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Claire gets Irons' card (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.


Claire Redfield manages to claim Chief Brian Irons' security card.


"Thirty Minutes Earlier"

Brian Irons: "Good to see you again, Claire."
"We've got unfinished business."
Claire Redfield: "What're you talking about?"
Irons: "Don't waste my fucking time!"
"Bring me the pendant or Sherry dies."
Claire: "The pendant? What do you need it for?"
Irons: "Do you want the girl to die?"
Claire: "Fine. Where are you?"
Irons: "The orphanage."
Claire: "The orphanage...? Where's that?"
Irons: "In the neighborhood, You'll find it."
Claire: "Is Sherry alright?"
Irons: "...For now."
Claire: "I swear, you bastard, if you hurt her-"
"Are you serious!?"

Brian Irons: "ごきげんよう クレア"
Claire Redfield: "どういうこと?"
Irons: "私の時間を無駄にする気か?"
"ペンダントを持ってこい シェリーが死ぬぞ"
Claire: "ペンダント? 何のために?"
Irons: "ガキを死なせたいか?"
Claire: "分かった どこへ?"
Irons: "孤児院だ"
Claire: "孤児院? どこにあるの?"
Irons: "近くにあるから すぐ分かる"
Claire: "シェリーは無事?"
Irons: "今はな"
Claire: "もし指一本でも触れたら…"