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"Look, you've got two choices here: kill or be killed, your call!"
Claire quote - Kill or be killed

Claire Redfield (クレア・レッドフィールド Kurea Reddofīrudo?) is a current member of the human rights organization, TerraSave. She is the younger sister of BSAA operative and former S.T.A.R.S. member Chris Redfield. Since her survival in the Raccoon City incident in 1998, Claire would become involved or end up in the midst of several Biohazard outbreaks around the world, prompting her, as well as Chris, to devote his career to combating the threat of Bio Organic Weapons.


Early life

Claire grew up with her older brother Chris after their parents died;[citation needed]with this event, the two developed a very close bond. When Chris joined the U.S. Air Force, she was introduced to his new friend, Barry Burton, and he became a close family friend. After high school, Claire attended university, where she developed her interest in motorcycle customisation, owning two.[5] At this time, she was also known to have many boyfriends, but was never exclusive to a single person. Claire also specialized in lockpicking, becoming an expert with skill. Once that her brother moved to Raccoon City with Burton to serve in Special Tactics and Rescue Service, when Claire visited him in the city, Chris would teach her hand-to-hand and firearms training. He also gave Claire a golden lighter and his S.T.A.R.S. knife.[6][7][8]

Raccoon City Incident (1998)

This section is based on a game with branching story paths, or several games with conflicting accounts. For more detail on differing portrayals, see this page.

Claire investigates gas station

Claire arriving at the Mizoil Gas Station during her trip to Raccoon City.

"I have to find my brother."

In August 1998, Chris left for Europe to investigate Umbrella.[9] After weeks of not hearing from her brother, Claire left her college in late September for Raccoon City to find out where he was. She stopped at the Mizoil Gas Station in the outskirts on September 29, unaware of the zombie outbreak that engulfed the city for several days. Claire quickly discovered the zombies when investigating the inside of the convenience store to see an officer getting his throat ripped out by one of them, upon leaving she was saved by Leon S. Kennedy, who had also stopped at the station. After driving towards the city, they were separated by a fiery accident, but they both fought their way to the Raccoon Police Station for shelter. Leon and Claire soon discovered the station had collapsed due to the outbreak of the t-Virus, being that the only unzombified police officers were the injured Lt. Marvin Branagh; Elliot Edward, and Police Chief Brian Irons.

It is uncertain if Claire met anyone in the station, but if had she met Lieutenant Branagh, he would saved her after that the zombies chased the college student through the shutter door of the East Hallway. Marvin later gave Claire a combat knife and warned her not to hesitate shooting zombies, regardless of being in uniform or not, before also becoming a Zombie. Claire also found Sherry Birkin, the daughter of William and Annette Birkin. They later crossed paths with a psychopathic Chief Irons, who kidnapped Sherry for her pendant. Irons was later killed by William, who had injected himself with the G-virus and turned into a mutant Annette called "G." Sherry and Claire reunited, but after the elevator drop with G Birkin, Sherry was implanted with the "G" larvae. She was sealed in the waste storage vault for safety by her mother who continued the research on her daughter while trying to find the vaccine. Children of a G-virus carrier are more likely to accept a G-virus embryo, and Sherry would have faced death if she was not cured.

Leon Sherry Claire escapes Raccoon after defaet Birkin

Claire, Leon and Sherry escape the Raccoon City after eliminating mutant Birkin.

Claire reunited with Sherry and carried her to the underground laboratory for treatment on her mother's insistence. Fighting mutants throughout the lab, Claire obtained a vaccine to stop Sherry from mutating into "G." When the facility's self-destruct system was activated, Claire and Sherry escaped on a train with Leon. "G" survived the final battle with Claire and attacked the train during the ride; Leon and Claire teamed up to defeat "G", and the train car it attacked was disconnected and sent hurtling back into the imploding lab. Leon promised to take care of Sherry and urged Claire to continue her search for Chris.[10]

Rockfort Island Incident (1998)

Claire is ambushed by Umbrella guards

Claire is ambushed by Umbrella guards.

"I don't know what went on between you two, but you have him all wrong. My brother is not the kind of person you think he is. "
— Claire to Albert Wesker
Claire quote - You have him all wrong

Following on from her experiences in Raccoon City, Claire went out in search for her brother. Believing him to be at Umbrella Europe's Paris Laboratory, she infiltrated it in December and was captured by the facility's security forces.[11] Taken to Rockfort Island by Rodrigo Juan Raval, Claire's arrival coincided with a sabotage operation conducted by HCF, a paramilitary group under the command of Albert Wesker. The saboteurs succeeded in releasing the t-Virus and B.O.W.s across the virus,[12] and Umbrella's local paramilitary forces were wiped out. Feeling sorry for her, Raval released Claire from her cell, though believed she would eventually die anyway.[13]

Claire taking cover

Claire being attacked by Alfred Ashford in the main mansion.

On the surface she met Steve Burnside, a seventeen year old who was interned following his father's betrayal of Umbrella on the black market. The two searched for an airport to escape the island, but were repeatedly hampered by Alfred Ashford, 7th Earl Ashford, the island's commander, who believed Redfield to be linked to the saboteurs. Before they found a plane, Claire was able to get in contact with Leon via a computer; Leon, who had gained employment within the U.S. government's covert Anti-Umbrella Pursuit and Investigation Team, got in contact with Chris and sent him her location.

Escaping the Antarctic, Claire and Steve discovered Umbrella's Antarctic Base had fallen to a t-Virus outbreak brought there by the retreating Rockfort personnel. During their search of the facility, they found it was located several miles from an Australian polar observation base, and made plans to take control of a truck to drive there. The two ran into Alfred, who had followed them, but in their fight with him he was shot and fell off a ledge, where he was able to awaken his sister, Alexia, who had mutated from t-Veronica infection. After an encounter with the Ashfords' father, Alexander, Claire and Steve found the truck and drove off. They were soon after set-upon by plant-like tentacles, which knocked the truck over, and the two were dragged by to the base as Alexia's prisoners.


Claire hugs Chris after finally meet him.

Claire awoke to find Chris, who had tracked her to Antarctica from Rockfort Island. Faced with the new threat of Alexia, and the arrival of Wesker, Claire hurried to find Steve, who had been taken for t-Veronica research. Steve mutated into a large creature after she found him, but his refusal to kill her led to his death at the hands of Alexia's pods. When her brother activated the facility's self-destruct system, she was taken captive by Wesker as a hostage after his men had confiscated Steve's corpse for their own testing. Her freedom was bought when her brother led him into a fight, giving her time to prepare a Harrier jet for take-off. Chris arrived mere seconds ahead of the explosion, but they were able to escape unharmed.

Following the incident, Claire began visiting Sherry during her house arrest while in U.S. government custody with unrestricted visitation rights permitted by her legal guardian Derek C. Simmons, even though Birkin's existence was top-secret. However, Redfield distrusted Simmons believing him to be scheming for nefarious purposes, which made her send a letter to Sherry to warn her about him, yet, she never received it. In general, Redfield had significant influence on Birkin's personality as she inherited her tolerance and maternal nature with a strong heart and beliefs.[14][15]

Harvardville Incident (2005)

"Bastard! That little girl will probably have nightmares for the rest of her life because of you!"
In the years following the incident at the Antarctic Base, Claire became associated with TerraSave, an NGO organisation which offered aid to victims of bioterrorism, which became a global threat following the collapse of Umbrella. In 2005, TerraSave set its eyes on WilPharma, an American pharmaceutical company that reached headlines following its connection to a t-Virus outbreak in India. The incident was in fact a bioterrorist attack, which WilPharma provided a t-Vaccine to combat. The terror attack was covered up, but footage of WilPharma's treatment was leaked, giving the inaccurate perception they were performing inhuman human testing.
Rani Chawla (3)

Claire comforting Rani during the initial outbreak in Harvardville Airport.

Redfield traveled to Harvardville, the company's home town, as part of an organised protest aimed at Senator Ron Davis, a Harvardville-native who was known to invest heavily in the company. Redfield and another protester were arrested by airport security, which coincided with a coordinated terrorist attack infecting people within the airport as well as on an inbound plane. The resulting spread of t-Virus led to the airport being placed under lockdown by the 75th Ranger Regiment, and a plane crash destroying much of the airport terminal. Redfield and several other survivors, including Senator Davis and Rani Chawla, a young child in the care of TerraSave, took shelter within a VIP lounge and made phone calls to the outside world. Later that night, Kennedy and two members of SRT entered the airport via the roof in a mission to rescue the group ahead of a Ranger assault on the terminal. Redfield provided the name of a suspect behind the attack, Dr. Curtis Miller, whom she had briefly seen during the initial Zombie attack. Dr. Miller had previously worked for WilPharma and TerraSave, but had been ousted from both groups.

After being let outside, Redfield met Dr. Frederic Downing, a senior researcher for WilPharma, who revealed to her the cover-up in India. When a WilPharma truck carrying vaccine samples was sabotaged, Redfield traveled with Dr. Downing as a guest to the local laboratory complex while he had reserve vaccine samples prepared. In the laboratory, Redfield learned from Dr. Downing they had acquired samples of the G-Virus on the black market and, from a phone call between Downing and Senator Davis, came to the conclusion Davis was somehow involved in the terrorist attacks. Downing left her alone to check out a disturbance downstairs, which was revealed to be Dr. Miller attacking the complex; Downing telephoned her to warn of the attack, but was cut off. After infecting himself with the G-Virus, Dr. Miller fought a Ranger squad sent in to capture him. The ensuing fight with them and Kennedy destroyed much of the complex, but Redfield escaped with a minor injury.

Degeneration Claire Epilogue

Claire, after saying goodbye to Leon, goes her way in the fight against bioterrorism.

In the minutes immediately following the fight, Redfield discovered all footage had been recorded and streamed to a third party. Piecing together distortions with Downing's phone call, Redfield and Kennedy realised Downing orchestrated the attack, and had faked his death in Miller's attack to escape with G-Virus and t-Vaccine samples for a black market deal with a foreign general Kennedy's agency had already arrested. Downing himself was revealed to have been an Umbrella researcher, who had stolen the G-Virus from the Underground Laboratory; changed his name and gained employment within WilPharma. To prosper from bioterrorism, Downing masterminded the attacks in India so proof of the vaccine's effectiveness could be determined, and radicalized Dr. Miller to continue the work in the United States to hide his own involvement. Thanks to the work of Redfield and Kennedy, the G-Virus was denied to the Bajiri military.

Death of Albert Wesker and Counter-Bioterrorism Expansion (2009-2010)

In 2009, Chris killed Albert Wesker and the conglomerate TRICELL collapsed due to its illegal involvement in B.O.W.. Due to Sherry Birkin's protection being no longer necessary, she became a U.S. government agent in exchange for freedom despite Claire's protests. Despite this, both women always spent time together when their busy schedules permitted it.[14]

Subsequently, in 2010, at one of the TerraSave reunions, Claire invited and introduced Leon to Chris, leading both to create a friendship that would help break the barrier between the BSAA and the United States government.[16]

Sejm Island incident (2011)

Resident Evil Revelations 2 screenshot - Terrasave under attack, Claire Redfield and Moira Burton

Claire and Moira during the attacks at Terrasave.

"Time to meet the cause of our misery."
— Claire to Moira before confronting Alex Wesker.

In 2011, Redfield and a number of other TerraSave members were captured in a raid on their headquarters by a paramilitary organisation led by Alex Wesker. Having entered a deal with TerraSave member and Claire's superior Neil Fisher, the members were taken to Sejm Island in the Baltic, and infected with t-Phobos Virus for Wesker's personal research in copying her consciousness into a new host. In exchange, Fisher was to be provided with a sample of the Uroboros Virus, so that a vaccine may be produced, in an arrangement Fisher believed to be for the greater good.


Claire paving the way against the infected on the Sejm Island.

Redfield; Moira Burton and Gina Foley found themselves trapped within a decaying Brezknev-era prison that had been modified under Wesker's orders to serve as a torture chamber, and were set upon by the infected failed experiments before them, dubbed Afflicted. Though Foley was killed, Redfield and Burton were able to escape into the woods, where they found Fisher; Pedro Fernandez and Gabriel Chavez at an abandoned fishing village. Due to the nature of the t-Phobos Virus, Fernandez, who was repeatedly harassed by Afflicted, became stressed enough for the virus to begin mutating him, and he became a dangerous adversary for the others. Redfield; Fisher and Burton were separated from Chavez, who was hard at work repairing a helicopter, with Fisher also splitting up as they got into the city, intent on obtaining his Uroboros sample while keeping the others unaware. The two encountered the mutant Fernandez a second time, as a mutating Chavez crashed the helicopter into the city. While exploring the decaying city ruins, Redfield and Burton found a young girl, Natalia Korda, who had also been abducted in the TerraSave attack. Korda did not react to the monsters as the others did, and was captured by Fisher as Wesker's ideal test subject.

Claire in battle against the mutant Neil Fisher

Claire in battle against the mutant Neil Fisher.

On their own, Redfield and Burton journeyed into the industrial zone, where they were led into a trap by Wesker, who had rigged a factory to catch fire. The two escaped into the sewers and, believed dead, were able to make their way through and raid Wesker's base, a single tower that loomed above the island on all sides. At the base of the building, they learn the truth of Fisher's dealings with Wesker, and that he had been betrayed and infected with Uroboros. He is seen mutated into a powerful monster and had to be killed by Burton. Progressing to the top of the tower, the two witnessed Wesker shoot herself, seeing Korda as her successor and herself no longer necessary in her own plans. With Wesker dead, however, the building began to self-destruct. Redfield was able to jump out of an opening in the wall and survived the plunge into the sea, though Burton was left behind.

Claire appears to rescue the Burtons

Claire appears to rescue the Burtons and Korda.

Redfield was found floating in the ocean and rushed to a hospital for examination. When visited by Barry Burton, now a BSAA agent, she gave him and the BSAA enough information to plan out a mission, though it took another six months to confirm the location of the island. Redfield returned to the island in a BSAA helicopter the morning after Burton's one-man raid which rescued Korda and his daughter. The group were attacked by Wesker, whose suicide attempt had failed and triggered violent mutations, but following her death all four were able to escape ahead of the BSAA sterilisation operation.

In 2013, two years after the incident, Claire is seen driving an SUV down a road, going to Burton's residence with a gift. She then receives a call from a BSAA member stating that Chris is in China. Claire, in turn, asks them to tell Piers Nivans to take care of her brother before hanging up.

Sonido de Tortuga Incident (2014)

Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 10.36.51 PM

Claire investigating Zanahoria Island.

In 2014, Claire Redfield and TerraSave were dispatched to Sonido de Tortuga Island to investigate after reports of unusual possible B.O.W.-related activity. While in the city of Conejo on the neighboring Zanahoria Island, she uncovers a heavily mutated fish, and proceeds to photograph it with her phone before sending it over to her partner, Inéz Diaco. However, shortly after this is done, the fish suddenly comes alive, forcing Claire to stab it with her combat knife. Further investigation lead Claire to historical documents in the Conejo city library, which revealed that Umbrella founder Oswell E. Spencer had purchased a former US Military Base on the island in the late 1990s. Unable to get in touch with Inéz, Claire immediately contacted Chris and the BSAA for support. While Chris was unable to arrive due to being on another mission, he dispatched a team of South American BSAA agents lead by Parker Luciani to rescue Inéz.

Claire finds the underground of the abandoned facility

Claire finds the underground of the Umbrella abandoned facility with the survivors of Sonido de Tortuga.

Upon arriving on the island, Claire and Parker met with Takeru Tominaga, Mayu, Laura Bierce and Julie, survivors of the zombie attack on the Idol Survival TV show staff, as well as close friend Marilou Mabou. Faced with a pincer attack by two new B.O.W.s, Schraube Damon and Morio, Claire took Takeru and the others to a designated "safe spot" on the island via Parker's intel. This spot, a seemingly abandoned facility, gave way to the remnants of one of the first research facilities established by Alex Wesker following on Spencer's initial research into immortality. Chaos soon began to escalate when, while investigating, Claire witnessed Inéz die at the hands of a Hunter before meeting with one of Alex's closest associates: Dirk Miller, the creator of the island's Jǐn Dú Project for B.O.W. development.

While Claire hurried to apprehend Miller, she was intercepted by Julie, revealing herself to be a double agent for the Shén Yā Pharmaceutical corporation used Miller to obtain the final virus developed via the Jǐn Dú project. Julie proceeded to disarm and brutally assault Claire, leaving her unconscious before planning to torture her.

Claire sends her report to Chris

Claire sends her report to Chris.

After Julie's plans were thwarted by the zombified Laura hours later, Claire awoke and escorted the survivors back to the surface as Julie mutated using the new virus. She was briefly apprehended Shén Yā mercenaries before using the ensuing panic of Julie's monstrous new form to escape to the attack team's boat and procure weapons. Despite being seriously wounded, Claire finally was able to incapacitate Julie via a rocket launcher strike with the help of Takeru and Morio (who was acting on his human memories of being Marilou's older brother). She was evacuated from the island on a BSAA helicopter with Parker and Marilou after saying goodbye to Tominaga and Mayu, that end up eliminated Julie. Some weeks after the events, Claire reported her findings on the incident to Chris, hopeful that Sonido de Tortuga may someday be able to recover from the tragedy they faced.


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