Alley to south side gate (known as "ROJI BAK" in the debug menu) is a prototype room in Resident Evil 2.


An alley behind the gun shop leading to the front entrance of the Raccoon Police Station on Ennerdale Street.


RE2 City Area A map 03 proto

The location on the map.

There are about four zombies inside of the basketball court that cannot be break free. The main street area has four zombies in the Resident Evil 2 Preview, while other versions may only have three.

There are no pickups available in the area.


After leaving the gun shop, advance down the alley and climb over the dumpster to the main street. Zombies are roaming the area and can be ran past to conserve ammo or shot down. Run past the crashed bus and police cars to find a gate leading to the police station.


The earliest playable appearance of this room was in the Resident Evil 2 Preview, released in late 1997. The area appears to be complete in this build. A pre-release trailer shown near the end of the game's development in 1998 features the room in its gameplay footage.[1] This suggests that the room was still being used close to retail.

Resident Evil 2 pre-release trailer

Resident Evil 2 pre-release trailer

A leaked prototype of Resident Evil 2 dubbed by fans as the "Beta 2" build, rumored to be a 1998 prototype, features unfinished background images of the final, expanded version of the City Area. These new rooms are given the name "TUIKA" in the debug menu, which likely refers to the Japanese word for "additional" or "supplementary" (追加 Tsuika?). Despite being replaced by these new rooms, the prototype room still remains playable in both the "Beta 2" and retail version of the game by accessing the debug menu or by modifying the game.


When the room was divided into two separate areas, many features were altered. Various objects were added, recolored, repositioned, and so on. Other textures such as graffiti were added, removed, or changed to different areas. For instance, the "Blood on the Dance Floor" graffiti in the basketball court was moved to the opposite wall in the retail game. One of the bigger changes is that the alley was widened in retail and more buildings were added to the backdrop. All of the vehicles on the main street have also changed position and there are some new camera angles.

Because the map had yet to be expanded, the cafeteria front is not visible.


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  • The debug menu name, "ROJI BAK", is difficult to translate completely. The first half most likely refers to the word "alley" (路地 Roji?). The second half could refer to "back" (バック Bakku?), possibly making this room the "back alley". However, there is no definitive translation for this area.
  • While the basketball court has a background image with no gate, suggesting that it would be able to use an animated gate that could open, this is not utilized in gameplay.


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