The City Streets of the Raccoon City is a location in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


This area is only available for the 1st run scenarios of both characters. The objective here is to traverse around the streets until making way into the police station while avoiding the zombies.


Further Notes

  • Some stores and posters in the City Streets have a direct references:
    • The AWAGOMIHS repair shop is SHIMOGAWA backwards, referring to Teruhiro Shimogawa, one of the writers of the Mega-Man franchise.
    • One of the posters in the windows have the name "Frank East" written on it, referring to Frank West, the main protagonist of the Dead Rising series.
    • One of the buildings have the name "ARUKAS", directly a reference from Sakura Kasugano, one of the playable characters in the Street Fighter series.


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