Claire helps Sherry (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.



Annette Birkin: "Sherry? Mommy's here..."
"Sherry! Sherry, can you hear me!?"

Claire Redfield: "Oh, no..."

Annette: "Claire...?"

Claire: "Sherry... Are you alright?"

Annette: "What are you doing!?"

Claire: "I'm here to help."

Annette: "Sherry's been implanted... She can't be saved."

Claire: "Are you fucking kidding me!?"
"You're her mother. Get in here!"

Annette: "You don't understand."
"William is still out there, and if I don't stop him—"

Claire: "This conversation is over!"

Annette: "Wait! Wait...I...I can treat my lab. It's not far away."

Sherry Birkin: "Mommy...?"

Annette: "There's not enough time... Millions of lives are at stake."
"Sherry... Mommy loves you, sweetie..."

Claire: "Are you fucking kidding me!?"
"Sherry, don't worry. I will get you whatever you need, OK?"

Sherry: "Wh-Why are you doing this?"

Claire: "Because I care."

Sherry: "Thank you, Claire."

Annette Birkin: "シェリー? ママはここよ"
"シェリー ねえ 聞こえる!?"

Claire Redfield: "大変…"

Annette: "クレア…?"

Claire: "シェリー 大丈夫?"

Annette: "何をしてるの!?"

Claire: "助けに来たの"

Annette: "シェリーは感染してる… もう救えないのよ "

Claire: "何言ってるの!?"
"母親でしょ? こっちに来なさいよ!"

Annette: "あなたには分からないわ"
"ウィリアムはまだ生きてる 私が止めないと…"

Claire: "これ以上 話しても無駄ね!"

Annette: "待って! もしかしたら治療できるかもしれない… 研究所で そう遠くないわ"

Sherry Birkin: "ママ…?"

Annette: "時間がないの 大勢の命が かかってる"
"シェリー… あなたを愛してるわ"

Claire: "冗談じゃないわ"
"大丈夫よ 私が助けてあげるから"

Sherry: "ど… どうして… 助けてくれるの?"

Claire: "ほっとけないでしょ"

Sherry: "ありがとう"


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