Claire arrives at the station (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.



Claire Redfield: "HEY!"
Leon S. Kennedy: "CLAIRE!"

Claire: "OK!"

Leon: "Claire..."
"It is so nice to see you."

Claire: "How're you doing?"
"That helicopter just came out of nowhere..."

Leon: "Yeah...I'm in one piece."

Claire: "I'm guessing you don't have a key in one of those fancy pockets?"

Leon: "Unfortunately, no..."
"But, how are you doing?"

Claire: "You know, just surviving."

Leon: "That's good."
"Any luck with your brother?"

Claire: "No, not yet."

Leon: "Claire, don't lose hope..."
"I'm sure we're gonna find him—"
"Dammit. You know what that means..."

Claire: "Yeah..."
"Dinner time."

Leon: "Claire, I think you should go."

Claire: "Don't worry about me, Leon."
"You take care of yourself."

Leon: "Claire, you need to go—NOW!"

Claire: "Hey... Let's get through this."
"Both of us."

Claire Redfield: "ねえ!"
Leon S. Kennedy: "クレア!"
"待ってろ! 今 そっちに行く"

Claire: "分かった!"

Leon: "クレア 無事でよかった"

Claire: "大丈夫?"

Leon: "ああ 何とか無事だ"

Claire: "そのポケットにカギは入ってないわよね?"

Leon: "ああ あいにく ないな"
"で? 君は大丈夫?"

Claire: "そうね なんとか… 生き延びてる"

Leon: "よかった"

Claire: "まだ見つからない"

Leon: "クレア 希望を捨てるな"
"クソ まずいな"

Claire: "ええ 夕食の時間ね"

Leon: "早く逃げろ"

Claire: "私はいいから自分の心配をして"

Leon: "クレア 行くんだ"

Claire: "ねえ"
"生き延びましょう 絶対に"


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