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The Citadel Correctional Facility is a prison and major location featured in Resident Evil: Afterlife.


When the global outbreak of the T-Virus swept the planet and turned most of its population into zombies, the US military entered the jail, using it as a staging post for a counter-offensive. Aware that reinforcements would not arrive, the Governor of California ordered the inmates to be released and conscripted to help fight the zombies. During the release, a gang of inmates, believing soldier Chris Redfield to be a guard, locked him in a high-security cell. He was left as the only military survivor.

Later, six survivors (Luther, Bennett, Crystal, Angel, Kim and Wendell) entered the building and barricaded themselves inside, knowing that its walls would hold against the zombies. They found Chris, but refused to believe his story, assuming him to be a dangerous criminal trying to trick them into letting him out. To keep him from escaping, they made sure to stage a guard by his cell at all times. The group then proceeded to paint an S.O.S. sign on the roof in hopes that someone flying around would find them and send flares every day to get the attention of any ships sailing up or down the coast.


Alice and Claire found the prison while flying a plane and spotted Luther, Bennett, Angel and Kim on the roof. They crash landed and nearly slid off the building but were saved by the survivors efforts to slow the plane down. A horde of over a thousand undead (accompanied by a large, mutated undead) surrounded the prison and swarmed the large gates protecting the building. The gates were eventually knocked down by the Executioner, who forced the way in with his axe. The survivors attempted to leave the place in an Armored Personel Carrier, but the engine had been removed. Angel estimated that it would take at least a week for him to put it back in. Enraged, Bennett murdered Angel in cold blood and hijacked Alice's plane.

When Chris, Alice and Crystal enter the armory, a mutated undead pulled Crystal under flood water, presumably drowning her. The Executioner and a mutated zombie killed Kim and Wendell in the shower room, Luther is presumably killed by a zombie during the survivor's tunnel escape, but is later shown to have survived. Alice, Chris, Claire, Luther and Bennett are the only ones who escape the prison.

Known locations in the prison

  • The Rooftop - The roof of the prison where Angel always kept watch and "Help Us" was painted on the roof.
  • The Citadel Entrance/Gates - The main prison yard and entrance into the prison limits.
  • The Garage - The locked room where correction officers used to keep the APC for transport and for serious riot control.
  • Cell Block B - The level where the survivors made their home area. This is where they ate and slept in cells.
  • The Shower Block - The area where the prisoners took showers. Miraculously, the water still runs, though it was cold. This is where the Plaga Zombies entered the building through the tunnels they were digging.
  • The Armory - A secret gun cache room in the basement that the survivors (excluding Chris) didn't know about. It is under two floors flooded with water.
  • The Tunnels - The underground "entrances" dug by the Plaga zombies that lead to the sewers and to the storm drain.

Further notes

  • The official website for Resident Evil Afterlife has an on-rail shooting game where players must hold back zombies that have broken into the prison yard until everyone else has escaped or all the zombies are eliminated.
  • When Alice and Claire fly into the city they notice that there are no undead in sight until they reach the prison.
  • The Robarts Library at University of Toronto was used for exterior shots of the prison.



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