"A gear designed after a god of time."
— Item examination - English
"時の神がモチーフの歯車だ "
— Item examination - Japanese

Chronos Gear (クロノスギア kuronosugia?) is a key item in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It is made when the Silver Gear and Gold Gear are combined.


It is needed to ring the St. Michael Clocktower, inputting it to the gadget that is located in the Machine room.

"A beautifully ornamented gadjet" - can be read when examining. "The gear wheels are turning" message can be read after setting the gear to the gadget.

After setting the Chronos Gear, the cogs start to turn and the sounds of the tower's bell can be heard after that.

After the Gear is set, it disappears from the inventory. Also, when Jill returns through the door, leading to the 2F corridor, a cutscene From Relief to Terror will appear and battle with Nemesis after that.




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