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"A standard circular saw. Can be used as a weapon."
— Inventory description

The Circular Saw (丸鋸 marunoko?) is a melee weapon that appears in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


The weapon has two types of attack with one being a slash and the other is making the saw continuously run, being able to eradicate enemies within seconds. The former only requires the player to press the attack button while the latter requires the player to hold the ready weapon button and hold the attack button.

The Circular Saw has a considerable amount of power compared to other melee weapons such as the Knife, being able to severely damage enemies and stop their assault.

Main game[]

The player must complete the game on any difficulty within 4 hours in order to unlock it. Like all the other unlockables, the Circular Saw will be put in the Item Box on subsequent playthroughs and refreshes in the Item Box should players discard it at any given time.


In Nightmare, the Circular Saw is made available to craft for 3,000 Scrap after the player unlocks the "Circular Saw" reward by accumulating 10,000 Points. The "Melee Upgrade" Skill will affect this weapon. When bought, it will penalize the player with a 0.01x multiplier upon completing Nightmare.

Jack's 55th Birthday[]

In Jack's 55th Birthday, the Circular Saw is unlockable with a B Rank in Guest House 2. Like in the main game, it has substantial attacking power; however, when used, it gives a very abysmal time reward upon attacking or killing an enemy, making this a rather terrible weapon to use in the mode.