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Chris Redfield was a S.T.A.R.S. officer-turned anti-Umbrella activist. He was an old friend of Barry Burton.


Chris Redfield served in the US Air Force some time prior to 1998. During a secret mission, one of his teammates was injured. He defied direct orders to continue onwards and helped the man, thus jeopardizing the mission. As a result, he was discharged for insubordination.

Living life as a drifter, he was discovered and recruited by Barry Burton, a S.T.A.R.S. member who saw potential in him.[1]

Raccoon City

Kenneth J. Sullivan- OCM2

Chris discovers Kenneth's body.

At some point in that year, one of Umbrella's agents within the company, Albert Wesker, was transferred to Raccoon City, where he was ordered to form a team with Joseph Frost. The reason for this was due to the rise in mysterious murders, which only Umbrella knew was due to the T-virus.[2]

Within days, Wesker had assembled two teams, with Chris Redfield - on his first assignment -[1] being placed on the "Alpha Team". A week after his transfer, Wesker had S.T.A.R.S investigate the forest. Bravo Team was scrambled, but helicopter problems led to a loss of communication, and the Alpha Team flew in to investigate. Chris; Barry; Jill and Albert reached the Mansion, but soon after came in contact with the inhabitants. Chris discovered the body of Kenneth.[3]

Two days after the Mansion Incident, Chris led took over command of S.T.A.R.S.[excerpt 1] a debriefing with the three other surviving members. With information they extracted from the mansion - and help from Barry - he came to the conclusion that the mansion was being used to develop biogenic supersoldiers; eventually, Umbrella decided to test the experimental T-virus on its own researchers, evidenced by the writings of John Fay that Jill recovered. Further into the debriefing, Chris began to make significant contradictions to Jill's account, such as who was in the prison cell. Eventually, Jill switched off from the debriefing, tired of him taking the credit for all of her claimed actions. Chris ended the debriefing by announcing that S.T.A.R.S. HQ wanted Barry and Rebecca transferred to new assignments within 48 hours, and that they wanted to see Jill and himself personally for apparent psychiatric evaluation. He reassured Jill that they would not abandon their case, revealing that he had entrusted Leon Kennedy with the casework upon arrival, expecting the town to be infested with zombies by then. Deciding to head off to Europe to continue the investigation, Chris remembered that he had to get in contact with his sister, Claire, who he was concerned would come looking for him in Raccoon.[3][note 1]

European investigation

Chris called another meeting with Jill and Barry in a park some time after S.T.A.R.S. ended the Raccoon branch.[note 2] He assured them that the events of the Mansion Incident did happen, and that they weren't going insane. Having had time to ponder on what to do in Europe, and funding and information provided by a "top-secret international agency" Chris revealed their team's mission details - they would start in London to search for Umbrella's headquarters.[4]

Abandoning their S.T.A.R.S. IDs - and weapons - the three were forced to act as typical citizens in order to avoid suspicion, unaware that an Umbrella agent was already spying on them and informing his superiors of their flight plan. Boarding in Second Class, the three sat down for the flight, unaware that Umbrella had deliberately infested the plane's supply of champaign with a deadly virus, transforming the First Class passengers into zombies. Luckily for the surviving Second Class passengers, Chris; Jill and Barry knew how to handle the zombies and killed most of them. Unfortunately, they soon discovered that the plane's pilot was among the undead.[4] Chris raced to the cockpit where he - with his pilot training - commandeered the commercial airliner. Barry offered him help with the plain, in the sense that flying took his attention away from an approaching zombie. With that zombie decapitated, Barry announced to him that the infestation was cleared. With permission to land sent in from Heathrow Airport, Chris made an emergency landing, being untrained with aircrafts of its size.[5]

Resident Evil Vol 1 Issue 5 - Kane & Abe

Chris is confronted by Abe.

Meeting up with their contact in London, they were assured that the citywide panic caused by the landing would be taken care of. Unfortunately for their mission, their contact revealed that all his organization knew about Umbrella's headquarters was that it was hidden around a monument somewhere in Europe. Starting in London, they cleared through zombie hordes in the Tower of LondonWP; Westminster AbbeyWP and Madam Tussaud's Wax MuseumWP before leaving to France. During their exploration of London, it became clear that Umbrella knew exactly where they were heading each time and were releasing the virus in preparation for their arrival.[5]

In Paris they took out zombies at the Eiffel TowerWP, in the LouvreWP. In Amsterdam, they inflicted damage on the Dutch De Gooyer WindmillWP before trashing an Oktoberfest celebration in Munich, finally moving to the Queck Castle in Fussen, Germany, which he considered to be the only monument left. Investigating the castle, Chris unwittingly solved a puzzle involving Suits of Armour having misplaced helmets. Examining one suit in particular, he was startled by a suit of armour moving towards him.[5] He and Barry found each other in an underground area, where they began looking for Jill, soon finding the mutated Umbrella employee, Abe, who Jill was fending off to protect Kane. The three discovered that Kane had set off the facility's self-destruct devices. They were, however, unable to escape quickly as Abe got back up off the ground ready to attack. Barry threw a grenade at the creature, giving the three time to escape by jumping out of a window. On the ground, they found Claire and Leon, who had been following their route with the help of Falcon.[6]




  1. There is some discrepancy with Chris' dialogue at the end. It suggests that the events of Dangerous Secrets happen two days after the Mansion Incident, as well as " a couple of days" before the events of Resident Evil 2.
  2. Rebecca completely disappeared and was never mentioned again, though the Issue #2 story has Barry "coincidentally" caught up in a biological outbreak while attending an ordered Psychiatric examination.
  1. Vol 1 Issue 1, "Dangerous Secrets":
    "My job is to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again."
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