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The transition between Elza and Claire designs.

Claire Redfield was created by Isao Ōishi and Hideki Kamiya during the development of Resident Evil 2 in 1996, with the former responsible for the design and the latter for character traits.[1] In the first year of development, Claire went by the name "Elza Walker", and was said to be a motorcycle racer and student at Raccoon University.

When the game entered a period of heavy alteration in the Spring of 1997, Elza's hair changed from blonde to auburn, with her name changed to establish a relationship with Chris Redfield, one of the previous game's protagonists. In a similar manner to the cast of the original Resident Evil, Oishi followed a colour scheme for the Resident Evil 2 main cast to better stand out. In this case, Claire and Leon were used red and blue primary colours, while sidekicks Sherry and Ada used blue and red, respectively.


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