Chris Redfield (CODE: Veronica Ver.) is a toy set manufactured and sold by Moby Dick as part of its "REAL SHOCK ACTION FIGURE" line of toys. This set comes with an action figure depicting Chris Redfield as he appears in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica, and includes a rocket launcher. The box set includes a part for the Nemesis (Type-3) action figure, assembled by collecting all toys in the series.


This figure stands approximately 8 inches and features Chris Redfield in an action pose. Articulation on this figure is very limited and seems to be mostly focused on holding the rocket launcher.  Wrists, ankles, lower arms, and waist can rotate while the head joint figures a pivot that can be used to move Chris's head up, down, left, or right. shoulders feature the ability to be moved outwards and inwards as well as rotated.

This figure comes with a handgun (presumably Chris's Glock from CODE: Veronica),  a rocket launcher (Most likely based upon the M202 rocket launcher from the first Resident Evil and Resident Evil 3), and a stand themed after S.T.A.R.S. The handgun may be placed in a holster located on Chris's right hip which can be closed (with some difficulty).

The Nemesis Type-3 part this figure comes with is is the right back leg.



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