The Handgun (ハンドガン handogan?) is Claire Redfield's first firearm. She finds this pistol near a dead soldier; using it to stop Steve Burnside's panic firing at her. The weapon is identified as a Beretta 93R.


The Beretta 93R carries 15 Handgun Bullets, semi-automatic, and is a good starting weapon for taking out Zombies and Cerberus but due to limited stopping power is not recommended against larger enemies. It is actually obtained with only 12 bullets loaded as Claire shot 3 of the bullets during the cutscene she picks it up in.

With the upgraded handgun parts located in the Prison the weapon becomes the Custom Handgun. The Handgun gains a stock, new grip panels, and a compensator. As the Custom Handgun, it will hold 20 rounds and will have a three-round burst fire capability, very much reminiscent of Leon's upgraded handgun from Resident Evil 2. With this upgrade Claire can face down zombies with ease and larger enemies prove slightly more manageable.

The Handgun is also part of Claire in her normal outfit's load out for the Battle Game.

  • Examine: Handgun
"M93R. An Italian handgun which uses 9mm x 19 rounds."
  • Examine: Custom Handgun
"M93R Burst. It's an M93R equipped with a stock. It can be adjusted to fire 3 bullets in succession."


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