"Claire Redfield" is an action figure manufactured and sold by Palisades as part of their "Series 2" line of Resident Evil toys.[1] The box set features Claire Redfield as she appears in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica, and comes with various weapons found in that game including a shotgun and sniper rifle. The figure has a variant that features her covered in dirt, blood, and bandaged without her Red Vest. This version was exclusive to The PBM Express Games and Gifts store.


Claire Redfield stands approximately 6 inches (15 cm) tall and comes with two M-100Ps, a Beretta 93R, Alfred's sniper rifle,  an AK-47, a Magnum Revolver, a First Aid Spray, a Combat Knife, and a stand for her to stand on.  All guns but the M-100Ps and Magnum come with ammo clips that can be added or removed from them if one so chooses. The First Aid Spray lacks decals and just looks like a blank white can as a result.

For articulation Claire features an astounding amount. She can move her head up, down, left, or right. Her arms can be rotated at the shirt sleeve line and feature movable joints on the elbows, shoulders can be rotated 360 degrees and can also be pivoted up and down and finally her wrists can be rotated. Her upper torso can be rotated at her bottom shirtline. Her legs feature rotatable hips with her left leg being able to be pulled outwards sideways for additional posing, and her ankles rotate.

The weapons in this set can be very fragile so if one decides to purchase a brand new figure, caution should be used pulling it out of the plastic insert. Namely the AK-47 which features a tip that is especially thin.



Battle Damaged


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