Shopping district west (商店街西?) is a gameplay area in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.


Resident Evil 2

Immediately following the opening scene of the game, Leon and Claire are separated on either side of the wrecked truck. This area is not visited in Leon B or Clear B, who instead explore Shopping district east.

This is Flower Street in downtown Raccoon City. There are police barricades not too far beyond the wreckage. The northern walls of the Raccoon Police Station sit across the street.

Darkside Chronicles

Claire and Leon both meet at this place with the truck already wrecked, Leon mentions that they should go to the police station after the two clear out the zombies that were trying to kill them.


Resident Evil 2

The location in the "A" scenario.

Upon starting the game, before the area loads the following message is displayed;

"They were parted by an unescapable destiny.
This is just the beginning of their worst nightmare."

In the original PlayStation version of the game there are six zombies will appear on the street as a standard, with a seventh only appearing near the gun shop if those six have not been killed.[1] They can realistically be dodged.

There are no items to collect in this room and the next room is the Gun shop.

Darkside Chronicles

There are a total of 32 zombies in this area, the only shootable objects are the lights on the streets, which can drop gold.


Resident Evil 2 Preview

The demo featured with Resident Evil: Director's Cut features its own prologue as well.

Resident Evil 2 Preview
Location Localization Original Script
Prologue Do you remember?

That bizarre mystery that took place in Raccoon City?
Although it appeared to be solved by the S.T.A.R.S. team...
Two months later the real nightmare begins...





Prototype backgrounds


Further notes

  • In Resident Evil 2, a visible street sign at the intersection of the crash shows that the street was originally named "Raccoon St." instead.
  • Japanese versions of the game display the prologues in English.
  • Some versions of the game do not feature the game prologue. On disc versions of the game, the prologue was put in place to mask the room loading time. It is possible that it was removed in non-disc versions due to the advanced loading speed on cartridges and hard drives.



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