Claire meets Annette (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.



Sherry Birkin: "Claire? Are you alright?"
"Can you hear me? Claire...?"
"Claire, you have to get up. He's going to get us."
"Wake up! Wake up!"

Annette Birkin: "Wake up! Wake up!"
"Open your eyes... Hold still..."
"Not infected..."

Claire Redfield: (grimacing vocalization)
"Where's Sherry!?"

Annette: "Sherry... Sherry's fine."

Claire: "Do you know Sherry?"

Annette: "...was an impressive display of strength."

Claire: "What happened to her?"

Annette: "We have to assess the situation."

Claire: "Who are you? ...I'm Claire."

Annette: "I didn't foresee this..."

Claire: "Excuse me, where is she? ...Hello?"

Annette: "What...? Oh, Annette. Tell me, what happened to William?"

Claire: "I don't know. Who's—who's that?"

Annette: "The creature responsible for this."

Claire: "What...?"
"Can you help me find Sherry?"

Annette: "Seems to be evolving much faster than expected..."

Claire: "Where are you going?"

Annette: "Look, I don't have time to play twenty questions."
"Everything is under control."

Claire: "I need to find Sherry—"

Annette: "My daughter is not your concern."

Sherry Birkin: "クレア? ねえ 大丈夫?"
"ねえ 聞こえる? クレア…"
"クレア 早く起きて 捕まっちゃう"
"ねえ起きて! 起きてよ!"

Annette Birkin: "起きて! 起きなさい!"
"目を開けて そのまま"

Claire Redfield: "何?"

Annette: "シェリー? シェリーは無事よ"

Claire: "シェリーを知ってるの?"

Annette: "すさまじい力を示したわね"

Claire: "何があったの?"

Annette: "急いで調べないと…"

Claire: "あなたは? 私はクレア"

Annette: "想定外だったわ…"

Claire: "教えて シェリーはどこ? 聞いてる?"

Annette: "え? あぁ アネットよ ウィリアムに何があったか教えて"

Claire: "誰なの? ウィリアムって"

Annette: "この事態を引き起こした化け物よ"

Claire: "え?"

Annette: "予想してた以上に進化が速いみたいね"

Claire: "どこへ行くの?"

Annette: "いい? あなたの質問に答えてる暇はないの"

Claire: "シェリーを見つけないと"

Annette: "娘の心配は無用よ"


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