Further notes
"Always smilling, this beautiful blonde's good looks and kind demeanor are the only reason some patrons come to J's Bar. Cindy makes up for her lack of combat powers by starting the game with multiple herbs. She can also AID others by healing them with her herbs."
— Cindy's description from her file in Outbreak Revisited.

Her attention to detail and green thumb make Cindy the consummate medic of the survivor group. Cindy is at heart a very caring individual, and the untimely death of her co-worker, Will, weighs heavily upon her.


Cindy is best utilized as a support character, thanks to being able to store and mix several herbs at once. Her virus gauge is one of the slowest to climb, and she focuses on assisting the other characters either with healing or pulling them onto ledges.  She has average speed and low health (only 1500 hit points), although she's able to draw handguns reasonably quickly. Her special ability, the duck, can make zombies stagger if properly timed, and can also be used with a partner in File #2.


Personal Item: Herb Case

The Herb Case lets Cindy store three specimens of every type of known herb, and has an extra compartment for mixing herbs, as well.

Extra Item (File 2 only): Bandage

Cindy's trusty makeshift Bandage can prevent bleeding caused by enemy attacks. She can also staunch the bleeding of her friends as she carries them to safety. As with the other Extra Items in File #2, it can be given to other characters to function in the same way.

Special Actions

  • Duck: Cindy can duck to avoid attacks. It stops zombies for 5 seconds, which gives her the time to counterattack or to run away. In Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, if Cindy is holding somebody, if you then press R1, not only Cindy will duck but the other person will imitate the duck. Unfortunately, performing this action will cause Cindy to let go of the injured teammate.
  • Aid: Cindy can aid people with the herbs from her herb case. File #2 has the added benefit of being able to aid an injured teammate while she is holding them.


This is a list of quotes of Cindy in File #1's Collection.

  • Hey there!
  • What are you doing?
  • Somebody hear me!
  • Hey, are you alright?
  • I need your help.
  • Go now!
  • Come on.
  • Wait for a minute.
  • Good.
  • No way...
  • I'll be right there!
  • I'm trying really hard, you know.
  • Sorry!
  • What do you want?
  • Thank you, you saved me!
  • No. I'm not feeling very well.
  • I can't hold on much longer...
  • No, no! This can't be!
  • Those poor people...
  • Thank God.
  • I trusted you!
  • WHY NOW?!
  • You shouldn't drop your guard.
  • Kevin!
  • Mark!
  • JIM!
  • George!
  • David!
  • Yoko!
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