize the t-Abyss virus once and for all, while they actions are monitored by Morgan Lansdale, the mastermind behind the Terragrigia Panic. While escaping the sinking ship, Jill and Chris found a wounded Parker (shot in the leg by Jessica, Morgan's mole). However, they where unable to save him on time, although Parker managed to survive. Outside of the Queen Zenobia, they are attacked by a giant B.O.W. but they manage to destroy it with the help of Kirk Mathison.

However, the mission was not over yet. Director O'Brian come clean with Jill and Chris, telling all about the Veltro conspiracy orchestrated by himself. Also, he confirms the existence of a third ship: The Queen Dido. In order to retrieve a video that contain the proof of Morgan evil doing, Chris and Jill read for the Dido's remains on the Terragrigia ruins, discovering that Jack Norman is still alive inside the wreckage. Filled with vengeance against Morgan, Norman injected himself with the t-Abyss, becoming the powerful "Ultimate Abyss". During the fight, Chris and Jill are able to destroy the creature, retrieving Jack's PDA and revealing the truth about Terragrigia, causing Morgan's arrest and the decline of F.B.C..

Jill's apparent death


Chris in his old B.S.A.A. outfit when he and Jill infiltrated the Spencer estate.

A few years ago, the B.S.A.A. received intel to the whereabouts of Umbrella's founder, Ozwell E. Spencer. Jill and I were ordered by the B.S.A.A.'s European Headquarters to apprehend him. We accepted that mission in hopes of uncovering some info that would lead us to Wesker.

In 2006, Chris and Jill received a tip off from a reliable source detailing former Umbrella founder Oswell E. Spencer's location, and the pair intended to raid his hideout and arrest him for questioning.

Entering the estate, it was not long before they discovered the bodies of Spencer's bodyguards, who had already been brutally killed through "unconventional means". Both of them had to survive and endure numerous puzzles and traps built on the estate, whilst fighting off the multiple Guardians of Insanity which relentlessly pursued them throughout their mission. Whilst proceeding through the estate's gardens, they fell through an old bridge and landed in the sewers below, losing most of their equipment in the process. Defenseless, the agents relied solely on their wits to outsmart and eliminate the remaining Guardians of Insanity before making their escape from the sewer. When they arrived at the last hallway in the estate, they discovered more of his bodyguards horrifically murdered outside the entrance. When they opened the last door where Spencer could be hiding, they were greeted by Wesker, who had just killed Spencer a few minutes before they came in. A brief battle soon followed. Although the two put up a fight, both Chris and Jill were easily beaten by Wesker's super-human powers, and just as Wesker was about to deal the blow that would end Chris' life, Jill launched herself at Wesker, hurling the pair through the nearby window and into the chasm beyond the cliff the mansion was built upon. Chris could do nothing as he watched his partner fall to her death.

The B.S.A.A. conducted a three month search for Jill's body, with no success. As a result, Jill Valentine was officially declared dead in the line of duty. For the next 3 years, Chris refused to believe that Jill had died, and put himself into every mission available, with the hope of finding some kind of lead to Jill's whereabouts.

Kijuju incident

More and more I find myself wondering if it's all worth fighting for. For a future without fear? Yeah, it's worth it.

Chris in Resident Evil 5

Three years later, in 2009, Chris Redfield became possibly the most active and respected member of the B.S.A.A., across all branches. He had participated in more missions than anyone else, and was responsible for their success. In March, during one of his investigations, Chris discovers an upcoming plan of a bioweapons deal, that occur in KAZ (Kijuju Autonomous Zone, or simply Kijuju), Africa. Chris was sent to Kijuju to arrest a Bio weapon dealer named Ricardo Irving. With the help of fellow B.S.A.A. member and new partner Sheva Alomar. Chris and Sheva arrived in the butcher shop and received the mission coordinates, equipments and weapons from Reynard Fisher. They soon discovered that Kijuju was suffering from new and more advanced forms of Plaga, and were forced to take down hordes of vicious "Majini". In Kijuju's Public Assembly, Fisher is beheaded by the Executioner Majini, and a large number of Majinis attempts to ambush Chris and Sheva. Fortunately, Kirk Mathison, the air-support, finds a way to put an end in the battle. They recive a radio call of Alpha Team being attacked by an unknown creature. They encountered a new type of B.O.W. that was responsible for the deaths of B.S.A.A. Alpha Team Members. Not long afterwards, Kirk Mathison's helicopter crashes due to an attack from Kipepeo. When Chris arrives in the crash site, he and his partner fall into a trap of the Majinis. With the aid of other B.S.A.A. members such as Josh Stone and Dave Johnson they were able to survive through a variety of horrific dangers eventually coming into contact with Irving who evaded them with his partner, a mysterious cloaked woman. It was soon after that Chris came upon a file depicting a blonde girl who he recognized as being his old friend and partner, Jill Valentine. Irving is located by Chris and Sheva in the mining area of Kijuju, but a cloaked person manages to help him to escape. Chris checks the files that Irving left behind, leading them to an oil refinery, where Irving was hidden. Soon after, Irving release two types of B.O.W.s to destroy Chris and Sheva: Popokarimu and Ndesu. After destroying the monsters and passing through the Marshlands, Chris and Sheva teamed up with Captain Stone to chase Irving in the oil refinery.

Irving tries to kill Chris, Sheva and Josh by blowing the oil refinery, but the B.S.A.A. agents manages to escape and confront Irving. In an ultimate effort to destroy Chris and Sheva, Irving inject himself with a sample containing the Dominant-strain Plaga, who mutates Irving into a large Kraken like creature. Chris and Sheva are able to destroy the monster. Before his death, Irving told Chris that all answers he is looking for will be in the caves.

With Irving eventually taken down, Chris told Sheva that he only got involved in the mission so he could find Jill, who he suspected was still alive. Although surprised, Sheva vows to stick with Chris to the end. The duo discover a large area full of capsules used to store test subjects. Chris rushes to a monitor and searches for Jill. As the platform they stood on raises to Jill's capsule, Chris and Sheva are attacked by a large creature known as U-8. This promptly stops the platform, forcing Chris and Sheva to fight back.

After its defeat, both are greeted to an empty capsule, and Excella Gionne via the monitor, who denies any knowledge of Jill. Sheva recognizes Excella as one of TriCell's co-founders, and tells Chris she is lying. Later, they meet Excella again in a lab, where they came across a test subject, who then mutates into Uroboros Mkono. After defeating the monstrosity that resulted, they eventually tracked down Excella, who was accompanied by Albert Wesker, and a mysterious cloaked female acquaintance. Chris demanded to know the whereabouts of Jill, and is stunned when Wesker removed the hood of his mysterious helper, who was none other than Jill herself. Despite Chris' attempts to bring her back to realization, he and Sheva are attacked and overwhelmed by her.

As Wesker prepares to leave, Chris managed to get through to Jill. Wesker, although surprised, activates a device that causes her extreme pain, and leaves Chris to watch her suffer. Sheva spotted a device on Jill's chest and helped Chris in forcefully removing it.

After Jill collapses, Chris rushes over to her and is relieved to find that she is alive and back to her senses. She apologizes for her actions and urges Chris to continue and stop Wesker before he can finish his preparations. Chris initially refuses, more concerned on getting Jill to safety. Jill grabs him and tells him that he is the only one capable of stopping Wesker. Chris backs into the elevator, and Jill tells Sheva to look out for him.

The pair find Excella, and she runs off in a panic, dropping a vial of something which Sheva keeps after Chris explains that it may be important if Excella wanted to guard it so badly. Later it soon becomes clear that Wesker has no loyalty to Excella when she is revealed to have been injected with the Uroboros virus, which consumes her. It attacks the two, though they are eventually able to defeat it, turning their sights to Wesker. It is then that Chris receives a call from Jill who explains that Wesker needs to inject himself with a serum to keep the virus inside of him stable, but overdosing it would weaken him. It is then that the two find out the vial Excella had dropped is the serum they need to inject Wesker with. After a very one sided battle with him, Chris and Sheva manage to take control briefly and inject the serum into Wesker's chest, causing him to flee onto his airship with Chris and Sheva in hot pursuit. They manage to take advantage of his weakness and send him flying out of the cargo room but their advantage decreases when he grabs Sheva's leg in an attempt to take them down with him. Chris watches, images of Jill rush through his mind as he remembers how he thought he had lost her trying to kill Wesker. He jumps to grab Sheva as she loses her grip, with Wesker determined to take both of them, but Sheva shoots him in the face and he is sucked from the plane. Crashing in a volcano, Chris and Sheva are shocked to find Wesker alive and angry. Puncturing a container of Uroboros, Wesker begins to mutate with it and attacks Chris and Sheva. They retreat, but the rocks they cross over break and they are separated. Sheva shouts to Chris to get higher so she can attack Wesker, who turns his attention towards her. Stranded, she shouted for help and Chris was forced to push a huge boulder out of the way so Sheva could join him. Wesker follows but Chris and Sheva are able to overpower him, and as Wesker stands injured, the ground beneath him begins to break and he slips into the lava. Jill and Josh arrive in a helicopter just in time to witness the scene and Jill throws down a rope ladder. Chris grabs it and Sheva starts to climb, but as Chris goes for it, the ground beneath him also breaks. He stumbles, and jumps for the ladder, catching it one handed. Sheva and Chris are helped into the helicopter only for Wesker to emerge from the lava and catch one of his tentacles onto the helicopter skids. Jill points to the two RPG-7's that were in the chopper. Chris and Sheva both take aim and fire, and Wesker is finally killed.[6]

As they fly away, a voiceover of Chris says while looking at Jill and Sheva: "More and more I find myself wondering if it's all worth fighting for. For a future without fear? Yeah, it's worth it."

Eastern Europe

Six months before the Lanshiang outbreak, Chris (now ranked as a Special Operations Agent Captain) and several B.S.A.A. units were dispatched into a Eastern Europe warzone where an outbreak was caused by an unknown individual. During these events Chris encountered Albert Wesker's son, Jake Muller. Chris asked him if they ever met before (it appears he noted some similarity between Jake and Albert), Jake (unaware of his dark past) denied it and flew away with a helicopter. At some point during this time Chris's squad is infected with the C-Virus by an unknown woman and turned into viral abominations, forcing Chris and his fellow partner Piers Nivans to kill them all. This event caused a "personal trauma" to Chris, who sought vendetta against the woman who killed his squad.

Chris redfield vs leon s kennedy resident evil 6 by chrisredfieldre1-d4vsztn

Chris and Leon in China

Lanshiang, China

Four years after Wesker's demise, Chris Redfield and his team of the North American Branch of the B.S.A.A. are sent to the Chinese coastal town of Lanshiang, and ordered to rescue a United Nations VIP and combat the bioterrorism occuring there.

Though he's still seeking revenge for the responsible for the death of his men a few months prior, Chris continues to take the fight to the front-line as every country faces threat from bio-terror attacks.

Once in China, Chris and Piers soon find out the same woman that killed their squad is behind the attack. They have an intense discussion about the woman where Chris says, "After what she's done to us! How many of our men are dead because of that bitch!?" Piers replies that he is right there with him but his personal vendetta isn't going to get them anywhere. They track down the woman but she manages to escape by jumping out of a window. Chris, determined to catch her, assure that she can't run forever. When Chris and Piers find her once again and surround the woman at gunpoint, she looks slightly scared of them. But just as Chris is about to pull the trigger, he is disarmed by Leon who tries to fight him in order to protect her. The fight ends with both Chris and Leon pointing their guns at each other. Leon then tells Chris to put his gun down because she is a key witness and they need her. Chris, clearly angry, says to Leon, "A witness? She's the one who did all this!"

Weapons and Skills

Chris has a wide variety of skills at his disposal, he is proficient with many types of weapons, particularly handguns, shotguns and sniper rifles. As Chris is a expert marksman, his accuracy, precision and focus is drastically improved, capable to hit a target in long distances accurately.

In Resident Evil Chris' main weapon is a Beretta M92FS, he used the S.T.A.R.S custom Samurai Edge until he lost it in the woods whilst he was being chased by a pack of Cerberus. He also uses a rocket launcher to Destroy the T-002 Tyrant. In Code Veronica he uses a Glock 17 pistol. In Resident Evil 5 and Revelations he once again uses his M9, to great effect against the Majini. In Resident Evil 6 Chris appears to be using a .45 pistol, which resembles a Colt 1911.

Chris is also a experienced knife fighter.

In addition to his weaponry skills Chris is very tough as an unarmed combatant. Chris was proficiently trained in several fighting techniques such as CQC. In Resident Evil 5 he has put himself through rigourous physical training to increase his muscle mass, making him incredibly strong and resistant. He is capable of sending lesser Majini flying, and able to bring the largest to their knees with a single punch. Also, Chris is seen facing Albert Wesker in hand-to-hand numerous times. Though Chris had no chance in beating Wesker in the past, due to his superhuman abilities, Chris managed to beat Wesker due to his muscle mass and hard training, he also was able to hold the fight to the end. In order to protect Claire, Chris trained his young sister in part of his combat techniques, as well teaching her to use knives and weapons.

Chris is also very fast, which is suprising considering his size, Sheva even comments on this in Resident Evil 5.

Also Chris' time in the airforce has made him an incredibly talented pilot. He was S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team's co-pilot, and as seen in Code Veronica, is capable of piloting a Harrier in high blizzard winds.

Appearance and wardrobe

Chris Redfield was developed to be the typical "tough guy" type, commonly found in action movies: spiked hair, bare muscular build and likes combat knives. In his debut, Chris wears the standard uniform of S.T.A.R.S. His clothing is a white shirt covered with a green Kevlar vest (the vest features a knife case at the left breast), gray pants, holster, knee-pads and black combat boots. The uniform did not show any change in the remake of the game (Not including Resident Evil 5, when Chris wears this outfit the sleeves of his white undershirt has been changed to a long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up.) and was also used in "The Mansion Incident" scenario, in The Umbrella Chronicles.

In Resident Evil Code: Veronica, Chris uses a variation of the S.T.A.R.S. suit. Consisting of green shirt with an Raccoon City Police Department - S.T.A.R.S. black vest, green pants and black boots. The vest has a large S.T.A.R.S. logo on the back. The outfit is seen later in an Resident Evil: The Dark Side Chronicles scenario, "Game of Oblivion". In Chris's epilogue, he wears a white shirt with a brown jacket. It seems to be the same alternative outfit from the original Resident Evil. In "Umbrella's End" scenario, from Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, is set in the Caucasus. So he wears a special uniform. It consists of a white coat, black gloves, green vest, white pants and black combat boots. The knife sheath is now on the right leg, and in its place on the vest, there is a walkie-talkie radio. (This costume can be used in Darkside Chronicles if unlocked under special requirements, along with a non-canon Sheriff's costume."

In Resident Evil 5 Chris is initially seen with a safari suit. After finding Reynard Fisher, Chris removes the safari jacket and puts on his military equipment. Chris is seen in the game in a mix of civilian clothing with the standard attire for the B.S.A.A..: green shirt with logos of the B.S.A.A.. on both sleeves, a large sheath for his machete on the back, radio with headset, black gloves, a flashlight on his belt, PDA, holster in the right leg, knee-pads and green shoes. Later, the player can equip him with the Melee vest and/or the Bulletproof vest.

Chris appears in Resident Evil: Revelations, wearing his standard uniform of B.S.A.A.. This one is very similar to the uniforms used by Josh Stone and Dan DeChant), previously seen in Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition while playing "Lost in Nightmares" scenario. Also during certian sections of the game, Chris appears wearing a new tactical uniform of B.S.A.A. and later, a winter combat gear, as seen in the latest trailer.

In Resident Evil 6 Chris wears a Standard B.S.A.A Uniform during the Edonia segment of the game, featuring grey pants, trousers, black combat boots, and a Green Bulletproof vest. During the China segment, He wears an outfit similar to his Resident Evil 5 attire, albeit with different boots, gloves and a slightly different shirt.

Relationships and Personality

Chris is close to his friends and family, specifically with his younger sister Claire and his partner Jill Valentine, whom he would both willingly give his life to protect. He cares greatly for the life of innocents, something that caused him to argue with his superiors in the military. Chris has a long-standing friendship with Barry Burton, who was an old friend of Chris' family. Barry was the one who recruited him for the Special Tactics And Rescue Service after Chris left the Air Force and began drifting.

Serving as Point Man in S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team, Chris earned the trust of his comrades. In particular, Chris developed a close friendship with Jill Valentine, the only female member of S.T.A.R.S. at the time. Forest Speyer, the sharpshooter of the Bravo Team, was once a great friend (and rival) of Chris, until the Mansion Incident, where Forest was brutally killed and turned into a zombie.

After the Mansion Incident, Chris became obsessed with the Umbrella Corporation, seeking information to bring the company down and avenge the deaths of his friends. Later, Chris and Jill formed a deadly alliance to fight Umbrella together, the B.S.A.A.

Formerly, during his activity in S.T.A.R.S., Chris exhibited a great respect for the team's leader, Albert Wesker, who also considered Chris as his best team member. However, since Chris ruined, or at least delayed Wesker's plans at the mansion, a powerful grudge formed between them. Their confrontations thereafter were always intense and violent.

However in during the Il Veltro incident, Chris was shown as a generic typical "soldier", focusing only on the mission and ignoring all of Jessica, his partner's advances. When asked by her whether he trusted her or not, he remarked "Trust is measured by actions not words" which Jessica replies "That's so like you Chris. Its always about the job isn't it?" He is mainly focused on his mission to fight terrorism. However, when Jill was in danger, he quickly switched focus completely onto rescuing her. It is hinted by Parker Luciani that they share a romantic bond as he says "Maybe he's already taken".

During a B.S.A.A. mission to capture Oswell E. Spencer, Jill sacrificed herself to save Chris from Wesker, while he could do nothing to protect Jill. Jill's perceived death was a very serious blow to Chris personally. Ever since that encounter, he became distant and cold-hearted, perhaps feeling that it was his fault and he did not deserve to be happy thereafter, It also psychologically scarred him such as when Wesker opened the bomber door and Sheva was almost pulled out to her death, he had a flashback to Jill's death and how he was unable to do anything and almost didn't grab Sheva's hand to save her. Until Jill was revealed to be alive.

In episode one of the Resident Evil 5 viral campaign, entitled 'Ceremony', Chris is receiving an award for his courageous performance in Kijuju. However, he is hindered from delivering his speech by a sudden onset of violent memories from his mission. This could be taken as an indicator of post-traumatic stress disorder, which could possibly plague Chris after the events of Resident Evil 5.

In RE5 proper, Chris is intially shows a cold acceptance towards most of the grisly cirumstances presented in the mission. Following the battle with the first Uroboros B.O.W. he and Sheva encountered, Chris comments that if they had arrived sooner to assist DeChant and the rest of Delta Team, they would most likely be dead as well. A substantial part of his driving force during this time is seeking out Jill after he receives intel that she may still be alive. Sheva has doubts about his "personal stake" in the mission, but later appreciates how much he cares for his old partner.

Chris' reactions to the various threats he's faced vary over the years change with his experience. During his intial encounters with zombies and B.O.W.s in the Spencer Mansion, he was angered that it was all set up by Wesker (though in truth, the outbreak was caused by James Marcus; Wesker simply took advantage of the situation). Following the events at Rockfort Island and the Antarctic Facility, Chris begins to catagorize people like Albert Wesker into simple criminal personalities, refusing to acknowledge their views and immediately dismissing them as evil. This is most apparent during his first encounter with Sergei Vladimir, where he refers to him as "another Umbrella psycho", despite the latter's various machinations since before the Mansion incident. Chris then views Wesker's world plan in Kijuju with the same disdain. After he and Sheva board Wesker's stealth bomber, he is even sarcastic about the serious implications of Wesker's ambtions, going so far as to mock Wesker for taking his plans from "comic book villians". Strangely in Resident Evil: Revelations, after Jack Norman infects himself, he yells "Stop it Norman, Morgan isn't here!" when Jack was obviously incapable of logical thought anymore.

By the time Wesker is killed, Chris is confident that living in a world without fear is worth fighting for, and the cause of combating bioterrorism exceeds all personal costs.

Other media

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Main article: Chris Redfield (film version)

Wentworth Miller portrayed Chris in the fourth film: Resident Evil: Afterlife.

The Mercenaries

Main article: Chris Redfield (Mercenaries)

Chris appears in The Mercenaries minigame from Resident Evil 5 and in Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D.

Marvel Vs. Capcom

Main article: Chris Redfield (Marvel vs. Capcom)

Chris is a playable character in the crossover fighting game "Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of tho worlds", alongisde Albert Wesker, Jill Valentine and Nemesis.


Chris appears as a central character in S.D. Perry's novelizations of the games. Along with Jill, he is a main character in the first book in the series, briefly appears in the second alongside Jill, is referenced in the third and returns as the main character alongside his sister, Claire, in the sixth book in the series.

  • Resident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy (Based on Resident Evil)
  • Resident Evil: Caliban Cove (Original Novel)
  • Resident Evil Code: Veronica (Based on Code: Veronica)

Deck Building Game


Chris is a character card in the Bandai produced card game based on the series. Chris along with Jill has five cards in the game so far.

Premier Edition Chris has the most health of any character in the game (120) but cannot be healed, which is his starting effect. His Level 1 effect also prevents him from attaching non-Infected cards. His level 2 effect gives him +5 damage for each Infected card he's fighting, making shotguns his weapon of choice. In the game's Partner Mode, Chris' Level 1 effect still applies. Therefore, if he is assigned as a Partner Character he cannot use weapons or items. This forces the player to designate him their main character.

The promotional Chris is based on his Lost in Nightmares appearance and has 90 health. He is able to negate damage from weaker enemies (only 10 damage) with his Level 1 effect. His level 2 effect is similar insofar as it does the same thing to weapons used against him. Additionally, his second effect allows him to gain a second Explore action.

The third Chris Redfield card was included in the first expansion, Alliance. This card is based on Chris' appearance in REmake and has 80 health. This Chris' Level 1 effect makes it so that one weapon he is using requires 20 less ammo, but only if he is using one weapon. His Level 2 effect let's him lower the ammo requirement of one specific weapon type by 20. The weapon type is designated by the player and can include anything (Shotguns, Pistols, Magnums, etc.).

The fourth Chris card (based on his redone Code: Veronica appearance) was introduced in Outbreak. The second Chris card to have 90 Health, this card's first effect allows the player to discard any number of cards from their hand and then gain +20 Ammo for every card discarded. Following up on that, his second effect states that when he explores, he deals an additional 20 Damage this turn if he has over 100 ammo.

Chris' card in Alliance.

The fifth Chris card was introduced in Nightmare, and based on his appearance during Umbrella's End. This card only has one effect (a quality only shared by the promotional Jill card) which states that when an Infected is revealed and Chris is exploring, he can deal an additional 10 damage if the Infected's health was 40 or higher. This Chris card also has 90 Health.


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  • Chris is the only protagonist to star in consecutive (three) main story Resident Evil games (Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil 6).
  • In the early trailers for Resident Evil 5, Chris was voiced by the same actor that voiced him in Umbrella Chronicles. Jill and Wesker retained their voice actors from Umbrella Chronicles, but it's unknown why Chris' was changed to Roger Craig Smith.
  • Chris starts Resident Evil (original and remake) without his handgun. It's possible that he dropped it during the run for the mansion. Another possibility is that it is a foreshadowing of Wesker's betrayal, in that he captured Jill after Chris left to investigate the gunshot (Jill would've been disarmed by Wesker).
  • Chris' character is motion-captured by actor Reuben Langdon who voices Dante in the Devil May Cry games. Devil May Cry is another game developed by Capcom.
  • Chris has, so far, appeared in 9 games. These are: Resident Evil (all versions); Resident Evil 2 (Extreme Battle); Resident Evil Code: Veronica; Resident Evil: Survivor 2 Code Veronica; Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles; Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D and Resident Evil: Revelations, and 10 with the announcement of Resident Evil 6.
  • Due to Chris' increased muscle mass in RE5, a joke amongst fans states he has been taking steroids. In truth, interviews with Capcom in "The Art of Resident Evil 5" confirmed that Chris had been training heavily in order to stand a chance with his next inevitable confrontation with Wesker as in previous encounters Wesker either overpowered Chris or he was unable to finish Chris due to intervention. One can notice how during Lost in Nightmares, set three years before RE5 (also shown in the trailer and screenshots for the RE5 prequel Revelations), Chris' physique is significantly slimmer than RE5.
  • Chris is sporting a slightly different, longer hairstyle on the photo for his S.T.A.R.S. badge.
  • In the Umbrella Chronicles his counter attack is a swing hit implanting a combat Knife into the skull of the enemy's head , followed by a spinning back kick.
  • In the Darkside Chronicles, his counter attack consists of him uppercutting the zombies in the face and then striking them with his backhand attack from Resident Evil 5.
  • Chris is the only playable character from Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles that could also be playable in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, other characters such as Wesker, Ada, and HUNK appeared as well, however they were non-playable.
  • His quote when chosen in Resident Evil: Deadly Silence multiplayer is "Domo-kun #1!"
  • In the original Japanese Resident Evil (Biohazard), it was implied that he was a smoker by his live action intro and the ending where he is the only survivor. This was removed in the American version and all other games featuring him make no mention of him being a smoker. However, he starts with, or quickly acquires, a lighter in almost all his game appearances.
  • Makes a guest appearance in Resident Evil 2 as an unlockable character in the minigame Extreme Battle.
  • Chris is motion captured by Reuben Langdon in Resident Evil 5 and voiced by Roger Craig Smith. Langdon is best known for voicing and motion capturing Dante in Devil May Cry 3 and 4, he also did the motion capture for Chris in Resident Evil Code: Veronica. Smith has done numerous commercial and anime voiceovers, and is also the voice of Curtis in Resident Evil: Degeneration.
  • An interesting note is that all of Chris' combat outfits have green as a main color except for the live action version of Chris, in which he is just wearing a grey outfit.
  • In the Resident Evil 5 Viral Campaign, Chris is played by Will Lupardus. The first viral campaign trailer states that Chris' full name is Christopher Redfield. However, this name is never acknowledged in any of the Resident Evil games and all of Chris' identification refer to him as "Chris", including his own signature.
  • There are 3 new outfits for Chris in Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition, one being the "Flashback B.S.A.A." which can only be seen in Lost in Nightmares, another being "Warrior" and a brand new outfit known as "Heavy Metal".
  • To date, almost all of Chris' partners were female (Jill Valentine, Rebecca Chambers, Claire Redfield, Sheva Alomar and Jessica Sherawat). Piers Nivans will get the honor of being the first male Partner of Chris in Resident Evil 6.
  • In Chris's Epilogue, it was stated that he learned that Claire was searching for him, until she was caught. Leon S. Kennedy shared with Chris the information about Claire's whereabouts as Leon stated in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Chris states Leon tracked him down. This also marks the only time in the Resident Evil series in which Chris and Leon interact, but it occurs off-screen.
  • In the game Dead Rising, also developed by Capcom, Chris' name makes a cameo. The restaurant Chris's Fine Foods uses Chris' name, just like the restaurant Jill's Sandwiches uses Jill's name. In Jill's Sandwiches, a slogan reads, 'Jill is a master of sandwich making', in reference to 'You were almost a Jill Sandwich!' and 'The master of unlocking'.
  • If Chris is partnered with either Barry Burton or Rebecca Chambers in Mercenaries, his Uppercut and Neck Breaker Melee Moves will be replaced with a Rising upper which is a reference to the DMC move Rising Uppercut and a Hammer Elbow which both do 1500 hp.
  • Chris is a playable fighter in the Capcom crossover game Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.
  • Chris' medical records can also be found in "The Hive" scenario in Resident Evil Outbreak as a special item.
  • In Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Chris is known (so far) to attack with:

Stun Rod - Silver Ghost - Flamethrower - Grenade Launcher - Proximity Bomb - Incendiary Grenade - Sub-Machine Gun - Super Combo: Knife, Shotgun, Sub-Machine Gun, Magnum Revolver, Rocket Launcher

  • Chris' alternate outfit from Resident Evil 1 has the same "Made in Heaven" design on the back, his sister, Claire, has in Resident Evil 2.
  • When the player controls Leon and shoots with the upgraded Shotgun Remington 1100 in Resident Evil 2 (available only in Leon's scenario and in Chris' inventory on Extreme Battle), Leon gets a big impact after each shot and needs to recover, while Chris can shoot successively, without needing a break after every shot.
  • The Beretta 92F Inox, the same pistol featured in Resident Evil Director's Cut, can also be used in Extreme Battle of Resident Evil 2, while playing as Chris.
  • The actor who played Chris in the live-action intro of the original Resident Evil is only known as "Charlie".
  • In the video games, there is no mention on the status of Chris' parents. In the novels it is stated that his father was killed at his construction job. And then his mother died in a car accident.
  • In Resident Evil 2, several trophies can be check in S.T.A.R.S. office. One of them has Chris' name. He apparently won by his skills in marksmanship.(1997/February/10th)
  • In Resident Evil 2, right by the desk with Chris' diary, you can clearly see his 'Made In Heaven' alternative jacket hanging on the wall. That same jacket is present in Resident Evil 3.
  • Chris is present on one of the cards in SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighter's Clash along with Rebecca and additionally alone on one of the cards in SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters 2 Expand Edition.
  • If the player has system data of Resident Evil 5 installed on their Playstation 3 and logs into Playstation Home, the player will be rewarded with a Chris Redfield decoration trophy.
  • Barry's alternate costume in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D is a colored version of Chris' Warrior costume in Resident Evil 5. Also, Krauser's alternate costume is based on Chris' Heavy Metal costume.
  • Chris' only weapon in Resident Evil Survivor 2 :Code Veronica will be the Linear Launcher, making him the "best" Character in the game.
  • In Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, some of Chris' alternate costumes resembles the color scheme of Chuck Greene and Cody Travers, main characters from Dead Rising 2 and Final Fight, respectively. Both games were made by Capcom.
  • Chris makes a brief appearance during a mission briefring for the level "Gone Rogue" of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, being depicted as one of Nemesis's main targets.
  • It is possible that Chris' surname was chosen on purpose as an allusion to his skills as a marksman, because "Redfield" is also the name of a North American concern that produces rifle scopes.
  • Chris alongside his partner Jill appear in Project X Zone as playable characters.
  • If the player is idling in Code Veronica he will cross his arms.


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