Claire's and Marvin's conversation (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.



Claire: "So nobody knows what caused this?"

Marvin: "There's a lot of theories..."
"but all I know for sure is that this place is crawling with zombies."

Claire: "Yeah. You're telling me..."

Marvin: "Hey, hey...keep that on... Just in case."

Claire: "I'm not gonna be around long. Once I find Chris, we're outta here."

Marvin: "You really Chris's sister?"

Claire: "Yeah. Why? Did you find something?"

Marvin: "He's on vacation. Europe, I think..."
"Left weeks ago."

Claire: "Vacation?"
"That's...that's great news."

Marvin: "Well, I've got more for you..."
"Looks like there might be a way out through this secret passageway..."

Claire: "Good."
"Hey... Hey, we should probably get you to a hospital."

Marvin: "Oh, no... Forget about me. I can take care of myself."

Claire: "No, don't be ridiculous, you're gonna need some help—"

Marvin: "Listen, Claire: Save yourself."
"So you can see your brother again."
"'ll probably need this."

Claire: "No, I'm not taking that. You're gonna need—"

Marvin: "Shhhh."
"And be careful."
"If you see one of those things—no matter who they were—you can't hesitate."
"Take 'em out if you can, or you run."

Claire Redfield: "ねえ 何があったの?"

Marvin Branagh: "一つ確かなのは――"
"ここに残ってるのは ゾンビくらいだってことだけだ"

Claire: "ええ そうみたいね"

Marvin: "それは持っとけ 念のためだ"

Claire: "すぐ出て行くつもりよ クリスを見つけたらね"

Marvin: "本当に妹か?"

Claire: "そう なんで? 何かあったの?"

Marvin: "いや… 奴は休暇中だ 数週間前に――"

Claire: "休暇?"
"それは… よかった…"

Marvin: "まだ朗報がある"
"この隠し通路を使えばここから… 脱出できそうだ"

Claire: "いいわね"
"平気? 病院に行かないと"

Marvin: "いや…俺のことはいい 自分で何とかする"

Claire: "ダメよ 放っておくわけにはいかない"

Marvin: "聞くんだクレア 自分の身を守れ"
"これを… 渡しておく"

Claire: "でもそれはあなたの…"

Marvin: "いいんだ"
"もし奴らを見つけたら… 相手が誰だろうと決してためらうな"
"殺すか逃げるか どちらかだ"


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