Claire and Sherry go to NEST (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.



Claire Redfield: "Hey, are you OK?"

Sherry Birkin: "Your jacket's so warm."

Claire: "My brother gave it to me. You know it's supposed to be lucky."

Sherry: "I don't know what I'd do without you."

Claire: "Are you kidding me?"
"You were doing just fine without me until I came along and got you into all sorts of trouble."
"I have something of yours."

Sherry: "I don't want it."

Claire: "Really? Why not? It's so pretty."

Sherry: "It-It's from my mom... For my birthday, last year."
"All I really wanted was for her to be home more."

Claire: "I know it seems like your mom doesn't care but—"
"Hey, Sherry. Come here."
"Hey...hang in there, OK?"

Announcer: "Now arriving at NEST."

Claire: "It's OK. I've got you. Come on."

Claire Redfield: "ねえ 大丈夫?"

Sherry Birkin: "これ クレアの…?"

Claire: "兄にもらったの 幸運のお守りよ"

Sherry: "クレアがいなかったら私…"

Claire: "何言ってるの?"
"シェリーは一人でちゃんとやってた 私があなたを巻き込んじゃったのよ"

Sherry: "もういらない"

Claire: "そうなの? どうして? かわいいのに"

Sherry: "ママにもらったの 去年の誕生日に"
"一緒にいてくれれば それでよかったのに"

Claire: "ねえ あなたのママは仕事が忙しいみたいだけど…"
"ねえ シェリー しっかり"

Announcer: "まもなくNESTに到着します"

Claire: "私がついてるから 大丈夫よ"


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