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Commander Chu was an Umbrella operative who served as the right-hand man of a clone of Dr. Alexander Isaacs during the waning stages of the T-virus pandemic .


Chu was the lieutenant of Isaacs during his expedition from the ruins of Washington, D.C. to those of Raccoon City. He was the commander of one of two advanced tanks in that expedition. After killing two of Chu's subordinates and grievously wounding the clone while escaping Umbrella custody, Chu attempted to kill Alice as she escaped aboard a stolen motorbike. She evaded his attacks, however.

Soon after, Chu stood beside Isaacs as he launched an attack on an enclave of survivors in Raccoon City. Showing no remorse, the commander released a woman to serve as bait for the horde of zombies the convoy had led into the city as a weapon. A few moments later, at the doctor's command, Chu shot the woman as part of an effort to demoralize Alice and the other survivors. 

Despite the best efforts of the Umbrella soldiers, the army of undead and one of the tanks were quickly dispatched by the settlement's hodgepodge defenses. After his own vehicle was neutralized alongside the majority

Chu engaging in hand-to-hand combat with Alice.

of its crew, Chu emerged from it, choosing to engage in hand-to-hand combat with Alice herself. He surprisingly held his own against her for a time, but was ultimately defeated. Alice shot him in the chest, though he survived due to his body armor. 

While Chu was stunned, Alice bound the ruthless commander to the back of his own tank, much as he had done to the emaciated woman. As his vehicle sped off and he ran in pursuit, Chu baited away the remaining undead, ending Isaacs' failed attack on the settlement.  After his tank eventually retrieved the doctor, Chu was left chained to the rear; the doctor was uninterested in retrieving his subordinate, seemingly having been driven to madness by a need for revenge against Alice. Shortly after his return, Isaacs stabbed the remaining crewmen inside the tank and comandeered it for himself. 

As Isaacs' clone drove the tank over the edge of the pit, Chu was overwhelmed by the pursuing zombies, killed and reanimated as one of them. He joined the very army he had previously led, following the Isaacs clone toward the Hive. Moments after the clone killed the original Isaacs, Chu bit his former leader and led the horde in consuming the man. This victory was shortlived, however, as Alice released the airborne anti-virus and eradicated anything infected with the T-virus, including Chu.

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Commander Chu was portrayed by Joon-Gi Lee in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

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