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Resident Evil 2 (1998)[]

Claire is one of the protagonists in Resident Evil 2. Claire starts with a Browning Hi-Power, a Knife, the Lockpick, her special item which allows the player to access lockers for items, and eight spaces in her inventory. Her exclusive weapons are the Spark Shot and the Grenade Launcher. When a zombie attempts to bite her foot, Claire will kick the head clean off. Her partner character is Sherry Birkin and because the child has no means of defending herself from enemy attacks, she's reliant on player to protect her. If Sherry dies when she's with Claire, the game will end.

Unlike Leon, Claire only has an alternative costume, which also varies according to the played version. In all versions, to unlock the outfits, the player must start a game in scenario A on Normal or Hard mode and follow the path to the Police Department front entrance without picking up any items, then kill zombie Brad Vickers in order to acquire the Special Key, that can be used to open the locker in the Dark Room. To compensate for her lack of a second outfit, Claire receives her own exclusive weapon, the Colt S.A.A..

Costume Contents Version
Re2 Claire locker
Consists of a biker outfit with a leather jacket—adorned with flame designs going up the sleeves and a "Let Me Live" design on the back—and leather pants, a cropped red top, a red bandanna, and a pair of cowboy boots. Original PlayStation
Re264 Claire locker
Consisting of a purple jacket with red accents that has straps fastened across the front, a sheath for her knife, and nothing underneath. The back of the jacket features the logo of Angel Studios (now Rockstar San Diego), who developed the Nintendo 64 port of the game.[1] She also wears a matching headband and pants and a pair of black leather boots. Nintendo 64

Extreme Battle[]

Claire alongside Leon is an initial character in the Extreme Battle minigame in Resident Evil 2. She has the following items:

Load-out Unlocked by
Extreme Battle Claire


Resident Evil: CODE Veronica/CODE Veronica X[]

Claire is the main playable character during the first and second half in Resident Evil: CODE Veronica. She starting inventory with a Lighter, the Playing Manual and eight spaces for items. Also there are no specific gameplay differences between Claire, Chris, and Steve Burnside.

Battle Game[]

Claire is also playable in the Battle Game minigame, being the boss fight in her scenario is Nosferatu. She also is only character to have an alternate costume available, each with a unique set of weapons.


Item List Unlocked by
RECV Battle Game Claire

Item List Unlocked by
RECV Battle Game Alt Claire
Clear Battle Game once with Claire.

Resident Evil: Survivor 2 - CODE Veronica[]

Claire alongside Steve is a starter character in Survivor 2 - CODE Veronica. Her assignments are almost the same as the CODE Veronica, however, she does not start with any special items in her inventory.

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles[]

Claire is playable during the "Memories of a Lost City" and "Game of Oblivion" scenarios. Her handgun skin is based on the initial gun she had in Resident Evil 2. Her counterattack is first slashing the zombie away with her knife then performing a forward kick. Her assist attack is first forcing the zombie away by shoving them with her shoulder and then performing a reverse roundhouse. She also has two alternate costumes in addition to the two initials her have which are also unlockable:

Costume Contents Unlocked by Notes
Claire RE2 Darkside Chronicles
Default costume for "Memories of a Lost City" scenario. It is an redesigned version of her Resident Evil 2 outfit. The pink jacket and shorts are now red and blue, respectively, along with a few other minor changes. Complete all "Game of Oblivion" chapters.

During "Memories of a Lost City" chapters 6 through 8, she will not have her jacket on, as she given it to Sherry by then.

Claire (the Darkside Chronicles Code Veronica)
Default costume for "Game of Oblivion" scenario. It is an updated version of her outfit from Resident Evil CODE: Veronica. N/A
Claire Biker DC models
Consists of a short white jacket with a fairy print mounted on a missile on the back, a short black top with pants and boots of the same color. When it comes to accessories, she wears a black choker with motorcycle gloves also in the same color. Get an "S" rank on all "Memories of a Lost City" chapters on Normal mode. N/A
Claire Western DC models
19th century cowgirl outfit. Get an "S" rank on all "Game of Oblivion" chapters on Normal mode. N/A

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D[]

In Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, Claire is one of the unlockable characters and is the only character in the game that hasn't been in any previous Mercenaries mini games. She is fast and uses two combination melees along with several other decent kick melees besides having a great vitality recovery ratio. Claire also is the only character that can cancel her combination melees.


Load-out Damage took Heal amount Unlock requirement
Resident-evil-the-mercenaries-Claire default
110% 360 Get an "B" rank or higher on mission 1–3.

Load-out Damage took Heal amount Unlock requirement
Claire Alternate
80% 240 Get an 25 medals.

Melee Attacks[]

Set up Name Damage Description
Head stun One-Two High 1st Hit 100
2nd Hit 250
3rd Kick 250
When Claire injures an enemy in the head or stuns them, she gives them the ol' one-two (punches them with both hands, left hook followed by a right one) then kicks them, sending them flying back.
Arm stun (front) Fall High 250 When Claire injures an enemy in the arm and she approaches from the front, she kicks them so hard that they fly backwards for a bit before falling down. This move can be seen when she destroys a Time Bonus.
Arm stun (back) Back Hook Kick 400 When Claire injures an enemy in the arm and she approaches from the back, she turns around and kicks them in the back.
Leg stun (front) Upper Combination 250x2 When Claire injures an enemy on its foot and she approaches from the front, she uppercuts them with her left hand and then hooks them with her right. If the enemy is damaged enough, this move will kill them immediately after the uppercut.
Leg stun (back) Neck Kick 800 When Claire injures an enemy on its foot and she approaches from the back, she kicks the enemies on the back of their knee to make them stay down as she kicks their neck.
Ground Stomp 600 When Claire walks up to an enemy on the ground, she stomps them with one foot.
Death Blow Double Shoot 1st Kick 500
2nd Kick 5500
When Claire walks up to a stunned powerful enemy (like Gatling Gun Majini) or uses the skill Reversal, which lets the character gain access to more powerful Melee Attacks when vitality is low, she jumps and kicks the enemy with her feet before she lands on both of them.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2[]

Claire returns as one of the main playable characters in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Unlike her partner, Moira Burton, Claire's inventory comes with ten open slots and her gameplay is combat-focused (rivaling Moira's support-based gameplay), being responsible for firearms, as well as being able to utilise a knife. Her exclusive weapons are Handgun MPM, Handgun P10, Magnum Model 329 and MP-AF, all customizable. Claire is capable of utilising stealth to takedown Afflicted. Claire's physical attacks rely on heavy kicks as opposed to punching.

The number of Claire's alternate costumes available varies depending on the regional version; In Western releases, Claire has two unlockable outfits with her Rodeo outfit being available as downloadable content. In the retail release of the game, the Rodeo is available by default. In the Japanese release of the game, she has an exclusive outfit based on the TerraSave uniform which is unlockable through purchasing specific clothing through Capcom's e-shop.

Costume Contents How to unlock
RE Rev2 Claire Sniper costume
Outfit based on her physical appearance in the near end of Barry's story. Claire's long auburn hair is cut into a short hair. She retains her jeans with a blue belt, a black nylon utility belt and biker boots from her Island default outfit and her top is replaced with a red long sleeve v-neck shirt with the sleeves reach through her elbows along with a black shoulder holster and accessorized with black and orange rider goggles on her neck and a pair of black fingerless gloves Complete the Hope for the Future record (View the Good Ending).
RE Rev2 Claire Classic costume
Updated version of her outfit from original Resident Evil 2. Complete the Revelations 2 record (Clear all four main campaign episodes).
RE Rev2 Claire Rodeo costume
Consists of a short red and black striped t-shirt tied, a short denim shorts fastened by a rodeo belt and cowgirl boots. As an accessory, on her left thigh, she wears a strap. On the head, besides keeping the hair loose, she wearing a beige hat also rodeo. Default (retail release) or bought as DLC.
Claire tenue terra save
Green jacket with TerraSave logo, greenish gray pants with the TerraSave acronym in red color, black boots and a holster attached by a double strap to his left leg. As accessories, she wears red labels with her name on her right arm and pocket. Buy either the Alpha Quilt Parka or Alpha 9PK Cargo Pants in Capcom's e-shop (Japanese version only)

Raid Mode[]

Claire is one of two starting characters in Raid Mode. Her active skills involve all weapons with her passive only involving handguns. She has access to the same alternate costumes available as the Campaign mode.

Claire Raid Mode Stats
Basic info Active skills Passive skills Episode content Unlock method
Chara02wXll rev2
Physical attack:
  • Roundhouse kick

Ground finisher:

  • Knife thrust


  • Warm Up (Unlocked at Lv. 50)
Weapon Masteries
  • Handgun
  • Machine Pistol
  • Assault Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Sniper Rifle

Ice Bottle

Exploding Bottle

Handgun Master

"Chapter 1"

Resident Evil 2 (2019)[]

Claire returns as one of the main playable character in the remake of Resident Evil 2. Her assignments are almost the same as the original game, although now their statistics are no different from Leon and her exclusive weapons are SLS 60, Quickdraw Army, JMB Hp3, GM 79, and Spark Shot, Minigun and MQ 11. Claire's segment is also considered much easier than Leon's due to her variety of weapons in her arsenal and the bosses she encounters.

Initially, Claire has two unlockable alternate outfits in addition to the two she wears in the main game. However, with Downloadable content updates, she gained to four more costumes, one more than Leon:

Preview Costume How to unlock Notes
RE2 remake - Claire Jacket costume PV
Jacket Complete Claire's story. N/A
RE2 remake - Claire Tank Top costume PV
Tank Top Complete Claire's story. N/A
RE2 remake - Claire Classic Jacket costume PV
Classic Jacket
  • Escape the lab.
  • (Custom): Complete Claire's story on "Hardcore" mode.
Sherry will wear her "Classic School Uniform" outfit
RE2 remake - Claire Classic Tank Top costume PV
Classic Tank Top
RE2 remake Claire Noir PV
Noir Purchase the "Claire Costume: Noir'" DLC N/A
RE2 remake Claire Military PV
Military Purchase the "Claire Costume: Military'" DLC N/A
RE2 remake Claire Elza Walker PV
Elza Walker Purchase the "Claire Costume: Elza Walker'" DLC N/A
RE2 remake - Claire '98 costume PV
'98 Download the "Claire Costume: '98'" DLC This is a free DLC to all users that was released on February 15, 2019, and must be redeemed from the respective stores. Steam users must own Resident Evil 2 in order to obtain this DLC however.


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