The Chris Story is one part of Resident Evil 6's campaign storyline, based around the characters Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans.


The plot to "Chris Story" stretches out from December 2012 to June 2013; four chapters are set at the end of that gap, with the second chapter serving as a flashback to the beginning. The story revolves around Chris Redfield's lust for vengeance after one of his teams was annihilated by Carla Radames, a woman altered to resemble Ada Wong. It picks up with Chris being found by Piers Nivans as an amnesiac drunkard in Eastern Europe. He is forced back into the BSAA and sent out with a new team to China to deal with a bioterrorist attack orchestrated by Carla.

Alongside this is a subplot about Jake Muller, who Chris later discovers to be Albert Wesker's son. In Chapter 5 he finally confronts Jake and admits responsibility for causing his death and announces his retirement to Piers. This is halted when Piers sacrifices his life to save Chris after encountering the Haos B.O.W.

Chapter 1Edit

Alone in a bar in eastern Europe, drowning himself in booze, sits the decorated soldier Chris Redfield.

Chris' memories lost, each day bleeds into the next as he loses another piece of himself to abandon.

It is on one of these dark days that Piers Nivans, member of BSAA North American Branch's Alpha Team, comes to shake Chris out of his drunken stupor and back into action.

Waking to the fact that he himself cannot even remember what he is running from, Chris decides to once again lead Alpha Team into China. By combating the bioterrorism exploding there, Chris hopes his lost memories will return.

However, waiting in China is a fearsome new type of B.O.W., the J'avo; it is an unforgiving foe that, despite being riddled with bullets, undergoes mutation after mutation, refreshing it with new abilities to use in hunting and destroying targets. Despite being thrown from one desperate crisis to the next, Alpha Team, along with Bravo Team, are able to complete their rescue mission. Inside of the enemy stronghold is a nest of human cocoons, and upon seeing these, a sliver of Chris' memory emerges in the back of his mind—a single word: "Finn." Chris knows this distant memory is the key to the incident that drove him away from the battlefield.

Chapter 2Edit

Six months before he was found holed-up in a bar, Chris had been leading Alpha Team in containing B.O.W.s in Edonia, an eastern European state torn by civil war. Here too, the J'avo were being used as weapons. It turned out the rebel forces were using all manner of B.O.W.s on the front line, taking any means necessary to put up resistance.

At the end of the long fight, Chris and company managed to secure the enemy's base. Inside they found a prisoner of the resistance: Ada Wong. Ada had been supplying the rebel forces with B.O.W.s via an organization known as Neo-Umbrella, and had also discovered the existence of the C-Virus. Chris and company proceeded to escort the prisoner out. However, it was all merely a trap. Just as the unit headed out from the base, Ada cruelly infected the team with the C-Virus, mutating them into cocoons.

The creatures that emerged from these cocoons proved to be overwhelming; they dealt a critical blow to Chris' head, causing him to lose his memory. The escape with Piers was nothing but a faint blur in his mind, as he gradually lost consciousness.

Chapter 3Edit

Chris began to remember. Six months earlier, Ada Wong had been responsible for the murders of his team in Edonia. She was leading the terrorist group Neo-Umbrella and was the one responsible for the tragedy unfolding in China. Deaf to Piers' advice, Chris loses all sense of composure, and grows reckless in his thirst for revenge against Ada.

While hunting down Ada, Chris and company come to the aid of a young man and woman being pursued by Neo-Umbrella. The young pair turn out to be Sherry Birkin and Jake, who had fought together with Chris in Edonia six months earlier. Chris leaves the pair to continue his relentless pursuit of Ada; despite losing more comrades, he finally reaches the research facility.

What Chris finds when confronting Ada, however, is his ally against bioterrorism, Leon. The two proceed to have a heated argument, with Chris insisting that Ada is the culprit and Leon denying it. Pushed to the breaking point, the two turn their guns on each other.

While the two men stare each other down, Ada seizes the opportunity to make a quick escape. Though he has let his target slip through his fingers, Chris' rage is quelled by the equally strong conviction of Leon, and he slowly regains his senses. Leon leaves the pursuit of Ada to Chris, who along with Piers picks up the trail again, following her to a Neo-Umbrella aircraft carrier.

Chapter 4Edit

Fighting through hordes of bio-weapons and overcoming numerous traps, Chris and Piers make it aboard the aircraft carrier occupied by Neo-Umbrella. On the vessel's bridge, the two finally corner Ada just as she is readying a zombie missile: a weapon that—starting with China—will soon change the entire world into a living nightmare, just like the Raccoon City tragedy.

Ada moves confidently, sure of her victory; however, sudden incoming fire from a helicopter mortally wounds her.

Ada utters her last words, and falls from the bridge to her death.

Chris and Piers recover an enhanced strain of the C-Virus and attempt to disarm the missile, yet here, too, is another one of Ada's traps. Without warning, the missile reactivates and launches. The subsequent in-air explosion envelopes the city in a zombifying gas, turning the entire metropolis into hell on earth.

Chapter 5Edit

The missile Ada had set to explode over China turned the entire city into a literal hell-scape, with hordes of flesh-eating zombies now shuffling through the streets. Right then, Chris is contacted by his comrade Leon, who asks that he rescue Sherry and the young man with her, Jake Muller. Jake, who carries antibodies for the C-Virus, is quite possibly the last hope for humanity; and moreover, he is the actual son of Albert Wesker, who Chris had finally managed to defeat four years prior. Taking up the call, Chris and Piers infiltrate Neo Umbrella's undersea facility to rescue Jake and Sherry. However, upon finding them it is revealed to Jake that Chris is the one who killed his father. Reflexively, Jake pulls his gun on Chris. The situation is tense. Just then, Neo-Umbrella's massive B.O.W., Haos, awakens. At last, Ada's true objective becomes clear. Should Haos make it to the surface and is unleashed upon the world, all will be lost.

Entrusting the fate of the world to Jake's unique blood, Chris tells Jake and Sherry to escape. He and Piers remain, determined to stop Haos at any cost. Haos, however, proves to be overwhelmingly powerful, dealing a mortal wound to Piers and badly injuring Chris.

Using his last ounce of strength, Piers injects himself with the enhanced C-Virus, and transforms into a B.O.W..

Though Piers is able to contain Haos, his body is visibly being eaten away at by the virus. Understanding that his fate lay on the ocean floor with the crumbling facility, Piers loads only Chris onto a nearby escape pod. Yet another team member lost, Chris' battle comes to a close; however, his comrade's sacrifice does not go in vain.

Chris carries with him a renewed sense of optimism, the final gift from his partner Piers, and soon heads back to the battlefield to continue the fight.

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