Gun shop (ガンショップ?) is a gameplay area in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.


This is the Kendo Gun Shop. This area is composed of many variations of guns and ammo placed on shelves behind the counters, there is also various entertainment machines on the left as the player enters the room.


Resident Evil 2

RE2 City Area A map 02

The location on the map in RE2.

Upon entering, examining the door or walking forward will trigger a scene where Robert Kendo aims his weapon at player asking "who are you", then after realizing they're not a zombie he locks the door. Checking the door or Robert again will play an in-game scene where he assures the player character that they're safe.

Walking out and behind the side counter will trigger an event where zombies breakthrough the glass window and attack and kill Robert. There will then be four zombies in the room kneeling over his corpse. Alternatively, leaving to the next room and coming back in will leave Kendo dead and the four zombies will be scattered across the room.

Checking Kendo's corpse twice will let the player pick up a Shotgun with 4 ammo loaded in Leon A, and the Bow Gun with 15 ammo loaded in Claire A. There is also two piles of H. Gun Bullets in the room in both Leon A and Claire A.

The next area is Alley.

Darkside Chronicles

Robert Kendo will be killed by a zombie as Claire and Leon enter the room, the zombie that killed him can only be defeated after he's done with the animation. There are a total of 10 zombies that will be in this room, one being the zombie that killed Kendo, after Leon and Claire check up on Kendo, 4 will appear from the Shopping district west and after Leon says they "need guns", 5 more will spawn from the same place as before.

There are two files in this room, one is the Raccoon City September 9, 1998 file which is inside one of the black suitcases to the left of the counter which can be gotten as soon as the room is entered, and the second is the Evacuation Order file that's on the cabinet to the right of the counter, this one can be gotten as Leon says they "need guns".


Resident Evil 2
Location Localization Original Script
Display cases by door and behind counter The case is broken. There is nothing useful inside. ケースが壊されている


Front counter Gun cases and related paraphernalia. ガンケースなどがちらばっている
Behind the far end of the counter There is nothing useful here. 役に立ちそうなものは何も無い
Shelves on the left hand side More useless trinkets. 使えないものばかりだ
Counter on the left hand side Paper dated Sep. 18th.

It looks irrelevant.

Robert Kendo's body He has stopped breathing. すでに息が無い
The front door and window after Kendo's death The streets are no longer secure. 通りに戻るのは危険だ


Resident Evil 2

Darkside Chronicles



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