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Dr. Christine Henry (c.1977-1998) was a French virologist employed who was an executive for Umbrella Europe. Born into a noble family, by her twenties she inherited the title of Comtesse along with her father's castle in Loire. Henry died during a French military operation to recover the newly-developed G-Virus.


Dr. Henry grew up into a prosperous background of scientific, corporate and high-society connections. With her father being a personal friend of Dr. Oswell E. Spencer, Earl Spencer and an executive within Umbrella Pharmaceuticals, Henry was fast-tracked through her studies and, still a teenager, attained a prominent role in Umbrella's viral weapons development projects. The Loire laboratory beneath the castle was used temporarily by the Birkins for G-Virus research before the completion of NEST.[1] Sometime in 1993, Henry's father died in suspicious circumstances,[2] and due to her familial connections she inherited his role within Umbrella Europe.

Loire outbreak

In September 1998, Umbrella HQ initiated Operation: NESTWRECKER, the retrieval of G-Virus from NEST. Henry was to receive samples of the virus to continue its research due to her familiarity with the Birkins' research.[3] In a deal with the French military, Henry was willing to grant France preferential treatment in future B.O.W. sales in exchange for them allowing the safe transfer of G-Virus in Loire.[1]

On Friday 2 October 1998, the trade-off finally took place, with USS agent HUNK being present. This trade-off, however, went awry due to the arrival of Organisation member Ada Wong, leading to the apparent death of HUNK, and an outbreak at the lab with the t-Virus infecting researchers and spreading to the nearby village. Henry hid within her castle over the next three days, with the French military destroying the village the following Monday.[4] Because of the previous agreement with the military, Henry suspected the soldiers would retrieve the virus in some way, and that only their CO would be aware of these secret orders.[1] Taking on the alias of a Lisieux police officer when contacted on radio, Henry lured the soldiers to the castle to bring the virus to her.[2][4]

While in her private saloon, Henry became aware of nearby footsteps and hid as Première classe Philippe and the captured Wong investigated. She soon came out of hiding and, revealing her earlier deception, demanded the G-Virus be handed over, rationalising that as Wong was part of the ambush she must be carrying it. When neither admitted possessing it, she threatened to have both killed so she could search them safely.[4] Her threats failed to deliver the virus, when Capitaine Jacob entered the saloon and began firing at her, the CO having decided it better to steal the virus for himself than complete his mission and killed what was left of the castle's security staff.[1] Falling out of a window into the castle's courtyard, Henry quickly got up and departed down a lift into the Zombie-dominated lab to escape the others,[1] hiding in a security office. There, she was able to manipulate door locks to move Zombies around the facility in an effort to kill the intruders or otherwise frighten them into handing over the virus, being able to see them with CCTV, hear them on recordings and talk back on the tannoy.[1] When Wong and Philippe fell down a hole, Henry lost them on the cameras. Trying to look for them, she became distracted. Capitaine Jacob was able to enter the security office and shoot her, killing Henry.[1] Her remains were incinerated soon after when the facility's self-destruct was activated.[5]