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The Chrysalid stage is a state that leads to further mutation of the C-Virus after becoming a J'avo. In some cases, the subject will directly go into the chrysalid stage. The creatures that erupt from the chrysalid are referred to as Complete Mutations and can vary widely. Chrysalid state infected and Complete Mutations are encountered by all characters.



The process begins

Chrysalids usually start as J'avo. Occasionally when a J'avo sustains enough damage, they will enter a stasis-like state wrapped in a fleshy cocoon. The first sign of this is a flash of flames and smoke coming from the J'avo as it spasms; goo will seep out of the J'avo and force it to remain still as it hardens into a cocoon.

Inside the cocoon, the subject will undergo a rapid transformation that breaks down its current body and proceeds to reform it into a new mutated form, similar to a butterfly.[1] It is noted that sometimes a direct injection of the C-Virus can cause a subject to immediately enter the chrysalid state. This is demonstrated on BSAA operators Finn Macauley, Ben Airhart, Carl Alfonso, Andy Walker, and Marco Rose by Carla Radames.

This produced one known mutation, the Napad, that was a muscular brute-like creature that stands just taller than an average human male while hunched over. Its legs are short while its arms are long and muscular, the body covered in burnt muscle tissue. The most notable feature is a large hump upon its back that ends in jagged points high along its scapula area.

Other known complete mutations include the Strelac, Mesec, Gnezdo, and the Lepotica. Unique C-Virus mutations through chrysalid transformation include Deborah Harper and Carla Radames who managed to transform into a doppelgänger of Ada Wong.

Complete Mutations[]

Name Picture Description
Strelac Strelate This variant moves around quickly and can fire a hail of needles from its body to injure its target from a distance. It is encountered by Chris and Piers in Edonia and again in Lanshiang by Jake and Sherry. This variant is known to be playable in Agent Hunt. Its name comes from strelyat meaning "to shoot". Its name means "shooter" in Serbo-Croatian.[2]
Napad Napad This variant is slow for the most part, dragging its hulking weight along though when it gets a straight path it is capable of rushing its target directly. They have very heavy armoring but a weak point below the shielding near the scapula area. However, it is possible to weaken them by destroying this armor with explosions leaving their muscle tissue exposed and making them very vulnerable. This variant is encountered primarily in Edonia by Chris and Piers so far. Its body exerts extremely high temperatures that cause the bodies to steam constantly. Its name comes from the Eastern European word for "attack" or "assault".[3]
Mesec Mesets This variant is a flying-type of a creature and seems to be modeled much like a bird, complete with feathers. When it erupts from its cocoon, long legs pierce the shell and spread out much like a spider. It is encountered primarily in Edonia by Jake and Sherry so far. Its name is the Serbian word for "moon".
Gnezdo Gnezdo This variant appears as a swarm of insects that form the shape of a human female. The "queen" of the swarm, a large bee-like insect, hides among its fellows and will only appear once the swarm has taken sufficient damage. This variant appears primarily in Lanshiang and its name translates to "nest" in several Slavic languages.
Lepotica Lepotitsa This variant was used as a B.O.W. intended to disperse an airborne form of the C-Virus around its immediate area, transforming interloped individuals into zombies. Its name comes from the Serbian word "Lepotica" (with the "C" being pronounced as "ts"), which is used to describe feminine beauty.
Ubistvo Ubistvo This variant was a powerful chainsaw creature created by the C-Virus and hatched from a Chrysalid cocoon. Neo Umbrella's research into the "Ubistvo" concluded that, because of its destructive personality, its introduction into the battlefield should only be done in "special situations". Its name is derived from the Serbian word for "murder".


Chrysalids appear to look similar to J'avo, making it a bit more difficult to discern them from the regular J'avo. It seems though that it is not uncommon for them to be unarmed. As mentioned in biology, when they sustain enough damage, they will begin to cocoon themselves. It is possible to destroy the cocoon before the impending creature fully mutates, which can save the player a lot of trouble. Players can use frontal heavy melee attacks, back heavy melee attacks or grenade launchers to prevent J'avo turning into a cocoon.


Jake grabbing the Strelac.

In rare moments, if a J'avo takes massive damage, they writhe as if they were going in to a cocoon as they burst into flames and begin the process; however, a Complete Mutation will immediately exit the cocoon before it settles. It will immediately fall apart once it stops moving, as there is nothing in it.

Chrysalids are playable in Agent Hunt mode.