Further notes
  • If the player doesn't select Cindy as a character or ally in the wild things scenario, Cindy will be trampled to death by the Zombie Elephant as soon as everyone enters the Zoo, and there will be two herbs (one of which is a mixed herb) and a special item on her body.
  • Cindy can receive a sub-machine gun from the dying guard on the roof of the hospital during The Hive scenario. While disoriented, he mistakes Cindy for his significant other, Maggie.
  • Cindy is the only character who can find the Herb Pie Recipe file during the "wild things" scenario.
  • Cindy is the only character who can access her locker in the Outbreak scenario.
  • Cindy is also the only character in the first Outbreak who appears as an AI partner in three scenarios (Outbreak, The Hive and Decisions, Decisions), as the other characters make only one or two appearances.
  • Cindy may be one of the most religious protagonists in the series, as seen in her ad-libs, especially during the "end of the road" scenario when she is shouldering Linda Baldwin or if the player is nearing the rescue helicopter during the countdown.
  • Selecting Cindy as the character in the Hellfire scenario will make it the only time that Cindy meets Alyssa and Yoko as AI partners, as well as making the only time in the first Outbreak where the three females reunite.
  • As a partner, AI Cindy will heal the player a maximum of 2 times per scenario and will not place herbs in her herb case. She also separately uses one of two blue herbs on the character when they're poisoned.
  • If a player chooses David as an AI partner, it should be noticed that he will go explore the scenario on his own, not caring about Cindy. However, if a player saves him from dying, heals him or give him weapons, he will eventually follow Cindy as showing his gratitude to her but eventually he'll go on his own after sometime.
  • After defeating Nyx in the End of The Road scenario, if the player chooses Kevin or Cindy as the player, and have the other as a partner, both will have an intimate ad lib conversation with Kevin asking Cindy what she will do now since she's out of a job.
  • David and Cindy don't get along well, however, they have been partnered in some promotional artwork of Resident Evil Outbreak.
  • When a player reaches the second floor of J's bar, after Will's death and "rebirth", Cindy will be shocked about the situation;
    • Cindy will exclaim "How did Will change like that?!"
    • She will still comment about Will´s rise, even if the player opens or breaks the door to Stairs between 1F and 2F and is not present during that cutscene where he is eaten by the zombies.
  • While playing as Cindy, it would be easier for a player to achieve the NO WEAPON bonus, since most AIs like Kevin, Mark, Yoko and Jim tend to protect her rather than themselves when she shouts her trademark "Help me, please!". A good way to achieve that bonus (which will probably provide the player in Normal mode at least 4000pts and Hard mode 6000pts per play) will be to administer weapons such Handguns and Shotguns to the AIS and save stronger weapons for Cindy (SMG's, Magnum, Grenade Launcher) for the final boss.
  • Cindy can also easily obtain the NO DAMAGE bonus, due to her ability to duck from most attacks.
  • A collection of Cindy's lines of dialogue can be unlocked in Resident Evil Outbreak by collecting all of her special items, and then paying 2000 points.[1]
  • Cindy finds the Raccoon Zoo mascot, Mr. Raccoon, very cute. So cute in fact that she comments on it in all of her SP item descriptions that are related to Mr. Raccoon in the Wild Things scenario. Notably, one SP item is a box of Raccoon Cookies, which she says are "too cute to eat".
  • For some reason, Cindy seems to have a strong relationship with George Hamilton, despite the differences between them.

Appearance & Wardrobe

During the Outbreak, Cindy is seen as a tall, thin, attractive, blonde-haired, young woman. She wears her J's Bar uniform, consisting of a blue and white striped shirt with a blue low-cut vest and a medium length blue-black pencil skirt with black high-heels. She wears her hair in a ponytail.

  • Type:B: On Vacation: Cindy wears a casual outfit consisting of khaki pants, a light blue shirt with sunglasses hanging on the collar, and black high-heeled strap sandals. She wears her hair in a low ponytail.
  • Type:C: Funny Bunny: Cindy wears a Playboy Bunny-esque type of outfit complete with black strapless one-piece, bow tie, cuffs, seamed fishnets, black high heels, and bunny ears and tail. Her hair is in a tight bun.
  • Type:D: Nightlife: Cindy wears a black leather jacket and pants and boots with a brown belt. Her hair is down.
  • Type:E: Coquette: She wears a white bikini top, very short jeans, and slippers. Her hair is in a bun.



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