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Christian was among a group of survivors led by Doc in the remnants of Raccoon City. His skill with weapons, including his signature sword, make him a valuable asset to the group, although his temper and desire to lead put him at odds with them.


Christian was one of the few uninfected humans left in the many years into the global T-virus pandemic. He is among a group of survivors led by Doc that is stationed at a large building in the remnants of Raccoon City. He is skilled with weapons, as he can wield both guns and his signature makeshift sword. However, he is paranoid and hot-headed in nature, and believes that he could be a better leader than Doc, which causes tension and trouble within the group.[1] Although he does not trust anybody, he is selfless at heart, and would give his life to save his fellow survivors.[2]

Meeting Alice

When Alice is knocked out by the group's trap, Christian suggests that she may be a threat and that they should kill her, but Doc instead suggests that they wake her up for a possible attack by Umbrella. She awakens and holds Doc at chokehold; Christian is among several survivors who hold her at gunpoint. Christian angrily shouts at Doc that he was wrong and that they should have killed Alice when they had the chance; Doc begs Alice to release him or Christian would kill both of them, before Claire Redfield arrives and recognizes Alice.

The next morning, the group spots Umbrella's convoy headed their way from the rooftop. This discourages the group, which makes an enraged Christian question why the group trusts Alice, a stranger, and once again point his gun at her. Claire and Doc make him back away from Alice, and he has a standoff with Doc, Cobalt and Razor. Doc attempts to defuse the situation by telling him that just because Christian should be in charge doesn't make it so. Christian backs down, but he angrily shouts at the group that they would regret their decision.

Fight with Umbrella

As Umbrella's forces and the Undead horde draw near, Christian expresses how large the army is, but Alice signals the group to prepare to fight, having fortified their defenses and set traps in the morning. Despite their best efforts, several Undead manage to enter their building, forcing the survivors to fall back and barricade the entrance. Christian brings out his sword and gun and manages to fight back against several Undead breaking through the barricade. He manages to survive the attack as the group repels against the Undead and Umbrella's troops.

With little time left, Alice decides to head for the Hive to search for the antivirus that can wipe out the T-virus and kill all the remaining Undead. Christian is among the volunteers, with Alice gaining his trust through her leadership in fighting Umbrella.


The group heads towards the Hive's entrance, located at the center of the crater which initiated the city's destruction. Albert Wesker summons the Cerberuss, and the survivors are forced to run for the entrance. They jump down from a waterfall into a lake, where Christian loses his weapons. He emerges from the lake exhausted, which leaves him vulnerable enough for one of the Cerberuss to attack him, causing him to scream in agony. Although they kill the Cerberuss attacking him, he has already died from his injuries.


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