Basketball court (バスケットコート Basuketto kōto?) is a gameplay area in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.


This is an area of Raccoon City behind Flower Street to the west of the Raccoon Police Station.This area consist of a basketball net against a wall that is covered in various graffiti along with two crimson benches opposite with barrels adjacent to them


Resident Evil 2

RE2 City Area A map 03

The location on the map in RE2.

This is part of the same load area as the Alley.

In Leon A and Claire A, while in the Alley, two zombies can be seen pounding on the fence door. They can be killed while there. The fence will be open when the player triggers the event where the zombie(s) break free. There will be one zombie standing in the court still afterwords.

The door to the next area leads to the Billboard.

Darkside Chronicles

There are a total of 4 zombies in this area, one of them will fall from the building to the left of the court, the other 3 will appear once the camera looks at the way to the Billboard. There are two red oil drums to the left these 3 zombies and these can be shot at to cause an explosion that will kill all enemies at once, though it won't reward the player many points.



Prototype Backgrounds

The following backgrounds are from the unreleased "beta 2" prototype of Resident Evil 2, created shortly before the release of the final game. These images nearly resemble the final room images, while still retaining characteristics from the old build of the room from the Resident Evil 2 Preview:




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