"It's a key designed to adore a god of time."
— Item description - English
"時の神をたたえるカギだ "
— Item description - Japanese

The Chronos Key (クロノスのカギ kuronosu no kagi?) is a key item featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


Cobweb corridor

The door leading to the 1F corridor

It unlocks a door in the study room of the Saint Michael Clock Tower.[1] The door leads to the 1F corridor. This locked door has message: "The God of Time is etched under the key hole." After unlocking that door, the key can be discarded by Jill on the system message.


The Chronos Key is created by combining the Chronos Chain with the Winder Key. The Chronos Chain can be found up in the Clock Tower safe room. You must get there by getting the Benzel Key (Located in the Bedroom) to enter the Clock Tower. Then, you must do a musical note puzzle to get the other half of the key. Then combine them together.



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