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For the 1996 version, see Chris meets Rebecca and Richard.

Chris meets Rebecca and Richard (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil.



The original script is based on as it appeared in the 2002 GameCube title.[1] Any changes made in the 2015 Japanese dub will be listed separately.

Rebecca Chambers: You...?

Chris Redfield: Chris Redfield, Alpha Team.
We're here to rescue you.
Richard! What the hell happened to you?

Richard: Chris... This place...
Get your team out of here.
Demons... everywhere...

Rebecca: Don't talk...
He seems to have been bitten by a poisonous snake,
but the size of the bite mark is huge...

Richard: It's... not just any ordinary snake...
Take my word for it...

Rebecca: He needs serum.
I left it in another room.

Chris: I'll go get it.

Rebecca: Please hurry.

Chris: Hold on.
I'll be back.

Rebecca Chambers: あなたは?

Chris Redfield: アルファーチームのクリスだ
リチャード!? どうしたんだ!

Richard: クリス この館はヤバイ…

Rebecca: 喋らないで
でも その傷口が

Richard: 毒蛇なんてもんじゃねぇ

Rebecca: 血清がいるんです… でも

Chris: よし! 俺が行こう

Rebecca: 急いでください

Chris: 待ってろ! すぐ戻る


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