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Resident Evil 2
Claire is a college student and a passionate biker. She has the utmost respect for her older brother, S.T.A.R.S. member Chris, and while she may not have exactly the same professional training as him she seems to have at least inherited his natural ability for handling anything from knives to rocket launchers.

It is likely she was tutored by Chris from an early age in combat knife fighting and shooting, as her skills are far beyond those of an untrained person. Like Jill, she is also well-versed in the art of lock picking.
Claire is easily distinguishable by her trademark ponytail and red jacket, which at the time featured an angel and bomb motif with the words "Made in Heaven".
Apparently her jacket is based on her brother Chris' A-2 leather jacket from his time as an air force pilot, which featured a similar design.

Height: 169cm. Weight: 52.4kg Blood type: O Age: 19 (as of 1998)

Resident Evil Code: Veronica
Having survived the destruction of Raccoon City, Claire learns that her brother Chris is investigating the Umbrella headquarters in Europe, and immediately heads there to find him.

Claire defiantly infiltrates Umbrella's Paris laboratory, but is relentlessly pursued and finally caught by security, and summarily shipped off to the Rockfort Island prison facility, from which it is said there is no return.
She is able to escape almost immediately after her imprisonment when the island is assaulted by an unknown third party. Together with fellow prisoner Steve she flees the island, but is forced into an emergency landing in the Antarctic and they are later separated once again. When she finally finds Steve, he has already been injected with the T-Veronica virus, and mutates into a creature.
Claire's jacket motif during this period was a Valkyrie with the words "Let me Live".

Resident Evil Revelations 2
Claire, a member of NGO TerraSave, is one of only a handful of survivors of the 1998 destruction of Raccoon City, the first page in the history of bioterrorism.

During the events at Raccoon City, Claire was single-mindedly dedicated to finding her brother Chris. Her hatred of bioterrorism would only surface following her chance meeting with Steve on Rockfort Island, and their final farewell in the Antarctic. The experience lead her to join TerraSave, an NGO dedicated to rescuing the victims of bioterrorism, with whom she took part in a number of missions across the globe. The TerraSave HQ is assaulted during an event however, and Claire is spirited away to a mysterious prison on a remote island...

クレアのトレードマークとして、ポニーテールと赤いベスト。この時のバックプリントは、天使が爆弾を持っている「Made in Heaven」(天からの贈り物〔爆弾〕)。



収監直後、刑務所が何者かに襲撃されたことによって逃走。捕らわれていたスティーブと一緒に飛行機で島を脱出するが、南極に不時着。離ればなれに。 t-Veronicaを投与されたスティーブは、クリチャー化してしまう。
この時の赤いベストのバックプリントは、戦乙女ヴァルキリー「Let Me Live」(共に生き抜く!)



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