The billboard (広告塔 Kōkokutō?) is gameplay area of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.


This is in the backstreet in Raccoon City. This alleyway connects to the neighboring building's fire escape. The fire escape resembles a balcony and hangs above the market and liquor store below. Down the other side of the fire escape is another alleyway with a dumpster that connects to Ennerdale Street.

The location on the map in RE2.

In the NTSC NA versions, this is an invisible pack of 15 H. Gun Bullets on the trashcan behind the dumpster. and four zombies beyond the dumpster.

In the original/PAL versions, there is no ammo and three zombies beyond the dumpster.

The next room is the Cafeteria front.


Resident Evil 2

After coming in through the gate, go up the fire escape and back down around the building to find the dumpster. It is possible to fight the zombies by shooting them from here or by climbing the dumpster and using the knife to attack them. While standing on the dumpster, the zombies will attack by vomiting stomach acid. However the best strategy is to climb the dumpster and run past the zombies in the alley. The end of the alley has a gate that leads to the next area. There is a zombie in front of this gate in some versions of the game. To avoid him, wait for him to walk away and when his back is turned to the gate, run to it.

Darkside Chronicles

Immediately when entering this area there is a Herb on the right side, crows will attack the player when reaching the top of the stairs and they can also be shot at when going down to the other side. Beyond the dumpster there are 2 zombies that can be killed. Next to the door that leads to the Cafeteria front there is a Sub Machinegun ammo on the floor. The other zombies on the ground are dead and will not get up.



Prototype backgrounds

The following backgrounds are from the unreleased "beta 2" prototype of Resident Evil 2, created shortly before the release of the final game.


Further notes

  • One of the billboards seems to say "MATSUNAMI" (松波?) which could be a trademark of Yasuyuki Matsunami, one of the CG artists who worked on Resident Evil 2.
  • In the leaked "beta 2" version of the game, this room is named "TUIKA 2". It is possible that the intended name for this room is "Additional Area 2" (追加2 Tsuika 2?). Earlier builds of the game used the "Alley to Ennerdale Street" (tentative) room instead, meaning that these "TUIKA" rooms were newly created to extend the length of the A scenario City Area.



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