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Claire Redfield was created by Isao Ōishi and Hideki Kamiya during the development of Resident Evil 2 in 1996, with the former responsible for the design and the latter for character traits.[1] Over time the design has been improved upon by various development teams in games, films and manga.

Resident Evil 2[]

In terms of characterisation, Claire was initially conceived of as "Rachel Speyer"; despite her name, no sources suggest a relation to Forest Speyer and this may have been a placeholder name. By mid-1996 this had developed to her being "Elza Walker", a Raccoon University student with experience as a motorcycle racer. She was to arrive in Raccoon City at the height of the outbreak and, after being attacked on the way to her dorm, gave flight to Raccoon Police Station for safety only for the police to evacuate by helicopter. In terms of design, Elza drew inspiration from Yuki Saito's "Saki Asamiya", the protagonist of the popular 1980s live-action adaptation of Sukeban Deka. In a similar manner to the cast of the original Resident Evil, Ōishi followed a colour scheme for the Resident Evil 2 main cast to better stand out. In this case, Elza and Leon S. Kennedy used red and blue primary colours. When the game entered a period of heavy alteration in the Spring of 1997, Elza's hair changed from blonde to auburn, with her name changed to establish a relationship with Chris Redfield.


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