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C-Virus spreading through the air over Lanshiang

The Chrysalid Virus, abbreviated as C-Virus, is a family of viruses that were created by The Family as a next-generation bio-weapon. With a genome containing genes from t-Veronica and Golgotha Virus, the C-Virus was able to both preserve some degree of intelligence in mutants and revive the dead and induce violent mutations in hosts.[1][2] A vaccine was created in 2013, ending its reliability as a weapon.[3]


Initial research[]

The "C-Virus Project" was the brainchild of Derek C. Simmons, a senior American civil servant and head of The Family, a fraternity with wealthy connections. Simmons believed that the use of bio-weapons in warfare was an inevitability, and with the US refusing to continue its own bio-weapons development after the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident, had The Family privately fund its own research on their behalf.

The C-Virus Project itself was led by Dr. Carla Radames, a child prodigy scouted by the Simmons Foundation immediately after graduation. Dr. Radames was quickly assigned to a Family laboratory and became influential in its viral and Bio-Organic Weapon projects.[4] Though some degree of research took place since 1999,[5] the C-Virus Project itself started sometime in 2001, and went through considerable alterations.[4] Working on a variant of Progenitor Virus or t-Virus, the C-Virus prototype was altered with the splicing of genes extracted from t-Veronica. The virus was acquired by Simmons, probably in 2002 from the recovery of Manuela Hidalgo. The "t-02" strain, as it was called, was found to preserve much of the intelligence of a human mutant.[4] With access to Sherry Birkin, Simmons provided Dr. Radames with a sample of Golgotha or G-Virus to alter this new contagion further.[4]


Over the next several years, Dr. Radames created a number of strains that would induce more specific mutations in humans. This method of creating B.O.W.s was vastly different from Umbrella's t-Virus Project, which used cloning methods to replicate successful B.O.W.s. By splicing DNA from a particular individual into the C-Virus, a strain could be created that would turn others into duplicates. Using the massive resources available to The Family, tens of thousands of people were abducted and used as test subjects for the project.

One such sub-project was the creation of a doppelgänger to Ada Wong, a woman Simmons had fallen in love with sometime in the 1990s.[6] Having a sample of her DNA, a C-Virus strain with her genes was tested 12,235 times. Until Dr. Radames herself was forcibly used as a test-subject, each one before became a deformed mutant with only vaguely feminine attributes. This project officially came to a close on 30 April 2009 with Dr. Radames as a successful subject.[5]

The attempt to clone Wong also birthed other projects, like Lepotica. While accounts differ as to its exact origins, it would appear the strain was an off-shoot of this attempt and was later used by Dr. Radames in 2012 to infect Nanan Yoshihara during a test at the Marhawa School. A sample was taken from Yoshihara after her death which,[7] with further alteration, was completed in time for the mid-2013 attacks.[8]

As seen during the attacks in Edonia and Lanshiang, and using the J'avo in Neo Umbrella's ranks, Dr. Radames' research resulted in the creation of a number of viral strains equally useful in B.O.W. production. By the Lanshiang attack in mid-2013, strains were in use which turned humans into Napads, Mesec, Strelac, Ubistvo and Gnezdo, among others. Other creatures such as Iluzija were created, but as no others are known to have existed it may have been a freak mutation.

Following the acquisition of Jake Muller in December 2012, six months of research at a facility in Lanshiang resulted in the creation of the Enhanced C-Virus. Whereas the viral strains designed to create B.O.W.s were known to halt mutations upon achieving a Complete Mutation stage of development, this strain effectively made mutation the standard response to severe injury, allowing an organism to mutate into more powerful forms so long as they were still alive.[2] Only three known samples of this virus were created, and mutated Simmons, Dr. Radames, and Piers Nivans in radically different ways.

Piers C-Virus

Piers Nivans holding a syringe with the enhanced C-Virus

Another strain was created at the Seabed Laboratory many miles off the Chinese coast, starting from 2011 at the latest. By collecting samples of microorganisms living in and around an underwater volcano, test subjects would mutate to gain the properties of extremophiles, able to survive in harsh environments such as excessive heat.[9] This was different from other C-Virus strains, which were known to raise a mutant's body temperature enough they would incinerate.[10] The research on this strain resulted in "Haos".[9]


Though there are many strains of C-Virus, there are only two means of infection. The first is through direct injection into the body, which normally creates a J'avo. The second means of infection is exposure to the virus in fog-like form, which can be produced by both Lepotica and Haos.[8][11] Humans exposed to the virus in this matter become Zombies. Zombies cannot infect others through bites and, like J'avo, a mauling by either will only result in the individual's injury or death. This inability to infect through bites was discovered by Dr. Doug Wright during the 2012 Marhawa Desire case.[12]


C-Virus causes extreme mutations in humans, though different strains can induce different kinds of mutations. The C-Virus contains certain genes from Golgotha, giving it limited regenerative properties. These regenerative abilities are advanced enough to restore living function to the previously deceased. As a result, if the virus is released within a gas, it can reanimate former corpses as Zombies and, if preserved well enough, this can happen centuries after their original death. Another aspect taken from Golgotha is the ability to mutate into another organism after initial mutation, though it may do so by expressing genes from the t-Veronica strain due to the insectoid nature of these secondary mutations. If a J'avo is injured in their arms, they may develop a "Ruka-Hvatanje" mutation, which grows a new arm with traits of another animal.[13] If a J'avo has sustained too much damage, the virus's attempts to regenerate may instead create so much heat they self-immolate.[10]

Unlike the t-Virus, the genes from the t-Veronica allows the C-Virus to maintain cognitive functions of those infected by it despite heightened levels of aggression and impulsiveness. In J'avo, they are capable of following orders received before and after infection as well as still retaining their knowledge of how to perform actions. For example, the Edonian rebels continued to fight the BSAA as they did the Edonian military, through the use of coordinated tactical combat as well as utilized firearms, tanks, and planes.[10]


As of 2013, the only known treatment for the C-Virus is the "Anti-C" vaccine. While it is possible other iterations were made in the years after, the initial Anti-C was only recommended in vaccination of people not yet infected with the virus. It had a low success rate in those immediately infected with the virus, while mutants like J'avo and the Complete Mutants had a 0% survival rate.[3]

Known Infectees[]


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