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Christopher Smith was a citizen of Raccoon City, Pennsylvania. He was the partner of Deanne Rusch; both were nineteen years of age when they died as the ninth and eighth victims of a series of strange cases, respectively.


In July 1998, he and Deanne had planned to violate the nocturnal curfew that was brought under effect due to the cannibal killings; animal attacks and mysterious disfirst plaguing the city. The two suspected there to be a pack of feral dogs living in the afforested Victory Park, an area of the Victory Lake district, and planned to track them down on their own. Their bodies were found in the early morning of Monday June 21.[1]

Immediately after their deaths on Sunday night, a missing persons report was filed. The Tuesday edition of the Raccoon Times newspaper brought up witness accounts which indicated the presence of bite marks on the bodies, though by then a confirmation of it being human or animal had not been made public.[1] It was concluded based on forensic testing that Christopher had been killed by a human being (a zombie) who was connected to the Becky McGee murder case based on matching risidual skin-tissue in their fingernails.[2]


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