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Chris finds Enrico (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil.


Chris Redfield finds Captain Enrico Marini of Bravo Team. Injured, he is suspicious of Chris and accuses him of being a traitor. He is shot by an unseen person who flees the area, laving Chris concerned about what Enrico knew.


Chris Redfield: "Enrico!"

Enrico Marini: "Don't come any closer, Chris."

Chris: "Wait, what happened?"

Enrico: "Double-crosser!"

Chris: "Don't!"

Enrico: "Ah hell... Umbrella..."

Chris: "Who is it!? I-is someone there!?"
"What did he mean by that?"

Chris Redfield: 「エンリコ」

Enrico Marini: 「来るな クリス」

Chris: 「どうしたんだ」

Enrico: 「裏切り者め」

Chris: *ad-lib*

Enrico: 「アンブレラめ…」

Chris: 「誰だ 誰かいるのか!」
「”裏切り者め”? 一体何を…」

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