Claire talks to Leon on the monitor (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.


Claire Redfield attempts to transfer energy to a cable car. Leon S. Kennedy contacts her through a monitor. Claire is surprised that Leon is in the Sewers as well, and tries to ask where Leon is located. However, the connection fails.


Claire Redfield: "OK... Alright, did something... OK Alright, it's working."

Leon Scott Kennedy: "Claire!"

Claire: "What!?
Leon? You're down here too!?"

Leon: "Yeah. But the whole place is coming down.
Look, you need to get out! Fast!"

Claire: "I know. I found a way out.
I think... I think we can all make it.
Where are you now?"

Leon: "Claire, are you still there?"

Claire: "Leon? I'm sorry you're breaking up."

Leon: "Don't worry about me! Just get outta here!"

Claire: "Leon. Leon!

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