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Resident Evil 2 (1998)Edit

Claire's starting item is the lockpick which allows the player to access lockers for items. Claire's exclusive items are the Spark Shot and the Grenade Launcher.

Claire's partner character is Sherry Birkin, because Sherry has no means of defending herself from enemy attacks, she's reliant on Claire to protect her and if Sherry dies when she's with Claire, the game will end.

Resident Evil 2 (2019) Edit

Claire returns as one of the main playable character in the remake of Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil: CODE Veronica/CODE Veronica XEdit

Claire is the main playable character during the first and second half in Resident Evil: CODE Veronica. She also appears as a playable character in the Battle Game.

In Claire's starting inventory she has a LIGHTER and the PLAYING MANUAL.

Resident Evil: Survivor 2 - CODE Veronica Edit

Claire is the first starter character in Survivor 2 - CODE Veronica.

Resident Evil: The Darkside ChroniclesEdit

Claire is playable during the Memories of a Lost City and Game of Oblivion scenarios. Her handgun skin is based on the handgun she had in Resident Evil 2. Her counterattack is first slashing the zombie away with her knife then performing a forward kick. Her assist attack is first forcing the zombie away by shoving them with her shoulder and then performing a reverse roundhouse. Her costumes are:

  • Undergrad - Default costume for Memories of a Lost City. Unlockable for Game of Oblivion by completing all chapters of that scenario. Her costume is actually redesigned, instead of being simply being an updated version of her Resident Evil 2 outfit. Her pink jacket and shorts are now red and blue, respectively, along with a few other minor changes. If Claire is using this costume during Memories of a Lost City chapters 6, 7 & 8, she will not have her jacket on, as she given it to Sherry by then.
  • Prisoner - Default costume for Game of Oblivion. Unlockable for Memories of a Lost City by completing all Game of Oblivion chapters.
  • Biker - Extra costume. Unlocked by getting an "S" rank on all Memories of a Lost City chapters on Normal.
  • Western - Extra costume. Unlocked by getting an "S" rank on all Game of Oblivion chapters on Normal.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3DEdit

Claire Mercenaries 3D

Claire in The Mercenaries 3D.

In Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, Claire is one of the unlockable characters, by receiving a B rank on mission 1-3. Claire's alternative costume is called "Suit", and can be unlocked by getting 25 medals. Claire is great with decent damage take-in to vitality recovery ratio. Her suit makes her absorb more damage, but in turn, lowers her healing rate.

Weapon SetEdit

Melee AttacksEdit

Claire Alternate

Claire's alternate costume.

  • One-Two High - When Claire injures an enemy in the head or stuns them, she gives them the ol' one-two (punches them with both hands, left hook followed by a right one) then kicks them, sending them flying back.
  • Fall High - When Claire injures an enemy in the arm and she approaches from the front, she kicks them so hard that they fly backwards for a bit before falling down. This move can be seen when she destroys a Time Bonus.
  • Back Hook Kick - When Claire injures an enemy in the arm and she approaches from the back, she turns around and kicks them in the back.
  • Upper Combination - When Claire injures an enemy on its foot and she approaches from the front, she uppercuts them with her left hand and then hooks them with her right. If the enemy is damaged enough, this move will kill them immediately after the uppercut.
  • Neck Kick - When Claire injures an enemy on its foot and she approaches from the back, she kicks the enemies on the back of their knee to make them stay down as she kicks their neck.
  • Stomp - When Claire walks up to an enemy on the ground, she stomps them with one foot.
  • Double Shot - When Claire walks up to a stunned powerful enemy (like Gatling Gun Majini) or uses the skill Reversal, which lets the character gain access to more powerful Melee Attacks when vitality is low, she jumps and kicks the enemy with her feet before she lands on both of them.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2Edit

Claire returns as the main playable character in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. So far, it is known that unlike her partner, Moira Burton, Claire's gameplay will be combat-focused (rivaling Moira's support-based gameplay). She is at least seen utilizing a combat knife on more than one occasion, and is shown to come into possession of a handgun and a double-barreled shotgun. Later in Episode 2, she is shown to possess a shotgun and a one handed auto machine gun. Preview statements have indicated that Claire will also be able to utilize stealth to sneak up on Afflicted, the enemies of the game, and initiate takedowns on them. Her close hand-to-hand combat is focused on kicks as seen when the Afflicted is stunned from her gunshots she will knock the enemy with a roundhouse kick on the face.

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