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Claire Redfield's convoy‏‎ was a band of T-virus survivors who travelled across the former United States from coast to coast. The convoy, which fluctated between a dozen to more than 50 survivors at a time, was primarily devoted to ransacking small towns of canned foods and petroleum. Several years after the start of the pandemic, the convoy suffered serious casualties over a week, from crows and Super Undead. With the help of Alice, the remaining survivors commandeered an Umbrella helicopter and traveled to Alaska. Upon arriving there they were captured by Umbrella personnel and taken to the Arcadia for experimentation.




  • Carlos Olivera (Bitten, sacrificed himself in an explosion)
  • Lloyd Jefferson Wayne (Bitten and turned, killed by Carlos)
  • Betty (Pecked to death by undead Crows)
  • Otto (Pecked to death by undead Crows)
  • Mikey (Mauled and partially eaten by Super Undead)
  • Chase (Bitten, fell and was impaled on a pole)
  • ~30 unnamed survivors (Died or were infected from various causes)


Claire's convoy used multiple vehicles outfitted with custom armor. The convoy included an SUV, a van, an ambulance, a bus, and two trucks. Armor often included wire-mesh protector plates on windows and lights, roof racks, bullbars, razor wire, fender protectors, and wheel spikes. Some of these vehicles, like the ambulance, originated from Raccoon City, while others, like the news van, were collected along the way. Over the course of Resident Evil: Extinction, the six vehicles would be either abandoned or destroyed.

2003 Hummer H2

A yellow Hummer was driven by Claire, and acted as the scouting vehicle for the convoy. It was outfitted with wire-mesh window plates, bullbars, and had a tire and a jerry can strapped to its roof. The Hummer, along with the M-35 Truck, would last the longest out of all the vehicles, making it to the helipad, where it was abandoned for the helicopter.

1997 Ford E-350

A Ford E-350 van with a raised roof would appear in the convoy, driven by Mikey. Originally, the van belonged to KT-3 News in Denver, Colorado, before being collected by the convoy. This vehicle's purpose was to transmit radio signals for listening survivors, as well as intercept radio broadcasts. In addition to the standard armor on it, it also features equipment related to radio transmissions and surveillance, such as a satellite dish and computer equipment, as well as live feed to mobile motion cameras.

When the convoy was attacked by undead crows, the van was used as a temporary shelter for the passengers of the school bus when it came under siege. Following the attack, it proceeded into Las Vegas with the convoy, stopping when a crate blocked the road. When the Super Zombies inside the crate attacked the survivors, Mikey hid inside the van. However, the zombies broke into the van and invaded it, forcing Mikey out, where he was killed by several zombies. The van was subsequently left in Vegas when the last survivors moved for the Umbrella base.

1995 Ford F-350 Ambulance

A 1995 Ford F-350 Ambulance from Raccoon City was a part of the excursion through the Mojave. Originally driven by the medic of the group, Betty, the ambulance likely carried medical supplies, and possibly housed wounded survivors.

When undead crows began attacking the group at a motel, Betty and LJ attempted to reverse the ambulance, but it became stuck in the sand, immobilizing it. LJ and Betty then abandoned the ambulance and fled into the school bus. After the crows were killed, the ambulance was freed and went to Las Vegas with the rest of the convoy. After suffering heavy casualties in Las Vegas from a Super Undead assault, the group proceeded to the Umbrella base, leaving the Ambulance abandoned in the Vegas sand.

1989 International 3800 Bus

An International 3800 school bus was part of the cavalcade, driven by Otto. The school bus's purpose was to carry survivors, mainly children and the elderly.

When the group was surrounded by crows at the motel, one of the crows perched on the hood of the bus, where the survivors within noted its eyes, realizing it to be undead. However, when one child dropped a can, this alerted the crow, who in turn began screeching, triggering an assault. When LJ and Betty boarded the bus after their Ambulance was stuck, the crows swarmed towards the bus, smashing themselves into the windshield. This caused Otto to crash the bus into a pole, totalling it. The passengers on the bus then fled through the back into Mikey's van for refuge as Otto and Betty stayed behind to hold up the quickly-collapsing windshield. Once the survivors were off the bus, Betty ran and shut the rear door as the crows finally barged into the bus, pecking Otto and Betty to death. Following the attack, the supplies aboard the bus were scavenged, and the wrecked bus remained at the motel as the rest of the convoy proceeded to Las Vegas.

REO M-35

A military M-35 truck was also part of the convoy. Initially driven by Chase, this vehicle would last the longest of the convoy alongside the Hummer. It served as both a general-purpose cargo truck, as well as a defensive vehicle due to the roof-mounted flamethrower.

The truck was used to cover the survivors fleeing from the bus to Mikey's van during the crow attack. A survivor managed to man the flamethrower and began using it in an attempt to kill the swarming birds, but with little success. Eventually, the survivor was knocked off the turret, causing it to spew flames wildly. The flames nearly killed Carlos and another survivor, but they were saved by Alice, who used her telekinesis to send the fire into the sky, barbecuing the entire murder of crows.

Following the loss of the bus, this truck carried the majority of the survivors into Las Vegas. During the ambush of Super Undead, a few of them attempted to get at the survivors in the rear compartment, but were thwarted. K-Mart also tried to hide in the cab with LJ during the battle. LJ succumbed to his infection in the cab and tried to attack K-Mart, only to be interrupted by Carlos, who was bitten instead. After the ambush, the truck carried most of the remaining survivors to the helipad, where it was abandoned with the Hummer.

Freightliner FLD-120

A Freightliner FLD-120 semi-truck hauling a tanker trailer also appeared in the convoy, where it usually brought up the rear. Driven by Carlos, the tanker's purpose was to carry fuel for the other vehicles. Unlike the other vehicles, which had bullbars, this truck had a metal plow attached to its front.

After surviving both the motel ambush and the Vegas massacre, the truck, along with the Hummer and the M-35, made up what was left of the heavily deteriorated expedition. Upon reaching the Umbrella base and seeing the gigantic horde surrounding it, a bitten Carlos decided to sacrifice himself and the truck for the other survivors. Carlos then drove the truck into the mob of undead, tipping it over and attracting the majority of them. He then set off some dynamite, which along with the petroleum in the tanker, generated a massive explosion that decimated much of the infected crowd and tore a hole through the Umbrella perimeter for the others to pass through.


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